It has been a year of Islamist terrorism in Britain. The violence on our streets, trains, and other public places recall the IRA campaigns of old, but are more bloodthirsty.

Of course Britain is not the only country suffering from a surge in Islamist violence, and Europe not the only continent.

The United States of America also experienced a spate of murderous Islamist terrorism last year.

In February 2016, Mohamed Barry slashed four people with a machete in a Columbus, Ohio restaurant owned by an Israeli Christian Arab before he was shot dead.

In June 2016, Omar Mateen shot and killed 49 and injured 58 at a gay club in Orlando, Florida. Despite commentator Owen Jones’s posturing, this is recognised as a terrorist attack motivated by Islamism and not homophobia.

In August 2016, Wasil Farooqui attempted to behead a man and stabbed a woman at an apartment complex in Virginia, while shouting the now-traditional religious slogan ‘Allahu Akbar’, meaning ‘God is the greatest’.

In September 2016, Dahir A Adan was shot dead after stabbing ten people at random in a shopping mall in Minnesota.

The same month, 35 were injured in a series of bomb attacks in New York and New Jersey. The suspect, Ahmad Khan Rahimi, was arrested after a manhunt and is awaiting trial.

The last Islamist attack in the US took place in November 2016, when Abdul Razak Ali Artan rammed his car into pedestrians at Ohio State University before stabbing bystanders until he was shot dead.

And that’s it.

No blood has been shed on American soil as a result of an Islamist terror attack since Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States.

Unlike his predecessor, Trump was very clear about what he wanted to do. In his inaugural address he said: ‘We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones – and unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth.’

Trump made it clear before and after his election that he has zero tolerance for Islamist terrorism on American soil. He does not equivocate. Already, he has implemented travel bans from countries associated with Islamist terrorism. These have been watered down by the judiciary.

However, should there be another attack on American soil, it is likely that resistance to any new presidential powers will wither in the face of images of the shattered bodies of the dead and injured. No judge could make an opposing argument when Americans have been murdered in indiscriminate attacks. Any demonstrations would be futile. The liberal commentators would have to shut up lest they become apologists for indiscriminate mass murder.

Previously, the terrorists may have regarded the US government’s actions as merely investigation and containment. In Donald Trump, there is also now retaliation. There is revenge.

Consider how Trump reacted to North Korea’s threats to launch a missile at the US territory of Guam. He made it clear that if a missile were launched towards Guam, there would be a military response. There remains a possibility that Kim Jong-un would be deposed by frightened generals should any US missiles hit Korean soil, as this would demonstrate that their leader’s brinkmanship had gone too far, and any escalation could result in their annihilation. Faced by Trump’s determination, North Korea backed down, preferring to send the people of Japan, a country that literally and figuratively raped Korea for 35 years, scurrying to their fallout shelters as a missile flew over their country.

The Syrians also know how Trump reacts to their use of weapons of mass destruction. Instead of Obama-style weasel words, the base that launched the gas attack on civilians was attacked by cruise missiles.
In Afghanistan, Trump demonstrated his resolve by using one of the most powerful non-nuclear weapons to devastate a terrorist fortress built into rock.

While his opponents may describe Trump as reckless, his actions are delivering. The simpering MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow seemed perfectly happy to see the domestic body-count of Islamist terrorism rise on Obama’s watch. Under Trump, the body-count is zero. The big stick is replacing speaking softly.

So far, the Islamist terrorists have met their match in Donald Trump. They know that if they attack, he will stop at nothing to come after them and to take all steps to prevent further attacks, even if this causes social dislocation that may affect their communities. If they make war on American soil, they know they will get more war back.

Trump, unlike London Mayor Sadiq Khan, does not believe the threat of terrorism is ‘part and parcel’ of modern life. Instead he believes that threatening terrorists should be the norm. It is they that should be cowering, not innocent civilians. Those motivated to use guns, bombs, cars, and knives to kill now understand this and have stayed their hands.

