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The growing resentment of men (especially white men) in the West is the natural conclusion of decades of identity and gender politics. Add the ecomomic damage of globalisation and then to have a a huge discontented block of voters, who feel disenfranchised by the political and media elite.

In my naivety I thought that after Trump and Brexit many in politics and the media might just ‘get it’. I thought that that they could not deny the facts any longer. ‘There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See’


  1. There can be no excuse for deliberately running someone over or becoming a Nazi.It’s just moronic.

      • Agree, and the BLM and assorted allies are every bit as evil. Neither has anything to contribute – other than even more thuggishness.

        Nor did it help that the city administration ordered the police to stand down, as we are seeing more and more often here.

        • Absolutely, the media have been at their worst on this story. No attempt at any context at all. No sensible analysis.
          Its obvious that most of them are gutted about Trumps statement yesterday.
          I seriously question how many people actually watch mainstream news anymore?

          • I do as well, certainly no one who wants real information. As to those two particular groups, not a scintilla of difference between them, in both cases their enemy is freedom. Slightly different roads is all. Very like the riots between Na zis and Comm unists in Weimar in the 20s

          • Yes, the complete absence of any reporting on the Antifa element or any cultural positioning or questioning on the removal of the statue?
            The Fake news media hate Trump because they really fear him.They fear him, because he is exposing them. They lie through omission.
            I have massive faith in ordinary people that they see through the MSM. You truly cannot fool all the people all the time.

          • There’s an Orwell quote (from 1984) going around my circles today. This one…

            “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

            It’s superimposed over a statue hanging on a crane – of General Lee, I think.

          • If by ‘mainstream’ you mean the BBC, their reports have been equally lacking in detail and analysis, so hot and salivating were they at a ‘BOGOF’ of being able to hammer the right in general and then Trump in particular.

        • I don’t recall Obama being pressured into condemning black rioting when a black person was killed as in the Ferguson incident. If anything, he condoned it.

          When the neighbourhood watch vigilante George Zimmerman killed a black youth, Trayvon Martin who was beating his head into the ground, all we got from Obama was the observation that the youth could have been his son.

          This was notwithstanding that There were signs at Trayvon Martin rallies threatening Zimmerman with death.

          The point is that there has been a profoundly racist assumption, shared by Obama, that black people were invariably innocent or undeserving of their fate while whites have been assumed to be guilty.

    • Are you aware of the driver’s history of mental problems? If so, is mental illness or any act perpetrated under its influence ‘evil’? I will take a bet it will be revealed he took drugs, probably ‘skunk’.

    • Seriously Charles?
      The mainstream political left have made a massive distinction based on skin colour for the last 30 years. What was the whole point of my post. Identity politics is divisive.
      The mainstream political right doesn’t make policy or campaigning about race.

      • Jeez. I wonder when the truth will dawn on Dawne? The whole purpose of identity politics is to divide us all, so we belong, not to our common humanity, but rather small groups of the eternally victimised.

      • Good, Then don’t make that distinction yourself in your post then.

        Though I think some of you have missed my point. I am saying we should not make that distinction, because when people coming of “white” males we are doing the same thing as the left.

        • I agree. There are low level murmurings all the time among ordinary Brits.

          One hears them occasionally in public places, but the internet is full of them.

          It is only a matter of time before things really boil over.

          • Agreed, the middle has not been heard from here, either. I’m reminded of what a friend of mine said, “When most people riot cities burn; when Anglo-Saxons riot nations burn”. I fear the day approaches on both sides of the pond.

      • You are right. Ironically, people in Britain years ago never had to think about race. Now, it is shoved in their faces every 5 minutes, or so it seems. And it is the Left that is doing this,

    • I find black people seem to care very much, otherwise why all this ‘young, gifted, and black’ and ‘I’m black and proud’ and ‘black power’, ‘The Beautiful People’ stuff? Can you name a equivalent white version of that?

      • No, but that is as it should be. In order for true racial equality we need to stop making distinctions between the two. The Left do it to cause division, and much of what you describe is a hangover of cultural Marxist social engineering.

        • You can’t stop making distinctions between the two, however desirable, when it is the distinctions across the board that will always divide us. Why can it not simply be that we were not meant, en masse, to mix? The animal kingdom at large doesn’t, and for all our supposed intelligence and sophistication, it is always the baser animal instincts that seem to dominate on the whole.

