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Paul T Horgan: We are in for a nasty dose of socialism unless conservatives fight back soon


Last weekend, Jeremy Corbyn, aka ‘JC’ to his disciples, delivered his sermon from a pyramid for want of the mount. It was well-received. The audience was anything but the meek or the disenfranchised subject race of a global empire that was based on tribute, slavery and killing. They were the healthy, well-fed, well-heeled citizens of a free country made wealthy by a pivotal position in global free markets. They had the time and resources to pay exorbitant fees to temporarily inherit a for-once parched earth and listen to a secular prophet who plots the downfall of their otherwise air-conditioned lifestyle. They worshipped at his feet. They do not know any better. There is no good reason for this.

Socialism is a religion.  Corbyn is a preacher.

His audience did hunger and thirst after a kind righteousness, but it was the wrong kind. Corbyn is not preaching to the converted, this implies a position from which the conversion has taken place.

The ideology is a default position because capitalism does not make its case apart from the objective reality of human existence, and capitalism’s part in its improvement, which is never formally articulated.

Third-world countries that embrace capitalism develop better. Global social indices prove this.

Remember Ethiopia?  Live Aid?  This benighted country is transitioning from a socialist economy to a capitalist one, and is experiencing good growth and actually attracting foreign investment, as opposed to aid handouts.  It has a long way to go, but is moving in the right direction.  No-one is pointing this out.  Capitalism is saving lives in Ethiopia and making them better, day by day.

The media persist in their blind-spot over the proven failures of socialism. Human disasters caused by socialism, as in Venezuela, are hidden from popular view. Labour’s leadership openly participate in a deception that Venezuela is thriving. They are never challenged.  North Korea’s collectivist ideology is never written about, only the fact that it is a dictatorship. It is a communist dictatorship. Its policies are based on Marxism, not Kimism. This is never pointed out.

People now have tailored news feeds. They effectively block news whose ideology they disagree with. So getting out the truth about socialism is now even harder. More needs to be done. I do my bit by writing for this site.

There needs to be a ‘counter-preacher’ to Corbyn, attacking and denigrating socialism by using the truth. Before he imploded, Milo Yiannopoulos was the best example of what could be done. Note that this Brit realised he could not do his work in the UK and made a point of stating it was ‘too late’ to his American audiences. I don’t think it’s too late. But it may be soon.

People need to know that socialist plunder provides short-term panaceas but long-term misery. Economic freedom is human freedom. Socialism is anti-freedom. Socialism is anti-life.

The closest we have had to someone energetically promoting capitalism in this country was David Cameron’s ‘pumped-up’ speech. And that’s it. One person, one time, one speech. There needs to be more like this. Capitalism, using cash, materials, and labour to create better lives while making a profit, is sexy.

Capitalism is the economic system that gives us the Ford Mondeo, available to drive off the showroom versus socialism’s Trabant, for which there was a waiting-list of years.

Collectivism is not being challenged in the media in this country at all. It needs to be taunted for its obvious failures and its practitioners ridiculed for the dishonest kleptocrats they are. The Conservative Party failed by running a presidential campaign when they should have been taking down the Labour manifesto line-by-line.

Labour’s manifesto policy, which could have allowed CND a say in running British Aerospace, or Greenpeace in running BP, is a prime example. I seem to have been the only person bringing this to the public’s attention. Why did no other commentators do this instead of being fixated on personalities?

If conservatism is to survive, some of its most successful beneficiaries will need to pay for this to happen to create media resources, roadshows, speech tours and seminars. Defenders of capitalism should be promoted. Capitalism needs to start paying for its survival. There is no law that states it is self-sustaining, or a natural order.

By contrast trades union general secretaries, the most successful beneficiaries of socialism, do not event think twice in this situation. They use the serious quantities of cash extracted from their members’ wages to promote their failed ideologies of state confiscation of the fruits of people’s ideas and energy. They organise meetings and rallies that are over-publicised by a supine media. They are winning the battle for hearts and minds because their opponents are not on the field.

There are numerous anti-socialist videos made in the USA on YouTube.  Few of these are made here.  Are all the creative types in the UK Marxists or fellow-travellers?  Would they get blacklisted if they speak out?

The BBC and Channel 4 should provide equal airtime about the gulags to that about the gas chambers. The fact that Stalin was Hitler’s ally for nearly two years and facilitated World War II should be promoted. The so-called ‘achievement’ of the USSR in defeating Nazism was based on human waves of soldiers backed by security battalions who would machine-gun their own troops if they turned back in the face of stiff opposition. Officers who failed in their assignments were executed. For the British, it was a case of victory or death. For the Soviets it was victory or execution by their own side.

At present Stalin is ‘praised’ for defeating Germany on land. To believe the socialists he did it all on his own. This is a warping of history, as much as the USSR’s modernisation is when the millions of deaths are ignored.

The Ukrainian holocaust should be publicised. A deliberate famine planned by socialists killed millions in the 1930s.

Labour’s opposition to rearmament in the 1930s cost British lives when war finally came and we were unprepared. This is never mentioned. Instead its opposition to national defence today is lauded without significant challenge.

No-platforming in universities needs to be challenged in the courts. Free speech is under attack.

Will conservatives wait until the ‘Day of Rage’ demos have thousands more followers and John McDonnell’s ‘march of the millions’ becomes a reality?

The IEA, Adam Smith Institute, and Freedom Association need to take to the streets and stop remaining in their ivory towers. They are losing the battle of ideas.

The march by the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) on May 1 2018 should be heckled and this should be on the news.

The centenary of the Bolshevik revolution later this year should be marked by 2 minutes’ silence at the Yalta memorial in Kensington in front of the cameras.

There needs to be an ‘anti-Guardian’, challenging this collectivist consensus. The current right-wing press do not cut it.

This is a hearts and minds issue that needs resources in cyberspace and the real world.

At present, openly conservative people are subject to ostracism and abuse. This social bigotry needs to be challenged. Victims need to have a ‘safe space’ to come forward. This is an issue that needs publicity.

From my perspective, events seem similar to 1964, when popular culture ridiculed conservatism, but the politics was not quite there. Wilson had a slim majority in the election that year. However, two years later he increased it to a working majority, sowing the seeds of the disaster of the 1970s through unchallenged union militancy when Labour backed away from reform plans set out in the White Paper In Place of Strife and strikes started to bring down British commerce. By 1968 even the Labour-supporting Daily Mirror had stated ‘enough is enough‘ and its boss was planning a coup d’etat.

Times are rather too interesting at present. Capitalism needs to be more evangelistic. This is in the national interest. Otherwise people will suffer.

(Image: Garry Knight)

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Paul T Horgan
Paul T Horgan
Paul T Horgan worked in the IT Sector. He lives in Berkshire.

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