Instead of opposing Trump, our leaders could learn something. France, America and the United Kingdom have all changed leaders in the last year or so. Only America has not experienced Islamist terrorism since.

Trump is not only making America great again. He is making America safe again too.


  1. The lib left tirade against Trump is subsiding.
    Even the Beeb’s Jon Sopel, who clearly hates Trump, has said he expects him to win a second term. Yes the democrats are in chaos, of their own making
    He is not like O’bama, he does not do virtue signalling & is not just a talking head
    Perhaps now the east & west coasts will give him a chance to do what he was elected for .. .

    • Yes, instead of appeaser and panderer May who wants a “transitional” period which will simply provide more opportunities for the Brussels saboteurs and traitors to connive at keeping us in.

  2. The Swamp is draining Trump . More billions into the military . More troops into the unwinnable Afghan war . The same stupid rhetoric about Syria that could have come straight out of Hilary’s mouth . Now there is a rumour he may change his mind about leaving the nonsensical Paris climate “accord ” . Depressing . The USA is still the worlds bully . Sanctions on any country that does not bow the knee and trouble for other countries that ignore those sanctions .

  3. Not a bad article, DJT is a doer not a procrastinator like the previous White house bloke.

    it remains to be seen if DJT can pull off the economic miracle in the ‘Rust belt’ he so earnestly promised, I hope he can, I know he is making some very positive moves to that end.

    On foreign adventures, the US is being dragged back to Afghanistan and there can be, will be no good outcomes there and besides which the Indians and Chinese and Pakistani’s are all wooing Kabul, let them rid the country of Taliban influece – aye and fat chance of that……………….so! get the Yankees in and it’s gung ho down at US arms industries inc too.

    Chucking a few Cruise missiles in the general direction of a Syrian airbase was an exercise in futile gestures and as a sop to gullible western media/polticians, fake (Sarin!) probably reported from a bedroom in Coventry news begets a fake response. Who knows what goes on in Syria but people should know that the Wahhabists do some lurid hollywood esque propaganda and a few odd gas attacks keeps their ’cause’ in the newsrooms in, the EU and over the pond. What Israel think, is what DJT perceives and Russia is held at arms length – or allies against Isil – no one knows and what of Iran? Whatever we think here, or indeed in the Pentagon – nothing is as it seems in Syria.

    But at least with Donald J. Trump, Americans in the heartlands will feel more protected, indeed more valued. Certainly unless, it was paying lip service to his favoured minorities, one never really knew if Obama was bothered about anything other but his ‘legacy’. History I deem, will portray Obama as one of the weakest presidents of the modern era, perhaps the worst, however it will look more kindly on president Trump.

    • I like your comments about the Rust Belt in the US. I’m always of sceptical of any redevelopment plans which don’t involve a preferential tax zone. And our own empty promises regarding the Northern Powerhouse don’t bode well for Trump. But I’m happy to be proved wrong.

      Not sure if I agree with your scornful comments about Trump’s reaction to Syria. I think he has (roughly said) two options: either pull out of the Middle East altogether (but protect Israel) or continue punishing regimes which attack civilians. Both are better than Obama’s limp-wristed redline, whistling in the wind and looking the other way. The real problem with option 1 is that it leaves a vacuum for Russia to fill.

      • Sir, Russia for more than forty years has had a naval base in Syria – Tartus, it would take some very great persuasion for the Russians to remove themselves from that particular theatre.

      • It doesn’t really need a preferential tax zone, that hasn’t worked overly well here. What it need is a low business tax rate, and less regulatory nonsense. The tax rate hasn’t happened, and may not for a while (Trump is bit too much of a statist) but the regulatory rollback is happening and the confidence it’s engendering is remarkable. Will we again be going in for heavy manufacturing? Probably not, except in certain areas, but things are starting to happen. We hit 3% growth last quarter for the first time since Clinton (I think). And as you know, it builds like a tsunami, sometimes

        • I assume you mean a low business tax country-wide. Yes, I can see that, but low-tax zones can encourage companies to relocate their tax domicile (viz. Ireland) if they believe that the taxes will be for the long term. Agree with your point about regulatory rollback and very pleased to hear you’re making progress there.