  2. As a black Briton from the working-class, I don’t see white working-class Brits as being particularly better off based on race, as I was taught in the School of Left-Wing Thought. I’ve lived near, worked with and taught a lot of white English working class folks and one thing that has struck me apart from the derelict neighbourhoods and broken families, is the chronic lack of decent education. I look at my own family– as the descendant of immigrants, I should surely have had it worse. But no– I had two working parents with degrees (studied in Nigeria), and went to excellent schools. There is a serious problem with working-class whites who have been neglected in poor schools and are being overtaken either by ambitious first-generation Brits or immigrants choosing to study at British universities.

    • I have been fortunate enough to travel widely, and visited many places that are far poorer than the UK. What has struck me repeatedly has been how much emphasis these “backward” countries so often place on two vital factors: education and religious worship. The one seen as the best way to face up to life’s hardships, and the other as the best way to overcome them.

      The very two factors that perhaps more than any other, have been deliberately and viciously mangled beyond recognition in my own country.

      • That is my experience, too. Education at Secondary level is undervalued, often thrown away, by those in the system. Many will scream, ‘There is no God’, ‘Religion is for the deluded’, and then, in private, they realise they have nothing ‘bigger’ than themselves, thus their lives become all too real, they see with horror the limitations of the earthly life because it is THEIR limitations and in the quietness of their souls, they can not hide from that.

    • I’m pleased you see that which you write of in your opening sentence, because too many black people here, and in the States, seem to think that being white automatically confers success, as though there is a secret location where we are all handed our ‘success packages’ to the detriment of – it has to be said – blacks; Sub-continent Asians, Jews, Chinese, non of them have this attitude. It behooves black people to earnestly ask themselves: Are we really doing enough for ourselves?

      • Africans who immigrate to America don’t have that attitude either– and they lived under Colonialism. African immigrants (particularly Nigerians) to America are outperforming African-Americans educationally and even economically as it stands.

        In America, there are some differences. Slavery and Jim Crow would be key differences. However, both of those dark periods in American history only left their architects significantly wealthier. There were many different forms of exploitation also in existence to the detriment of immigrant communities: indentured servitude was certainly no sign of white Irish privilege. So have all white Americans reaped the rewards of historic exploitation? No. The money made during slavery is such that it would have eradicated a large chunk of (white) poverty, if not all. That money can largely be traced back through large institutions and the elite.

        • I am from Border Reiver stock, at one time, King James the First issued a decree that such families be lawfully murdered, outcast (many fled to Ireland, and elsewhere). Our homes in the ‘Debateable Lands’ and the land itself were subjected to a early form of a ‘scorched earth’ policy. Our families were officialy cursed to Hell by the Bishop of Glasgow. Do we carry this as a excuse or reason for failure or special interest pleading down the centuries? No, my ancestors got on with it, it became part of the further forming of the character of the Borderer (English and Scottish) into the hardy, toughened characters we are, with a ‘ get on with it’ mentality.

          Many of our number emigrated to the fledgeling America, their family names are peppered throughout modern American history – Nixon, a president; Armstrong, first man on the moon; Graham, influential evangelist, to name but a few.

          There is something deficient in the so-called African- American mentality that stops them from leaving the past behind, and it is further promulgated, aided, abetted, by white liberal guilt and ‘positive discrimination’ which proceeds on the assumption they always need a ‘leg up’; Until those aspects are addressed and dispensed with, they will remain bogged where they are.

      • “…a secret location where we are all handed our ‘success packages…” A modern Cargo Cult that rationalizes failure and justifies the victim status.

    • Twenty five years in the police and ten in youth custodial services. It’s only anecdotal evidence but many who don’t excel no longer see little point in even trying as ‘special’ ones get the attention and they are left out in the cold to fend for themselves.

      I’m a big advocate for adult learning, more adults should be encourage to return to learning as the adolescent hormone surge slows at about 25 and they begin to realise they missed out on an education. Government should make it more accessible as adult courses cost an arm and a leg if you earn even a half reasonable wage.

  3. ‘There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See’

    There are none so blind as those who willingly gouge out their own eyes.

  4. Legally straight white christian males are discriminated against. Just look at employment law. If you had to make redundancies in a company the first in line are straight white christian males because they have no ammunition to fight the dismissal

  5. Call it a midlife crisis, but the events in Charlottesville have made me rather pro-American. By all means, fight for the American heritage. That heritage is that the bearers of Confederate flags and of swastikas are, if they are lucky, shot dead on the spot.

