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In response to David Keighley’s BBC Watch: If you’re not a hate crime victim, you must be a thugMalcolm wrote:  

The police are, quite rightly, supposed to be politically neutral. Expressing overtly political views publicly used to be an offence under Police Discipline Regulations. If this Superintendent Paul Giannasi really has made such divisive comments on a public platform then he should be investigated, disciplined and dismissed: he is in the wrong job. It is modern senior officers like him, if he did indeed make such comments, that have caused the reputation of the police to plummet from the once enviably high position it enjoyed in the days when I was young.


  1. To ‘police’ is a verb and one form and translation of ‘to police’ literally means to govern.

    How was it, what happened to, who changed it?

    The ‘Police’, an organization originally formed to act as CUSTODIANS who were granted permission by the people. Through, the use and force of the LAW to protect and safeguard said people against those who would steal, mug and take through unlawful means; purloinging, menace, kidnap, violence and murder.

    When politics commences to smother a civilian institution with its filthy, venally grabbing, corrupt paws, the original notion, ethos and embodiment of said institution in its original ambition of duty to serve, its lights grow dim do they not, and eventually, inevitably are totally snuffed out.

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