          As for manufacturing. I think 3D-printing will surprise us all. It’s still very early but already manufacturing cells are being set up back in developed countries to service local requirements, instead of shipping the stuff around the world.

          • True enough, and some have worked here as well.

            There’s a lot in that, and in a lot of different ways, the dream of custom at mass produced prices. What is needed, and is starting to come, is more durable materials. But it is a fantastic technology already. Where it goes in the next 10-15 years is just unimaginable.

  4. Dare I entertain the hope that the high-water mark of the unwelcome, lazy self-obsession of the infantile left is in sight?

    First the Rotheram/Rochdale/Bristol/Oxford/… scandals are finally recognised and make it onto the MSM. Then comes Brexit and Trump’s victory.

    Two days ago CW published a heart-warming article from Jason Newman documenting how the financial repercussions to American colleges of playing to the kindergarten gallery are finally making themselves known in the real world (

    Now apparently America is relearning the bleeding obvious: to protect yourself, make bullying hurt the bully.

    Whatever next…?

    Maybe I’m being premature but I’ve been waiting for the reversion to the norm for a very long time and, since much of the cowardly garbage originally came from America, I would expect the solution to come from there too.

    Can we expect our supine UK/European “leaders” to wise up in the near future? Farage for PM and to negotiate Brexit (But what is there to negotiate? Just walk out.) Well OK, let’s be pragmatic, I’d settle for Mogg. All eyes on the AfD on Sunday (yeah, I know, now I’m really being optimistic!)

    • That’s a good description of how it feels over here in flyover country. There is going to be problems, there always are. But I think solutions are increasingly in train. Or maybe, like you, I hope so, it bl**dy well time.

  5. Theresa the Appeaser is in Florence right now rehearsing for her big moment today. Not content with regularly appeasing Islam and muslims, today she is hoping to appease the EU, the ABBC, the pro-EU media, the ‘Remoaners’ in her cabinet (i.e most of them) and the leaders of the other 27 EU States.

    She will offer the EU money we don’t have, money we don’t owe, money that is not in any of the EU Treaties, money that the HoL have already declared to be not legally due, money that does not need to be offered and is likely to be rejected by the EU as insufficient anyway. This is all she is thinking about, appeasing these specific people and insititutions.

    What she is not thinking about and not bothered in the slightest about appeasing is the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU. We don’t matter to her. We don’t count. To Theresa the Appeaser, all that matters is political survival for her and the Conservative Party.

    But it won’t work. The EU cannot be appeased and will not be appeased because their plan is not to agree to anything because they believe, as all the MSM and all the ‘Remoaners’ believe that we will back down, abandon Brexit and stay in the EU.

    The backlash from the 17.4 million will be enormous and brutal. The Tories will be destroyed in the fallout, there will be an early General Election and Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister.

    It will be a disaster for Britain of course, but this is the price we will pay for treachery and appeasement by the Conservatives. If Theresa the Appeaser does not think this will happen, then she is more stupid and brain dead in reality than she appears to be on a daily basis. On the other hand, if she thinks it will happen or even might happen, then she is about to willingly commit suicide.

    Bye, bye Mrs May, have a nice day.

  6. There are two schools of thought about Trump. Firstly that he is a super mind playing 4-D chess always 10 steps ahead of his detractors. The other is that he is a craven, self serving, corrupt, emotionally incontinent moron. This article inclines to the former view. The level of Islamic terrorism in the US – 9/11 aside – has been so low I just don’t see how you can draw any conclusions about the effectiveness of Trump’s stance. Mostly it’s hot air, because in a system that relies on building consensus, the great deal maker is incapable of building any. Quite an achievement when his party controls both houses. His foreign policy – in so much as you can identify one – is erratic to say the least. The one certainty is that in the Middle East there are two clear winners at he moment. Russia and Iran. And as for North Korea, that’s going well isn’t it?

