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Protecting the NHS? No, lockdown was a coup by Johnson, the lying liberty thief


THE other day the Daily Mail published a brief interview with outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson who asserted – with substantial emphasis – the rationale for, and the integrity of, the Government’s Covid-19 decision-making in 2020 and 2021. 

The Prime Minister insisted that he was ‘very confident’ decisions made were the ‘right ones’. Mr Johnson wanted to ‘remind people of the logic’ because ‘it all gets turned upside down’.  

He said … ‘Actually, the purpose of using those methods, imperfect though they were, to restrict the spread of Covid, was to reduce the huge numbers in the NHS. Forty-thousand people at one stage (were) occupying beds in the NHS because of Covid, and therefore (lockdown was imposed) to reduce the numbers of patients with other complaints, other sicknesses, other needs.  

So there we have it, using the colloquial term prevalent in spring and summer 2020 – ‘we locked down to prevent the NHS getting swamped’.  

Presumably, this was also the rationale behind the removal of the very elderly and fragile from hospital beds and into nursing homes, where many of them died when Covid was contracted on top of their two or three existing maladies. 

Do we believe him? Well, initially, the line was – on March 16, 2020 – that it was all about ‘flattening the curve’. 

‘As we said last week, our objective is to delay and flatten the peak of the epidemic by bringing forward the right measures at the right time, so that we minimise suffering and save lives. And everything we do is based scrupulously on the best scientific advice.’ 

Personally, from the get-go, I confess to being extremely blasé about our ‘greatest public health threat for generations’. Even as a tubby fiftysomething with high blood pressure and a late-evening cheese and wine addiction, I was never concerned about Covid. For starters, I was sure that I’d had it over Christmas.  

The statistics from March and April told me that the disease was only dangerous to 0.4 per cent of those who caught it, and these people existed in four categories – the very old and frail, the very unhealthy, those who did not know that they were very unhealthy and the very, very unlucky.  

I knew my body, and was confident in my state of health, and, as an eternal optimist, I was far, far happier about taking my chances living normally than with sacrificing any of my liberties. 

In April, I gave thanks that Johnson survived his brush with Covid, because I thought that if he died with it, we’d be completely and utterly over-regulated.  

Soon afterwards – when certain bits of information began to materialise, and when predicted things didn’t happen – I began to get suspicious, and angry. 

I looked into the mechanics of how the Government, with Jacob Rees-Mogg to the fore, manufactured a case for emergency rule. It was unequivocally incumbent on the Government to assume emergency powers under the authority of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (CCA), which does not allow it to sidestep parliament.  

Whilst the legislation gives the Government broad ‘emergency powers’ to regulate individual liberty, such orders expire after seven days, and ‘emergency powers’ must lapse after 30 days unless parliament approves an extension. 

By the convention of the existing Cabinet Office Guidelines COG), for our government to seize power – and our money – the nation had to be faced with a ‘catastrophic emergency’, that ‘threatens serious damage to human welfare … or the environment’, because, ‘most emergencies can be dealt with under the existing legislative framework’. 

But, if they deem it necessary, the Prime Minister, Cabinet and senior officials must meet to decide if ‘it is necessary to take “emergency powers” under Part Two of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, if they are satisfied that the tests laid down in the Act have been satisfied”.’ 

One last point, the CAA and COG also state that any provisions the Government adopts under emergency regulation must be ‘in due proportion to the aspect or effect of the emergency’, and must be relinquished once the reason for invoking them has dissipated. This should have been in June 2020, when all-cause mortality resumed normal levels and remained normal until November. 

Instead, the Government drafted the Coronavirus Act, and gave itself ‘emergency powers’ for two years, renewable every six months by a House of Commons that was not allowed to sit because of a cold virus! 

Make no mistake, the Johnson government initiated a coup and it then went on to scrap the pre-existing Pandemic Plan, and rolled out something entirely different.  

A recap of what that 2011 plan outlined is illuminating; it was assumed ‘2.5 per cent of those with symptoms would die.’ How is that for ‘swamping the NHS’?  

