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Protect our children from this vaccine assault


DEAR parent, carer or person concerned about the wellbeing of the children and young people in our lives:

I am extremely concerned at the prospect of our young people and children being given the Covid vaccine. While the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) did say that the government should hold off authorising injecting our children till further data becomes available, their new recommendations on vaccinating under-18s are expected imminently.

The  government has already produced behavioural change plans for children, and classroom materials have already been developed which could be described as vaccine propaganda aimed at children.

The Stephen Hawking Foundation lent its aid on the prejudiced premise that vaccine doubts are rooted in conspiracy theories. The general idea that ‘we need vaccines’ cleverly distracts from specific and reasonable worries about the experimental and emergency-only authorised Covid vaccines.

It also appears that children expressing hesitation about the Covid-19 vaccine can be reported to PREVENT. 

This propaganda ignores some simple but strategically important facts: 

o   Children do not die of coronavirus and their capacity to transmit the virus is more limited than in the older population.

o   The vaccine appears to be causing unacknowledged and insufficiently recognised levels of harm.

There are also concerns that the same strong immune system which protects children from Covid may make them more likely to suffer from vaccine harm.

This is why we must resist the vaccination of our children and set out the scientific and rational case:

Children are not responsible for the transmission of Covid

Only two in every million children has died with Covid during the pandemic, hence their vulnerability has never provided a justification for injecting them. It is the fear that they will transmit Covid which is given as the reason for why this should be done.

A child’s health should never be put at risk solely for the benefit of adults, and there is no need for it to be anyway. The argument that children transmit Covid doesn’t stand up. In fact, they appear less likely to transmit covid than adults. Teachers were no more likely to catch covid than any other equivalent age and sex adjusted group. And as the JCVI reported, there was almost no transmission within schools

Even within households transmission from children was low.  Some research suggested to the contrary that the presence of children helped to strengthen their family’s immunity and that children therefore had a protective effect.

The government itself acknowledges there is very little data that the vaccine prevents transmission

The vaccines carry risks

This is why the pharmaceutical companies were given immunity from liability. If these companies are not prepared to risk their profits, how much less should we be prepared to risk the health of the young people in our lives?

Vaccines normally take nine or ten years to develop and this is for a good reason. When the swine flu vaccine was rushed into circulation it caused 1,000 cases of the debilitating and permanent neurological illness narcolepsy.

The AstraZeneca trials were compressed into 730 days. We are still in the middle of a ‘live’ trial for which there is no control group and for which there has been a surprising lack of safety studies, so we cannot yet know the vaccine’s potential for harm. 

There have however already been many casualties of the Covid vaccine

That these risks are real is demonstrated by the numbers of reports of adverse reactions and deaths.

In the EU 15,472 deaths have been reported and 1,509,266 people injured.

Nearly 6,000 are reported to have died from the Covid vaccine in the USA. 

There appears to be an increase in child injuries and deaths. 

Research suggests that this is a significant underestimate of the number of serious injuries and deaths which have occurred. 

In the UK there have been 1,403 fatalities and more than 949,287 adverse reactions reported on our MHRA Yellow Card system. 

The Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy has concluded: 

‘The MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the Yellow Card system to declare the COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans.’

Since the vaccinations started, new problems have come to light

Firstly, it has been found that the lipid nano-particles contained in the vaccine do not simply remain in the deltoid muscles as had been anticipated, as explained by Neville Hodgkinson on TCW

Further evidence of the ability of spike protein travelling throughout the body, binding and interacting with various cells, via their ACE2 receptors, potentially resulting in damage to various tissues and organs is reported here and here. 

This raises serious safety concerns about the spike protein which could itself act like a pathogen causing fatality and morbidity. It is a risk that needs urgent investigation. 

For further research documents on the spike protein see here and here

The vaccine could cause unanticipated long-term harms

One of the conditions which some researchers are worried about is Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). This is a process where a virus leverages antibodies to aid infection. In short, the anti-Covid antibodies, stimulated by a vaccine, amplify the infection rather than prevent its damage. While the hope is that it won’t happen, we would all feel a lot more confident if we knew it had been definitively ruled out; see page 18 here. 

Other research has outlined the possibility of spike proteins driving a range of autoimmune conditions. 

This is because the spike protein is similar to many endogenous human proteins and could prime the immune system toward the development of both auto-inflammatory and auto-immune diseases. Some could present acutely and some could take years to manifest. Individuals genetically prone to autoimmunity are likely to be more vulnerable. 

There is also some suggestion that the vaccine can impact negatively on reproduction and cause cardiovascular issues. Neurodegeneration is another area of concern. 