      • No I don’t. I think we have had decades of US foreign policy failure. The problems set in with a vengeance when Dubya invaded Iraq. Trump just looks clueless to me.

        • Well by that score we are living with the consequences of
          the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

          America or the UK are not responsible for their inability to unravel centuries of Ottoman rule in the Middle East, that said, thanks to Obama, China and Russia, we now face the prospect of a nuclear North Korea with (God help us) Iran following closely in its footsteps.

          • In a sense we are living with the consequences of all our history, but you’re being crass. We are certainly living with the direct effects of the second Gulf war and America’s hapless ‘nation building’, empowering the Shia, disenfranchising the Sunnis, and directly leading to the foundation of ISIS. In Syria Obama used the UN as a bully pulpit, and followed it all up with nothing at all. Trump is just the same nothing but hot air. Russia has followed the old US model and militarily supported Assad. Assad will win – in fact has won – and Russia, China, and Iran will be at the forefront of Syrian reconstruction. The US will be devoid of influence. Dolt 45 is the very opposite of speak softly and carry a big stick. On Syria, Iran, North Korea he talks tough but has no clue what to do. Although he is capable of being pushed into a reckless course of action through sheer ego and vanity. The man is a incompetent.

          • Yes, because ISIS wouldn’t have happened if America had not toppled Saddam,right?

            Whatever you think of Trump, we are where we are because of Obama,
            particularly in relation to the DPRK and Iran.

        • Yes, the invasion of Iraq was a foreign policy mistake but then you glibly refer to “9/11 aside” as though it can be disregarded in the overall scheme of things.

          • I’ve come to agree, but there is this. It could have worked if anybody, anywhere had had a plan for winning the peace. A bit shortsighted on all of our parts. And not nearly as bad as Libya. Thank God Parliament kept us all mostly out of Syria.

    • You can’t do deals with the left because they are irrational realityphobes, a trait shared with many of the pariah states and terrorists they seem to admire.

      As a conservative “leader” you can betray the liberty of others and appease them, pander to their clamour for bad law, condone their disruptive, anti-social behaviours and submit to their demands for self-hate and apology. But that ain’t a “deal” and they will still hate you as Mrs May has demonstrated..

      • The deals I am referring to are those with his own republican senators and congressmen. I’m sorry I din’t realise that they were part of the many tentacled ‘left’ too.

        • Some no doubt are. There seems to be quite the transatlantic conspiracy judging by the amount of American leftisms being imported and incited here in the UK. And some of the “Republicans” in the USA seem to be infected with the same left-leaning tripe that our “Conservative” politicians are now keen to peddle.

          “Many tentacled” is spot on. One of the most effective ploys of that “many tentacled” left is to pretend that it isn’t and sneer at the idea as tin foil hat conspiracy theory. Whilst the empirical evidence from the UN, through the EU and to the UK elected and unelected establishment suggests otherwise.

  7. Like India and Pakistan, North and South Korea are two halves of a partitioned country. You cannot “destroy” one without also “destroying” the other, or, at the very least, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths in and completely wrecking both countries in the process. I doubt that even someone as boastful, egotistical and impulsive as Trump would want to go down in history as the man who ordered an attack, using weapons of mass destruction, which killed hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of men, women and children nor do I think the American military would let him.

    Blast effect, thermal, ionising and residual radiation don’t stop neatly at geographic borders.

    Nuke North Korea and you nuke South Korea too.

    Crude semi-literate bluster is all the current American President has.

    (But then if he was capable of understanding science he wouldn’t deny global warming either.)