Yet the document stated very clearly, in its final section where it discusses the strategy in terms of legislation, that ‘the presumption is that the Government will rely on voluntary compliance with national advice and that it will not invoke emergency or compulsory powers unless they become necessary, in which case, the least restrictive measures that are likely to achieve the objective will be applied first. There is no intention to use legal powers to require people to undergo vaccination or treatment’. 

I read all of this on government websites and independent commentaries. No mainstream media news programme or journalist ever made even the most basic of enquiries about the invocation and perpetuation of emergency powers. Unfortunately though, our judges would not even allow a full legal challenge to be argued before them. 

Now we are wiser, we know that without an ‘emergency situation’, there could be no Emergency Use Authorisation for the untested, new-concept mRNA jabs. But we won’t discuss jabs here. 

Whilst the glorious spring went on for weeks and should have been filling hearts with joy, the BBC and national newspapers were daily disseminating news of death and despair.  

I recalled that during the Second World War – the last time the Government squashed our liberties – it was a serious criminal offence to talk publicly of defeat and to spread fear, despondency and negativity. In 2020, it was clearly a deliberate, government-sponsored strategy. 

The media constantly bombarded us with the fact that ‘huge’ numbers of people were dying of Covid, and filled the front pages with mawkish stories of the loss of ‘NHS heroes’, ‘rocks of certain communities’ and ‘wonderful grandparents’. 

Yet there was no real, scientific analysis of who was doing the dying. The authorities seemed absolutely determined to prevent the public from realising that 99.8 per cent of Britons would not, and could not, be seriously harmed. 

Part of this strategy was to buy ‘advertising’ in daily newspapers that maintained the illusion of Public Health Armageddon, and to lean on editors to instruct their journalists not to ask awkward questions about emergency powers, policy, or to challenge the ‘science’. 

We also learned of the Government’s determined efforts to grow the Covid death toll by any and every means necessary. Was this not a very strange thing for an incumbent government to do?  

It goes without saying that any politician, senior civil servant, NHS chief executive and hospital manager would have been doing all they could to avoid increasing the death toll. In practice, the very opposite became the sole tactic. 

Doctors were instructed that if there was any doubt about the cause of a person’s death, Covid should be mentioned on the death certificate.  

They were even told that just one doctor, one who did not even have to have been familiar with the deceased, could certify cause of death, and without even seeing the body.  

Even more lax, a care home supervisor who had done a certain course could describe the circumstances of death to a doctor over the phone. There have been many hundreds of instances where families have insisted that Covid did not cause their loved one’s death, and forced a death certificate to be modified. 

Whilst it was clear that the Government was doing its absolute utmost to magnify the problem, and terrify the populace, by early summer they were also in the process of inventing problems that did not exist.  

Schools remained closed, even though children were not affected by Covid and ‘vulnerable’, i.e. overweight, teachers could have been rostered off.  

Masking became obligatory in shops in July after at least four months of mask-free shopping and pub-going, neither of which had produced any cohort of Covid-affected supermarket workers, shopkeepers or bar staff. 

Around this time, in came the PCR testing, and it was dialled up to mammoth sensitivity of 40-plus cycles, when even DNA evidence in criminal trials is considered unreliable after 28 cycles.  

A positive test indicated an end to normal life for a fortnight, not to mention frightening people half to death. It was a clever move by the authorities, because positive tests allowed them to quarantine those ‘reasonably suspected of being infected with disease’ – ‘infected’ is the key word in the Public Health Act 1984, that enabled Matt Hancock to wield his powers.  

Of course, when that Act was drafted 40 years ago, legislators had in mind isolated pockets of genuinely nasty diseases such as TB, smallpox and even plague, NOT a cold virus. 

Bear in mind at this point, after hideously high numbers of deaths in April and May 2020, from June to September all-cause mortality in England and Wales was basically at its ten-year average.  

Deaths crept up a little in October, but exploded again to December to February 2021. The authorities blamed ‘Delta’ or ‘Omicron’, but we know two things – firstly, that generally, viruses mutate to lesser virulence, and we know what programme began on December 8. 

