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In response to Paul T Horgan: Rainbows at the footie – a truly pointless gesture, PierrePendre wrote:

It’s interesting to juxtapose this public endorsement of homosexuality and other kinds of alternative sexuality with the BBC’s crucifixion of Damian Green for allegedly indulging a well-known and legal male heterosexual taste, whether the allegation is true or not.

I have no objection to footballers wearing rainbow boot laces to make a point about sexual tolerance, provided it’s voluntary. It’s a harmless idea.

But perhaps the Home Secretary could clarify for us whether the incidental information the police gather about us becomes public property and can be freely trafficked to the media whether it has been tested in court or not, even by former officers who are now private citizens. If every policeman and former policeman has this power over us, the implications are worrying, especially if we have a public profile and are susceptible to political blackmail.

The allegation is that legal pornography was found by chance on Mr Green’s computer by police investigating him about another matter in which he was never charged. The claim has been put into the public domain to discredit Mr Green politically even though he would face no charge if it were true.
I doubt whether an official of Stonewall or any other LBTQ organisation would be pursued in this way if police found pornography on his or her computer.
If the former policeman, Lewis, (or indeed any BBC male employee) denies that he has ever looked at porn for his personal gratification, I can say that I categorically do not believe him. There is not a man in the country who has not done so. But that’s not the issue. The issue is whether the police are free to publicise every last thing they know about us whether we have committed a crime or not, and Miss Rudd needs urgently to reassure us that this is not the case.


  1. Ms Rudd. Ah! Therein lies the problem. She is a lesbian feminist and under her sits another, D!ck, head of the yard. Any white, heterosexual male is but a target for such types.

    • In case the false stuff get out of control, just checking wiki, Ms Rudd may be in favour of prosecuting people who’s opinions she doesn’t like, gender equalitly, and single sex bogs- and as as a member of the Privy Council she is fully qualified- but there is no mention of a preference for public school boarders.

    • It is a curiosity that male homosexuals often seem to genuinely like women and appear rarely misogynist whilst prominent lesbians tend towards misandry and pejorative generalisations about masculinity.

  2. Con-women are happy about their men jizzing themselves silly all over the office computer are they?

    At least Mellor and his lot 20 odd years ago did it with real women.

    • Interesting insight into your thought patterns there.

      You should be careful with psychological projection. When you point the finger at others, everyone instantly knows what you’re trying to hide about yourself.

  3. Whether or not Mr Green misused his work computer is a minor matter between himself and his employer.

    Whether or not a former policeman is abusing a position of trust to carry out a political character assassination seemingly with the endorsement of the powers that be, with the media obediently playing along, that is a very serious issue.

    I have no particular love for Mr Green or his politics, but to see this kind of abuse of power by a former police officer going totally unquestioned by the mainstream media is quite shocking.

    • As an Member of Parliament effectively the British public are Damian Green’s employers and I doubt that many would be tolerant towards a well paid public servant pigging out on pornography rather than discharging the duties under his purview. Green’s lack of diligence in the workplace is the issue as far as I am concerned more than his sexual peccadilloes, which, like most of the rest of us, should be exercised in private on his own time.

      As a taxpayer I strongly object to Green w*nk*ng on the job.

      • Tripe and approaching libellous. As an MP Damien Green represents his constituents, including those who view pornography. Ministers like to boast that they are our employees but that theatrical cliché has been busted by their behaviours since the EU Referendum.

        • Silly argument. No doubt Damian Green also represents paedophiles, rapists and all sorts of other unpleasant characters. This is part of their job. However, In my opinion an MP should try insofar as is possible to reflect the best in humanity not the sordid and the shabby when at work at least.

          • Those are criminals although I expect your definition of “unpleasant characters” is as broad as your humility is narrow. The pornography in question was allegedly legal and its consumption goes far beyond any proportion of paedophiles or rapists in society at around 80% admitted.