    • “North and South Korea are two halves of a partitioned country”

      No they are not. They are separate countries with different societies, different regimes, 72 years of divergent history and the legacy of a bitter war dividing them. And that war was entirely the result of North Korean aggression as the war in Vietnam was entirely the result of North Vietnamese aggression, inspired by totalitarian communism inspired by the left’s “hero” Karl Marx and the incitement and agitation of Soviet Russia.

    • Why would we bother nuking the joint, and you left out Japan which is downwind. Don’t need to, we, and our allies, have enough power out there now to take down Germany and Whoa Fat ain’t in that league. Might it be a bit messy? Yeah, that’s why we haven’t done it yet, but it wouldn’t be as bad as a nuclear strike on Tokyo. You lived most of your life knowing that London was protected on the plains of North Dakota, and would be avenged, nothing has changed, that’s what being America’s ally means. Uncle Sam has a really big stick, and he does know how to use it, for everybody’s benefit.

      China’s figured it out. There’s a new Executive Order out yesterday, American banks will no longer deal with anyone who deal with the NORKS. Guess what, China told it’s banks to quit dealing with the North. Ain’t over til it’s over, and he has little to lose, and is the more dangerous for it, but things are happening, and if you read the news you’d know some of this stuff.

      • Let’s have a bet of honour. If military action happens in North Korea while Trump is President I will give £100.00 to a charity of your choice and trust you to give the same amount to the PDSA when Trump moves out of the White House. As for the nuclear threat, well, Donald conjured that spectre not me. Not surprising really for a man who believe that he can get a three-thousand kilometre, eight metre high, wall built on American soil and paid for by a much poorer neighbour.

        Donald Trump and Jong-un Kim both seem bonkers to me.

  8. I listened to Trump’s UN speech. It was very good. When he is deprived of Twitter, Trump can articulate a conservative position very well and has been clear on his approach: he won’t stop Assad beating ISIS as long as Assad doesn’t use chemical weapons; he won’t allow North Korea to possess missiles capable of hitting the US and will bomb their military bases if it looks like they’ll have that capacity. But my favourite bit was his summing up of Venezuela: “The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism had been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.” Quote of the year.

  9. “No judge could make an opposing argument when Americans have been murdered in indiscriminate attacks.” You underestimate the obtuseness of our judges. But this is true, sort of.

    Trump is a lagging indicator, he’s important, but the real change happened a while back. The citizenry has simply had enough. All those guns effete Europeans sneer at us for, well they’re out there, more and more, carried by your neighbor, your cab driver, mom taking the kids to school, everyday people, and every cop in America. Anybody carrying legally, is trained (often better than the police, because we carry the liability, not the government), and has thought it through.

    The event you don’t hear about was few years ago, in Texas, when Pam Geller’s draw a Mohammed cartoon event was subject to a terrorist attack. The result, the perps died straightaway, no one else scratched, the police did the paperwork. Biggest difference that makes America a tough target is the Americans. The only thwarted European terrorist attack I can recall was that French train, when they ran into two American Territorials and a civilian (and to be fair a British IT guy).

    If we could teach that attitude, we would, but it’s something seemingly only in the air here, pity, we’d really like to help. But maybe if you watch Trump, you’ll learn something of what makes America, America. We’re far from perfect, and never claimed otherwise, but we keep trying to improve, and we do.

  10. Paul Horgan seems to overlook the fact that the Syrian government, along with its Russian and Iranian allies, has been leading the fight against ‘Islamic State’ in the Middle East.

    I’ll give Trump the benefit of the doubt: that his cruise missile attack on Syria was a token gesture to get the deep state/military-industrial complex/Israel lobby off his back. It did get him some MSM plaudits, however; an interesting insight into the mind of an establishment liberal.

    • Without disagreeing with your point. I think it also an announcement of sorts, that he wasn’t going to draw red lines and then hide under them. Sort of an announcement to everybody that the sheriff was back.

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