    I am not a big fan of taking down statues and what have you. But even the vilest of slave traders, of colonial mass murderers, and of oppressors of the working class at home, are not commemorated in the public squares of the United Kingdom for having taken up arms against the United Kingdom. Under the aegis of Conservative-led councils in the South of England, there are still two streets named after Stalin, because he, too, never did that. Quite the reverse, in fact. There is no more or less of a case for renaming those streets than there would be for renaming any number of others that bore witness to figures with oceans of blood on their hands. None of that blood, however, was drawn from those who were fighting for this country.

    The issue is not slavery, or the fact that Abraham Lincoln was also a racist. The issue is that the Confederates waged war upon the United States. It is sincerely baffling that there are statues of them, and parks named after them, on the soil of the American Republic. Those who are still waving their flag, like those still waving the flag of the Third Reich, need to be told, “You lost, get over it.” Although even the Nazis did not lose as long ago as 1865. Get over it, indeed.

    Notice that swastika-wielding torch marches in Ukraine, of which we are all supposed to approve, are indistinguishable from this one in Virginia, other than being even more violent. But in spite of everything, God Bless America.

    • If you don’t learn from history , you are doomed to repeat it.
      We denigrate ISIS for destroying historic sites yet what is the difference?
      In a thousand years time there will be no statue that historians can look at and say “Why was that there, what happened, can we learn from it?”
      Statues are markers of history and should be left to remind us of our follies, all we are currently doing is trying to erase liberal white guilt.

      • Indeed so, and there also other sides involved. General Lee who loved Virginia even more than he hated slavery (Yes, it is true) wrote this in 1865…

        “It is the duty of every citizen, in the present condition of the Country, to do all in his power to aid in the restoration of peace and harmony…Dismiss from your mind all sectional feeling, and bring [your children] up to be Americans.”

      • The destroyers were successfully repelled in the case of the Rhodes statue at Oriel College, Oxford.

        • Glad to hear it.
          History is not there to be liked or disliked but to instruct us as to how it was, and for us to learn not to repeat its mistakes.

        • Yes, that was good news; the leader of the activists was particularly nasty, the college authorities spectacularly wet. Wasn’t it the fear of losing Rhodes money that kept the college from backing down?

    • “I have two great enemies, the Southern army in front of me, and the financial institutions in the rear. Of the two, the one in my rear is my greatest foe.” (Abraham Lincoln)

      It was probably Lincoln’s introduction of debt-free greenback United States dollar notes that prompted his assassination.

    • You are being very unfair to the southern states. They were not waging war against the United States. They were waging war against what was left of the United States, i.e. the northern states, and the statues you mention are in the southern states. The United States is not a unitary state. There is a clue in the name.

    • The Confederates had every right to secede. The actions of Lincoln and the North had no basis in legality.

      The South did not wage war on the North. The North fought its right to secede.

      • Maybe, although most scholars think it was unconstitutional, but most also think Lincoln’s coercion was as well. I think it was 6-5 and pick ’em. Interesting though that in the War of 1812, New England threatened to secede.

        Thing is. both were fighting for their conception of these United States, in the beginning slavery (although economically important) was mostly a side issue.

        • No, it was never a ‘side issue’, it is just that there were other matters, issues of self-determination, of maintaining a way of life, that were of were of equal importance to the South.

      • Do you think the EU Army will stop us seceding ?
        Only joking – I think
        Seriously, Its only realistic purpose must be to control the citizens
        of the EU.

        • The EU army is to do what the common currency was to do, it is a glue to bind us together, a glue that won’t un-stick as there is never any going back on poor decisions in the EU.
          We have recent history to tell us which state-let gained the most from the common currency and the damage that has been done to other state-lets because of it. I do hope the bureau-craps keep tighter rein on the army lest it be taken over by the state-let that takes full advantage of the currency at the expense of the rest. 😉
          I feel a marching tune coming on, Prussian Glory, I like that.

        • Yes its interesting that people who cite the US as an example of what the EU should aim to be like never mention what happened when the South tried to leave.

    • So, what? Lee and co. were just plain evil fighting for a evil cause were they? Slavery was the driving force, but they knew it went hand in hand with a greater matter – self-determination for such states.

      Our soldiers today often know little about the cause or reasons for which they are sent a to fight and die, I would imagine the average Southerner just thought he was fighting for his way of life because he saw nothing wrong with it, as did much of Britain of itself, pre abolition; do we tear down every statue, dissolve every institution that existed pre abolition because by act or omission, such eminences condoned and furthered it?