            And who are you to determine the “best in humanity” and what is to be considered “sordid” or “shabby” in this age of (apparently) anything goes (except those things the self-righteous left disapproves of)? Cinemas are full of people watching the most ghastly gratuitous violence, not to mention the video games which basically involve relishing death and destruction.

          • As an individual who is sexually liberal I have no objection to pornography whatsoever. My objection is to highly paid individuals who have accepted a position of authority and whose decisions will affect millions sating their appetites in the workplace. I thought I had made that crystal clear. If Damian Green enjoys solitary sexual activity after exiting himself by means of pornography, provided he restricts that penchant to private locations, rather than on parliamentary premises, uses his own internet connection and computer, well, good luck to him.

            My complaint isn’t about pornography and/or sexual activity of any kind but entirely abut professionalism, propriety, appropriateness and standards of behaviour. A diligent MP should be handling the concerns and problems of constituents in a serious businesslike fashion (during surgeries and even more so at the Commons) not abusing their intromittent organs while perusing pornography and such like at the taxpayer’s expense.

      • If you as a citizen were his employer, you would be personally accountable for all his actions, and if the government’s policies were illegal, you would go to prison. So you should be grateful that the crown, his true employer, is a separate legal entity.

        There’s no evidence that he was jerking on the job. I have no interest in knowing any more on this subject. If the government, the crown, wished to investigate further through the mechanism of the Committee on Standards in Public Life or some other regulator, that’s their choice. But detectives having the ability to bring down politicians with these kinds of claims is bad, bad news for democracy.

        • Green won’t fall based only on hearsay. As I have pointed out several time previously EVERYTHING that goes on with computer equipment in government offices is logged. It should be very, very simple to establish Green’s guilt or innocence. It is odd all things considered that this hasn’t been done already.

          • I’ve not spoken to people who discipline MPs, but I have spoken to people who discipline Councillors for misuse of Council property. They don’t care less if use them for this. What they are concerned about it to prevent you using Council property for political campaigns. They’ll come down on you like a tonne of bricks if you use a Council laptop for designing a political leaflet. But they don’t care about porn. I suspect the same applies to MPs and Parliament. Remember, MPs don’t have fixed working hours, other than when the whip calls them to vote.

          • I think that the public will be differently minded and neither as tolerant or forgiving as, internally, the people you mention seem to be. Once outed a person who has conducted themselves as described could do nothing less than resign is disgrace.

          • But he hasn’t resigned. He’s not being ‘outed’ in any meaningful way, there’s been no investigation on this subject, and there is unlikely to be one because it’s not a crime, only a bad use of public property which his intimidate boss, his party leader, could fire him for if she wanted to. But she could sack him for nothing if she wanted to anyway, because she’s his boss.

          • He hasn’t resigned – yet – and won’t until concrete evidence presents itself. Since this affair has now blown up into a scandal the best thing to do would be to allow the police, or someone similarly qualified, to properly and thoroughly investigate and put an end to the matter one way or the other.

          • Are the people who discipline MPs distinct from those who discipline Councillors (or those that discipline the sons of MPs)? Is there a pecking order amongst dominatrices?

          • Government equipment is different and usually connects to the internet collectively via domain controllers or similar which log every connection, e.g. workstation identity, user identity, IP addresss, date, time, duration of connection etc. So who did what and when should be easy to discover unless someone uses another person’s log on details, which they shouldn’t be able to unless some user has been careless.

    • The relationship between the BBC. & coppers in question is reminiscent of
      its relationship with the police in the Cliff Richard non case.
      There, taxpayers’ money apparently used to bribe bent cops & a helicopter hired
      to turn the hounding of an innocent man into entertainment.

  4. Lezia. When men have to worry whether a woman is a Lezy or looks like the advert below, some of them look elsewhere. It is highly unlikely that they would risk wrecking their keyboard by doing as you suggest. Quite a lot of the porn put at the side of online newspapers appears to be of scantily clad lesbians who find this way to make money profitable. Thank goodness this ladies blog does not use this method of profiteering from click porn but entertains with wit and argument.

