In response to Fionn Shiner: A proud toast to England and St George, Andy Joyce wrote:

I too was a victim of the incessant barrage from the progressive Left and always described myself as British in order not to constantly explain my English patriotism, but no more! England has, generally speaking, been a force for good all around the world which tends to be conveniently forgotten.

Magna Carta; the mother of modern democracy; standing up to global tyranny spanning centuries; cultural leaders in the arts and a refuge for countless persecuted people from all over the world are just a few of the traits for which we should be rightly proud.

If you live in a safe and stable democracy somewhere in the world, you’ll be able to trace the direct influence of England (and Britain for that matter) allowing you to pursue your life in a free and safe environment.

Yes I may be biased. Then again, in the lottery of life I’m a winner, as I was born an Englishman.