      Damning such people viewed from this end of the historical spectrum is easy, it is so black and white, good versus bad, but for many in the South the statues are a tribute from the defeated citizens in honour of the men who led what practically ALL in the South wanted and which, at the time, was LEGAL; they are a memorial to bravery and sacrifice. Do you advocate we tear down Oliver Cromwell’s statue from outside the Houses of Commons – didn’t he, ultimately, get it ‘wrong’ and end up on the losing side?

      I have visited much of America; what the Confederate flag means to many I have spoken to, first and foremost, is a pride in themselves and their states, of the American tradition of David versus Goliath, the man in the street versus The Man – ‘Big’ government and federal interference, as many, indeed, viewed the War of Independence against us – and not that they wish a return to slavery. It makes them feel much the same way those English who prefer to fly the Cross of Saint George, rather than the collectively-minded Union Flag, do – a little bit more independent, and Southerners’ statues also reflect that.

      • Indeed, and to expand that point a bit. The flag we are speaking of here is not any authorized flag of the Confederacy, but the one referred to as “The Confederate Battle Flag”. It was, as much as anything ever was, the personal standard of the Confederate soldier. His descendants are rightly proud of him. After all, the CSA was likely the toughest opponent the US army ever fought.

    • I wouldn’t mind if people claim the civil war was about slaves and how the glorious North gave them freedom, but they then introduced the Grandfather act which denied recently freed slaves the vote and only those whose grandfathers were free could exercise their democratic right to vote. It was probably more harmful in the long run and prevented integration and kept people apart longer than slavery.

    • I can’t see anything sincerely baffling about putting up statues to people regarded as heroes in their locality, by those who see themselves as beneficiaries. It is the free expression of admiration or gratitude. How would you police this sort of thing, so that only right-thinking people were commemorated?

      • Sometimes though the choice of local hero or heroine is a bit odd. For example apparently there is now a statue of Mrs Pankhurst in Manchester. Considering that she organised a bombing campaign on behalf of the suffragettes, it seems a little ironic that she should be celebrated in Manchester of all places. And I wonder how many of her modern admirers realise that she wanted the vote limited to male property owners and their wives . Add in the fact that she handed out white feathers to non combatant men during World War 1 and there is a very good argument for tearing her statue down.

  6. It’s just wonderful how we can have the Black Police Association, the Mobo Awards, films like White Men Can’t Jump etc etc and if the foot was on the other foot there’d be rioting in the street!

      • Sadly, that innumerate woman, barely capable of speaking plain English,
        fulfils all the criteria that white racists expect of blacks.
        There are much smarter black Britons than her.
        How on earth did she pass the 11 plus ?

        • She doesn’t do her fellow Africans any favors with her condescending gibberish. Thankfully I’m just about smart enough not to (excuse me) tar all black folk with the same idiot brush Abbot is tarred with.

  7. Angry white males are a consequence of identity politics.

    For some strange reason, those who have been behind the advent of identity politics seem to have thought that when they encouraged every other ethnicity to identify racially and culturally, whites never would.

    There is a long list of organisations with ‘Black’ or ‘Asian’ in their titles, such as The National Black Police Association, the Society of Black Lawyers, Thurrock Asian Association etc etc,

    I doubt very much if there are corresponding associations with ‘White’ in their titles.
    Such is leftist doublethink that any such associations or groupings would be immeduately smeared as racist or white supremacist.

    White males have faced a double onslaught. Apart from being vilified for the crime of being white, they have also been belittled for being male.

    Personally, I am surprised that they have put up with all this so meekly for so long.

    • About ten, maybe even fifteen, years ago there was a race-themed programme on Channel Four with the term ‘honky’ in the title, a derogatory term used by blacks towards whites. I phoned them and explained this and politely asked how it would be if I commissioned a film with the ‘n’ word in it, would they screen it? They put the phone down twice and did not answer the third time.

    • ‘I doubt very much if there are corresponding associations with ‘White’ in their titles.’
      It would be illegal.
      We have double standards unique in our history, but then our demographics are
      unique in our history.
      I remember London as an optimistic, lively, place.
      Probably 90% white British with some generally welcome Caribbean immigrants
      & some harmless low profile Chinese & Indians.
      When blacks could claim to be a minority with unique problems, such organisations,
      though undesirable in principle were tolerated.
      How many of us remember the boss of the “Black” Police Officers’ Organisation.
      Not black, a fair skinned Pakistani of profound corruption, hated by his decent
      colleagues, who ended up in prison.

    • On the main, after a certain age we are decent, simple folk, pipe and slippers a good dinner, it’s not hard to keep us happy to let the world go by. Just don’t expect too much from us in case we do get angry, we’ll either have a heart attack or wreck the house.

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