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In response to Laura Perrins: May’s next audit, MorganCourtenay wrote:

I snorted and burst out laughing when I saw the news on (yet another) race audit. Why? Not because I wish for racism to continue to plague parts of our society, but because May will avoid every REAL solution to combating discrimination. She doesn’t support the market, the true and irrefutable way of combating discrimination. She has dithered on re-introducing grammar schools. She has abandoned marriage and the family. Britons are losing their sense of national identity and civic values. So of course her race audit will turn up the same miserable results, and there will be many tongues a-wagging, and many fingers a-pointing, and then they will go back to fumbling over Brexit.

If Mrs May was serious about improving society, then I would like to see an audit on the effects of learning proper maths, English and science throughout the school system on career and employment chances. An audit on the effects of these gelatinous ‘subjects’ such as general studies A-level on the same career chances, if you please. An audit on the consequences of an education system where children are not indoctrinated with presumptuous, intrusive information about sex and drugs, whilst being discouraged from talking about faith, national identity and civic values. An audit on the consequences of lowering admissions standards to major positions (such as . . . Parliament) for the sake of false ‘diversity’. An audit on whether MPs’ pay reflects their worth. I could go on and on. May has no solutions for the race ‘divide’, an expression that keeps mediocre people without any academic/technical pedigree in employment. In the most recent (and wholly unnecessary) ‘race survey’, 71 per cent of Chinese children are properly literate in English, compared with 54 per cent of white English children. I wonder what the media has to say about that?


  1. “In the most recent (and wholly unnecessary) ‘race survey’, 71 per cent of Chinese children are properly literate in English, compared with 54 per cent of white English children. I wonder what the media has to say about that?”

    “Inscrutable, these Orientals”?

      • Well, “East Asiatics,” then.
        Remember when you could call Asians by the “W**” word if they were “South Asiatic,” and the “C****” word if they were “East Asiatic”? Now you must say “Asian” regardless of which flavour of Asiatic they are. How is one to tell which sort of “Asians” you are talking about? Much easier in days gone by. 😉

        • Exactly.
          Those “asians” busy grooming & prostituting girls are from one sub section of asian cultures.
          Not Christian, Hindu, Sikh or Chinese. Added up that comes to 10s of millions of Asians who are in no way involved.
          I’m sure the next state in our verbal castration will be for them to be described as “men”.
          When women are involved, the BBC et al will refer to them as
          “human beings”

  2. One thing they won’t say is that the Chinese have a higher mean IQ than do the white British: 104 as opposed to 100. In Singapore, it is 108, which on its own would explain the fact that Singapore has a higher standard of living than Britain.

    Another factor in the superior achievements of Chinese children is the influence of Confucianism, which encourages respect for teachers, family and and tradition.

    • But Confucianism also emphasises love for humanity, of which there appears to be very little in modern-day China.

      • Love for humanity, yes, but it is limited in Confucianism. The Golden Rule as adumbrated by Jesus is active (‘Do’), open ended in that it applies to all without qualification and is not in any sense reciprocal but unlimited in its outpouring in imitation of Divine love.

        The rule in Confucianism, ‘shu’, proclaimed as the moral rule for all human life in a spirit of fellow feeling, is not ‘golden’ but ‘silver’ (‘Do not do’). Further, the rule does not apply to enemies as in Jesus’s formulation, but only to friends.

        Incidentally, the rule in Islam, proudly proclaimed by the covert Muslim Obama, is not the Golden Rule, still less the rule required by Jesus.

        It is clear from the context of the other teachings of Islam that the Islamic Rule excludes non-Muslims, enemies and women.

      • Confuscianism. And the cane, little used but available in every school and most homes.

        You can say that one racial group is more intelligent, but not if that requires any other to be less so.

  3. On top of all those excellent proposals, how about revolutionising education from top to bottom?. Examine the entire curriculum of teacher’s training colleges and their associated degrees and rigorously improve acceptance standards. Accept the ‘society’ just has not the need for half the population having degrees and re-badge 3/4 of so called universities as Polytechnics for a two year qualification. The leftward bias of education has been active for two generations and it will need somebody of enormous courage to initiate all that, before there is nobody left who would understand the problem.

    • Most crackpot educational ideas come from lecturers in education colleges and University departments of Education. Some of them have never taught in schools. Those who have usually make it their first career move to get out of the classroom. But if they can afford it, they make sure their own children go to private or public schools.

  4. We had a good education system in the 1960s. Do you remember it: blackboards, academic gowns, semolina, cross-country runs, caning, chalk, hard-back text-books, summer holidays with the school, hikes and rugby, school plays; they were the best days of our life. Then all this ‘progressive nonsense and drudge came in’: equality, inclusion, administration, ‘you must not touch a child’, sexing-up education, managers galore, ‘you must not call a blackboard, a blackboard: it is waaaaycist’, early retirements of teachers, and supply teachers. It is all mad. It is bound to change but we need to help it along.

  5. It all became clear with the destruction of Ray Honeyford. Education must be privatised as soon as possible.

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