The efficacy of the vaccine has been over estimated

We were told that the Pfizer vaccine has 95 per cent efficacy. However, this was based on relative risk reduction (RRR) where the vaccinated are compared only with an unvaccinated group. Absolute risk reduction (ARR) looks at the extent to which your chances of getting Covid are reduced in the context of the population as a whole. In terms of ARR your chances of catching covid are reduced by less than 1 per cent. This means that 119 people need to be vaccinated in order to stop one more case of covid. This is a much less impressive result. For an academic explanation see here;  for an explanation in layman’s terms see here.

None of the vaccine trials were designed to detect a significant reduction in hospital admissions, admission to intensive care, or death. Worryingly, evidence is emerging that although vaccinated people do appear to be less likely to need hospital treatment, if they do end up in hospital they appear to be more likely to die.  

The government make it clear in their roadmap that they expect a significant amount of vaccine failure; see paragraph 56 here: ‘Most deaths and admissions in a post-Roadmap resurgence are in people who have received two vaccine doses . . .’

Furthermore, data from Israel suggests that there are deaths occurring in the few weeks immediately after the vaccine. Most statistical analyses of vaccine efficacy don’t take their numbers from when a person is vaccinated but wait until a degree of immunity has been achieved. An analysis of Israeli data which counts people as vaccinated from the moment of vaccination finds that the daily death rates for the vaccinated are 11.65 times greater than for the unvaccinated.

Vaccination could leave our children more vulnerable

While a child’s strong immune system protects them from the damaging effects of Covid, it may render them more vulnerable to adverse effects from the vaccine. This is because many vaccine adverse effects are a result of immune system over-reactions which tend to be more prevalent in the young.

This appears to be confirmed by Pfizer’s trial data (pages 25 to 27) which showed that the majority of the 1,131 children who were injected with the vaccine suffered from significant side-effects. 

For example, after the first dose 10 per cent of children got a fever of over 38 degrees C and after the second dose 20 per cent. A few children got temperatures over 40 degrees. Sixty per cent of children suffered from fatigue after their first dose and 66.2 per cent after their second dose. Children suffered more severely than adults in almost every category looked at. Fifty-five to 65 per cent of children were afflicted by headaches. Twenty two per cent had severe headaches.

In each year group two or three will vomit with each injection. Twenty eight will suffer from chills after their first injection, and 42 after the second.

Of the children who received the Pfizer vaccine, 0.4 per cent suffered from serious adverse events. While Pfizer say these had nothing to do with the vaccine you can decide for yourself.

These were the adverse events that emerged in a very small trial. As the vaccines have been rolled out to the younger populations several young men have been affected by myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart sac). As the vaccine reaches greater numbers of young people even more damaging effects are likely to emerge. 

Why don’t we know about this?

Much of this information may come as a surprise to people who assumed that the vaccines were working out. This is partly because we are beset by an uncritical MSM which has decided across the board (for whatever exact reason we don’t know) that it must endorse the government’s vaccine programme and report it as an unmitigated success.

The way people have come to think about success the vaccine has been influenced by a host of behavioural change programmes created by the Behavioural Insights Team, the Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours (SPI-B) or the NHS Behaviour Change Unit. 

According to psychologist Dr Damian Wild, these behavioural change programmes have employed several covert psychological strategies (nudges) which influence subconsciously, below our level of awareness. They have also set out to use more hard-hitting emotional messaging, as SPI-B explained: ‘The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent using hard-hitting emotional messaging. To be effective this must also empower people by making clear the actions they can take to reduce the threat.’ 

The collaboration between the government and the media was cemented on April 17, around the time that some of the most worrying reporting about the vaccine was coming out. The government and the newspaper industry formed a three-month advertising partnership called All in, all together, the aim of which was to deliver government communications in way that most readers can relate to. TCW has previously reported on the newspapers’ dependence on Government for advertising revenue arguably causing the dearth of information about the possible negative effects of the vaccine and other covid related issues. 

What can we do?

We are the victims of a top-down campaign in which the government has rolled out an experimental and possibly dangerous vaccine using highly coercive techniques on an unsuspecting population. If we don’t stop it, the unnecessary deaths will continue and the future health of a generation of children risked.

Parents and concerned citizens must demand that a full and independent safety analysis investigates the full extent of possible harms before any more vaccinations are given or the programme extended to younger age groups, if we are to prevent:

o   Any further vaccinations particularly to children and young people;

o   Any form of mandatory or coercive vaccination;

o   Any form of vaccine passport.

Accurate information about the vaccine must be distributed as far and wide as possible so that people can make decisions based on their own knowledge rather than on the basis of the psychological programming or fallacious reasoning about the common good. There are two excellent reports which can be circulated, see here and here.

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Belinda Brown
Belinda Brown
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