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Paul T Horgan: Clueless Remainers use sabotage as a weapon of last resort


The EU referendum was a curious affair. Traditionally, politics, at least in England, is split between capitalism and socialism. It is highly partisan. So membership of the EU, which is a technocratic decision, fell outside this split.

It is also difficult to politicise. This explains why Labour and their fellow travellers are having so much difficulty in framing a proper Brexit policy. There is no ideological anchorpoint of the kind Labour needs. The failure of Jeremy Corbyn to campaign properly for Remain reflects this. His only ideological comfort zones were in workers’ rights and environmental law, plus being mean to Israel and nice to Venezuela. His big idea was continued membership to drive reform with a socialist agenda.

Newsflash: the EU is incapable of reform. It has no proper mechanisms to drive reform. David Cameron discovered this when he came back from the EU empty-handed at the beginning of 2016. The EU is like the late and unlamented USSR in this regard, and for the same reasons. It is impossible for any popular vote to ever change policy. This is by design. The whole EU project was devised to take decision-making out of the hands of ordinary people, who could not be trusted, and to relocate it to the desks of a technocratic elite. An argument for this could be that self-governance for individual European countries had been a continental disaster, even with the provision of popular voting.

Of course, there is only one European country that this did not apply to, and this country is now leaving the EU. It is Britain that has had to restore order in a fractious Europe on numerous occasions over the centuries, not the other way round.

Britain voted to leave the EU in a referendum that had been delayed for two decades to the point that a whole new political party had to be formed to demand that it be held. Ukip, whatever its future, holds the distinction of being the only party, other than the ‘Big Two’, to have won a national election in the last century, and would have gone on to greater things had David Cameron not bowed to public opinion and the consequent danger to his party’s future.

2016 was the last possible time that the referendum could be held, lest the two-party system in England suffer a permanent fracture. One of the reasons why Ed Miliband lost catastrophically in 2015 was that he stated he knew better than the British people about calling a referendum. Now that this issue has been decided, politics is swinging back to a kind of normality after twenty years of needless disruption.

However, there are still forces that wish to reverse the outcome of the referendum. The Remainers are fighting a rearguard action. This is complicated by the fact that they are not backed by any kind of belief system or ideology. It is highly likely that they have been beneficiaries of EU funding in some manner or other. Numerous media organisations and other groups have our taxes back in the form of EU cash to promote this federalist agenda.

The absence of an ideology also means that the Remainers do not actually stand ‘for’ anything concrete apart from this fantasy of a utopian federalism. In the 2016 campaign, the Remain side were against Brexit, and er, that’s it. It is no wonder their campaign was short on ideas and personalities, and depended on the BBC’s decade-long advocacy as a surrogate for their own. All Remainers promised was ‘more of the same’. The whole reason why Ukip has been successful in the past was because most voters did not want the status quo on this one issue.

And this intellectual black hole still goes on. The Remain side still have no new ideas. They just want to carry on with the old ideas that have been rejected by a majority of voters.

The Brexit camp is full of new ideas about how Britain, free from the economic shackles of the EU, can make its way in the world. All the Remain camp do is to attack these while offering nothing new themselves. While they pretend that their activities are about holding the government to account in a democracy, it is actually about frustrating the government, and therefore denying the outcome of a democratic vote.

This could also explain why a mooted pro-Remain centre party is unlikely. Such a party needs ideas and policies. Since its only idea would be to remain in the EU and its only policy would be to do whatever Brussels says, it stands no real chance in the polls. So the only political activity remaining to the Remainers is sabotage.

And this is what they are doing, while stifling proper understanding of the objective reality of the Brexit process, which will take at least a decade. It took this country 11 years from new membership to agreeing an acceptable deal. There is no reason to assume extrication will not take a similar amount of time. However, this will be falsely portrayed by the Remainers and their media lackeys as failure. It is not. It has to be remembered that the EU is no longer our friend, if it ever was. It will be driving the hardest deal it can to prevent further defections from its otherwise one-way federalist project. The Remainers are on the side of this country’s economic adversaries.

No one is holding the Remainers to account. No one has asked exactly what they stand for, apart from reversing a democratic vote. This has to be due to the largely pro-Remain broadcast media that is still in denial about the vote. It is some kind of miracle that Brexit prevailed against the incessant blast of pro-EU propaganda that the British people had to endure over the last decade or so.

EU failures, like the near-collapse of the Mediterranean and Irish economies under the weight of the German-controlled euro, its incompetent response to the collapse of Yugoslavia, its hamfisted reaction to the refugee influx from North Africa and the Middle East, and its ignorance of the risk of cross-border Islamist terrorism, all demonstrate that ‘ever closer union’ is a recipe for chaos, and British voters saw this.  The Remainers have no response to these charges, but they are never challenged.

The EU’s institutions and function seem modelled on Imperial Germany, with a toothless legislative body and an unconstrained executive made up of appointed cronies. Its only saving grace is it has no deranged Kaiser at the top. Instead Europe has a tax-fiddling old soak who is rude to this country and its leaders. Remainers are never asked about this appalling man.

Unlike other EU countries, we do not repeatedly vote until the ‘right’ result is achieved. The kind of people that are advocating a second vote or blocking the Brexit process are those poisoned by European politics who do not have the national interest at heart. This fifth column of ideas-free metropolitan elites should be under greater scrutiny, and especially about exactly from where their money ultimately originates.

(Image: David Holt)

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Paul T Horgan
Paul T Horgan
Paul T Horgan worked in the IT Sector. He lives in Berkshire.

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