    By the way, no-one yet seems to have pointed out that the Met had a reputation for what became known as ‘fitting up’. There are various possibilities in the DG case:- He was looking at legal now non-extreme porn, someone else had been looking at it who used his password, the porn was put there by someone after the computer had been taken away or while being examined. The police are good with computers and porn. It is also strange that the plods found that married men doing stuff with rent boys while snorting cocaine is ok but looking at legal porn and disclosing government cover ups is not.

  5. Very apposite letter apart from the statement:

    “There is not a man in the country who has not done so. ”

    There are many men who have never and would never seek pornography or the internet or anywhere else. We should not seek to reduce expectations or lower the bar for “normal” behaviour.

  6. I couldn’t care less if Damian Green his rocks off by means of pornography. (Provided the sexual acts being viewed are consensual and the performers are human, have a pulse, are above the age of consent and suffer no permanent harm.) However, since Green is an “Honourable Member” of parliament, currently a Cabinet Minister and paid £134,565 per annum to be so, I disapprove of Green indulging his voyeuristic tendencies on the clock, at work, so to speak.

    Considering that all activity on computer workstations in departments of government is logged and recorded in an audit trail, Green’s stupidity, if nothing else, deserves punishment. To be dunce enough to end up compromised and caught, bang to rights, with your trousers down, as it were, evidences idiocy above and beyond the call of duty.

    • I am not aware of any evidence that there was any porn on his computer or that he put
      it there if there was any.
      What we do know is that the police raid was illegal & motivated by the Labour government’s attempts to stifle leaks of its ghastly policies.
      Since a couple of met officers have only mentioned it years after the illegal raid,
      this has all the hallmarks of a fit up without one shred of evidence that anything
      questionable was found on the computer.

      • Then Mr Green will be exonerated and the former police officer prosecuted one supposes. It should be relatively easy to establish Mr Green’s guilt or innocence since everything he has done on government workstations will have been logged and should have been kept for security purposes. In which case why is this cloud still hanging over him? Surely enough time has passed for the proper persons to have scrutinised and analysed all the IP addresses saved in Green’s audit trail? In any case my complaint against Damian Green, such as it is, related to him potentially slacking at work rather than perusing porn online at the government’s expense using governmental equipment.

        Somebody should put Damian out of our misery, one way or the other, ASAP.

          • You shouldn’t need the likes of an old and deplorable ignoramus like me to explain the term “lefty” to someone as intellectually and morally supremacist as you, but I admit it has become somewhat blurred since so-called “conservatives” began behaving like them. The dictionary definition is “a person with left-wing political views” and I’m generally content with that, although the identification has become more difficult in this internet age with the proliferation of left-wing trolls “gaming” websites by pretending to be all sorts of things which they are not, including “centrists”.

            PS On a minor point of order I didn’t actually use the term “lefty” in the comment to which you are referring. The predictability related to a different aspect of your articulation in that I hardly expected you to defend Green or the principle of being innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

          • I believe in social housing, universal healthcare, progressive taxation, social security, social care for the elderly, free infant, primary and secondary education for all children, elevation of the poor and downtrodden and the eradication of poverty, particularly child poverty amongst other things. I don’t approve of capital punishment or the invasion of individual privacy by the state and do not believe that the “market” can solve every problem. Having played an involuntary part for a short while in development of weaponry I disapprove of Britain’s armament industry and would like to see nuclear weapons disposed of by means of multilateral, verifiable agreements in concert with others and other nations.

            I think that merit is good and that unmerited privilege is bad.

            If that kind of belief makes me a lefty then a lefty I am.

            What do you believe in, Colonel?

        • I wouldn’t be too sure. I understand they were thumbnail pictures. Eleven years ago as a 65 year old widow living alone I suddenly had a lot of thumbnail pictures of nudes and dancing girls. I have absolutely no idea how they got there and I eventually had to phone the helpline to find out how to remove them. I think it is harder now but computers were not as sophisticated then.

