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Q: Who decides what to put in your body? A: Bill Gates


A TRAVELLER reaching Denmark on September 11 could be forgiven for thinking he’d landed in the only free country in Europe. The nation officially lifted all pandemic restrictions the previous day: nobody is now masked in Denmark, and women smile in the street. Except for an empty tent near the university, life in Copenhagen is once again what it was like across Europe before the big lie of the pandemic was launched by Bill Gates and his associates as a smokescreen for their global coup last year. 

Eighteen months on, Canada and Australia are biofascist police states, a senile crackpot is the nominal US President, Draghi’s Italy and Macron’s France are attempting to impose medical apartheid, and Gates Foundation asset Neil Ferguson and Tony Blair agent Matthew Taylor are beginning to beat out a fresh pattern of terror on the tin drum of the media to justify a new wave of repression in Britain this winter. 

What do Gates and his collaborators want? Ultimately, the answer is a global government which they control. To achieve this requires an extreme centralisation of power, which means drastically limiting individual freedom and destroying the autonomy of intermediate institutions and independent national bodies through economic, political and psychological warfare. 

Institutions to be liquidated include the family, small businesses and independent academia and media. Methods for achieving domination include promoting polarising and deranging ideologies, mass immigration, mass propaganda, including behavioural control techniques, quantitative easing, repression of dissent, promotion of terrorism, expansion of monopoly capitalism, promotion of problems demanding global solutions especially climate change, sponsorship of de facto regime militias especially Antifa and BLM, bribery, blackmail, subversion, infiltration, assassination, and now the new biomedical policies which have been brought online with the big lie of the pandemic. 

What the fake plague has already facilitated is the most significant extension of political and corporate power and the most massive upwards transfer of wealth in history. What Gates and his agents are now working to normalise is the eradication of any right to bodily autonomy. Humanity is being asked to accept that the right to live and to work is conditional on surrendering the right to decide on what is injected into you. Bill Gates now decides what will be put in your body, and perhaps soon he will acquire the right to decide what is taken out of your body. Do you have an organ he wants? Are you worth less than the market price of your organs? Are you a ‘gestating person’? How about your womb?

How has Denmark seemingly escaped from at least some of this, at least for now? The official story is the country has been able to drop all restrictions thanks to a high vaccination uptake, which, of course, is total bull. As Israel and other countries have already indicated, and a recent study from Harvard has conclusively demonstrated, uptake of the experimental serum injections has no correlation to case numbers, which themselves have no correlation to reality. As well as being more dangerous than every other vaccination programme in history combined, the new ‘vaccines’ are useless at best, providing limited immunity even at their peak, and fading to nothing after around six months, in line with coronavirus vaccines previously used on livestock, which is how Bill Gates sees human beings, if he does not see humanity as the virus itself.

The fact that the Danish government, and also its Swedish counterparts, appear willing to nod along with the vaccine agenda, even as they dial back on the economic and psychological warfare dimension of the Gates plan, is instructive. The Danes are an example of what a nation is able to do when it isn’t controlled by a criminal syndicate, but they have to face a world which is. 

Although immense, the power of Gates and his friends is not infinite and not distributed in every country equally. Its influence is conditioned by multiple factors, but above all the relative integrity of countervailing forces, and their availability for blackmail and/or bribery, as previously organised through Gates associate Jeffrey Epstein.

Denmark has not escaped the power of this network altogether, which manoeuvres like a game of chess, with different pieces covering for others, but the country’s central institutions remain relatively intact, protected by its language and its culture. 

It is one of the most patriotic nations in Europe: even Left-wingers are proud to be Danish. The country is still fundamentally controlled by its government, which still answers to the Danish people, as opposed to global capital as in Britain. Taxes are high, but public services and parks are well maintained and the streets are clean. Also, in marked contrast with Britain, people are healthy, happy and well educated, free speech is respected and real discussion over political issues continues, not just as pseudo-debates in the media but among regular people in cafes and bars.

It’s not unreasonable to think that it was this kind of society which voters for Brexit thought they were choosing. It is also true that it is exactly this kind of society which presents an obstacle to the expansion of global governments and global markets, therefore the kind of society which Gates and his friends want to destroy, and which, to defeat them, we have to defend. But to do this requires more than a change in an international treaty, and a mighty collective effort by a united people acting as a whole.

Denmark’s relative current strength rests in an unusual civic virtue which has distinguished the country at least twice in the last two centuries: first when it embraced a more limited and pragmatic national strategic idea following a traumatic defeat in the Dano-Prussian War, and second in its admirable record in the Second World War, when more than 7,220 Danish Jews were saved from deportation by sending them to Sweden.

Both episodes represented astonishing examples of strategic patience and capacity for moral co-ordination almost unique in modern history. But also important here is that Denmark’s policy towards Jewish refugees in the 1930s was not dissimilar to those of other West European countries. The Danes were not motivated by universalist humanitarian concerns. Fundamentally they care about the Danish. 

This remains their policy today. Like the German occupation of Europe during World War Two, it’s not plausible directly to confront the global oligarchy which today controls directly through its agents and their puppets the US, German, French, British, Australian, Canadian and Italian governments, among others, and is allied with the Chinese government, but it is possible to comply more or less enthusiastically.

Like their predecessors in the 1940s, the most corrupt politicians in the world have chosen maximum compliance. One example is Johnson’s ‘Global Britain’ dinner on October 18, when he rolled out the red carpet for the corporate leaders who are directing the Great Reset plan. The literary equivalent is the dinner hosted by the pig Napoleon at the end of Animal Farm. The historical analogy is not to Denmark, but to Norway: Johnson is Quisling, selling out his country to an occupying power. Global Britain means the occupation of Great Britain by global monopoly capital. To achieve this aim, the lockdowns were imposed and will be imposed again.

The purpose of the lockdowns is to destroy small businesses and transfer their political and economic power to the global corporate interests, who will reward Johnson with sinecures for his help, just as Blair was rewarded for destroying Iraq and for destroying British sovereignty. This is also the purpose behind the economic black hole of perpetual testing and the endless sums of money which the Bank of England and other central banks have printed. By reducing the value of individual savings, and by limiting the income that can be spent on private businesses, global corporate power drives national and local competition out of business to virtualise and globalise their markets. 

Everything the government is doing and everything the corporate British media is saying must be understood within the context of a deliberate, conscious execution of this enterprise. We are far beyond the point of entertaining theories of incompetence, let alone sincerity; Johnson’s agenda of destruction for the next 12 months was supplied to him last Monday. Rumour has it that, just before dessert was served, Gates made him use the indoor litter box normally reserved for Dilyn as a show for his assembled guests, just because he could.

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Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller
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