So, for those who had not swallowed the propaganda and declined to hand responsibility for their lives to the Government, from March to autumn 2020, there were simply too many incongruent facts that had become apparent.  

It is not right to mock and scoff at those who were truly frightened and totally absorbed with their own mortality. Too weak, too self-absorbed and unwilling to question their beliefs they may have been, but their trust and their emotions had been deliberately targeted and manipulated, and subjected to false information and figures based on deeply flawed modelling.  

We know that those who made the rules were not in the least bit frightened by Covid, nor was the man who projected more than 500,000 deaths. 

Johnson, Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and all their ‘little Satans’, participated in a very callous conspiracy to crush the human spirit, and were largely successful.  

A decades-long campaign – by the Left generally and the BBC specifically – to train people to make decisions on the basis of emotion, and not reason, came to fruition.  

One suspects that they must have known that they had succeeded, when every Thursday evening, as the days grew longer, every neighbourhood in the land heard primal hollering and pot-beating for the NHS, an organisation that was utterly neglecting them, and would then the following year procure many of their deaths. 

At the beginning, the signs on the lecterns at the press conferences urged: ‘Stay Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives’. Later, those arch-egotists Johnson and Hancock decided that humans could control viruses, and the signs were changed to: ‘Stay Alert – Control the Virus – Save Lives’.  

Changing the signs was surely a bit odd, because Johnson insists that the whole rationale of the government’s strategy was to prevent the NHS getting swamped. 

The fact is, the NHS was never in danger of being swamped, and the whole edifice lost almost all inertia and became utterly moribund. How do we know this? Because some brave souls sneaked into hospital buildings and filmed what was going on … nothing.  

We also saw how the brave nurses and ancillaries were spending their time – all over the country, they were rehearsing and performing mass dance routines.  

Then we saw how many of the whistleblowers, the women and men who spoke out publicly about the huge failure of policy, were suspended. It was admitted that the seven ‘Nightingale Hospitals’, constructed and equipped in swift time and at great expense, had hardly been used. 

Winter came, and we were told that the NHS was actually swamped. However, we were left to discover from independent sources that this was because hundreds of beds had been removed from each hospital to ‘widen the gap between beds’. As if a virus in a hospital ward would recognise an extra 6ft. We also know that nurses were prevented from working because of positive PCR tests. 

So, in fact, the NHS swamped itself. Did Johnson invoke any draconian measures to prevent this ‘swamping’? 

He is adamant that it was right – and imperative – to lock down because of the pressure on the NHS. But I think he’s a bloody liar, and that our country has been completely and utterly hoodwinked. And there is one piece of evidence that supports the hypothesis that the ‘Protect the NHS’ line is a ‘kipper’ – because it is a red herring crossed with a smokescreen. 

Think back to July 2020, when masks had just been made compulsory, kids were not in schools, and the PCR test fraud was yet to be rolled out.  

Ask yourselves why, if it was imperative to ‘protect the NHS’ at the height of summer 2020, did Johnson’s government invite 3.4million citizens of Hong Kong – potentially five million – to come and live in UK? To get some perspective on these numbers, Birmingham has a population of one million. 

We must also ask, why, in the same period, the Government has done absolutely nothing to stop 50,000 Channel-crossing illegal immigrants coming into the country. In the past six months, we have also taken in more than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. All this at a time, even after nearly two-and-a half years, that our government is still ‘urging caution’ and reminding us that, ‘this is not over’. 

In the 30 months after shutting down British society, schools, businesses and economy, crushing centuries of hard-earned civil liberties, seizing ultra vires emergency powers by deception, and justifying everything on the basis of protecting the NHS, the Johnson administration has admitted 300,000-plus new citizens, with a further potential 3.25million in the wings. 

Quite clearly, everything that has been done in the last 30 months has been political, and has had nothing to do with ‘science’ – or with the NHS. 

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James Rogers
James Rogers
James Rogers (pseudonym) is a well-travelled, polymathic dilettante who voted for Johnson but feels we’ve ended up with Blair on steroids.

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