          • I had a similar experience years ago with a search engine. I was wanting info on golf swings, techniques, distances, that sort of thing.
            never type swing into a search engine, you don’t want to know what came up and it wasn’t jazz either.

          • Apparently size doesn’t matter. A thing Mr Green undoubtedly must hope is true in several different contexts and definitely in intimate situations.

      • … enjoy seeing Damian having to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in fees to the barristers representing him à la Andrew Mitchell.

    • I trust this high-minded and entirely to be expected disapproval extends to all forms of non work-related indulgences by MPs? Texting and tweeting whilst in the Chamber perhaps? Playing Angry Birds whilst the country goes to the hot place in a handcart?

      • Come, come, Colonel. If the great unwashed have to work for £7.50 per hour without recourse to recreational play in the workplace so should MPs in my opinion. Unless, say, playing with yourself while watching pornography and similar while working for an employer, “on the clock”, becomes a universal franchise of course.

        • You honestly believe that employees have no recourse to “recreational play” in the workplace?

          And how exactly do you know he was playing with himself, let alone watching pornography. Surprising that a “centrist” like you would so readily abandon the benefit of reasonable doubt.

          • I have no idea what Mr Green gets up to. (Unlike your goodself I have not second sight.) My point is that I object to Damian Green, or any other member of parliament, peer or the realm, civil servant etc., from indulging themselves sexually at work alone or in the company of others.

            That said I encourage sex before marriage.

            (As long as it doesn’t delay the ceremony and keep attendees waiting.)

          • I don’t have second sight. My suspicions about you could be entirely wrong, but your continued commentary does not persuade me that they are.

          • I would be obliged if you could give me an idea of what a “lefty” is. No joke. Twenty words would do. No need to go deeply into semantics.

          • “I encourage sex before marriage.”
            How do you go about doing that, and what influence have you had?

          • Do you detect a certain prurient interest in this whole subject by the Turtle – his use of unnecessarily graphic language, &c.?

      • I am sorry young man but after thirty words I am going to ignore you.

        (But please feel free to continue stalking me for as long as you please.)


        • Oh babes, I’m not stalking you, merely pointing out you dishonesty, and we can add to that cowardice. Typical lying leftie!

  7. I imagine that if the police had found perfectly legal transsexual or homosexual porn on Green’s computer, the BBC wouldn’t be so vociferous in its pursuit of Green.
    Since Green committed no crime, why is this news? Because the BBC would like nothing better than to criticise a Tory. If this were one of the Marxists, the story would have come and gone like a fart in the wind. Green should thank his lucky stars he wasn’t a Brexiteer – they’d have gone with this story until next Christmas.

  8. I am a recently retired prison officer, and as such I could tell many stories about prisoners, some very high profile, but if I did I would expect to be prosecuted. If I was still working the least I would expect is dismissal. When I joined I had to sign the official secrets act which does not expire on retirement. Are public employees no longer subject to this?
    If I had viewed porn on a home office computer I would expect disciplinary action. So for me there are two issues here. If an MP, or his staff, had porn on his computer why was it not dealt with at the time? Why are retired policemen allowed to cash in on information gleaned from past investigations?

    • I agree. I was cleared to a high level when I was working on guided missiles at one stage in my career. The fact that they are now obsolete would not exempt me from prosecution under the official secrets act were I to talk about them. This was made very clear when I moved on to another job.
      This ex-police officer should be prosecuted.

    • Ditto. I am a retired medical practitioner. Is it not abundantly clear that I am as bound to-day as I was when in practice with regard to what, and with whom, I can discuss details of erstwhile patients.?

  9. My wife used to be financial controller for a big six accountancy firm. To her considerable chagrin her entire financial sector team were found to have shared emails with pornographic content. All 12 were immediately suspended. Any who were found to have forwarded the content were sacked. Meant she couldn’t invoice a financial sector client for a month! But that’s how it goes with this kind of thing. Why should it be different for a politician?

    • It is different because an MP/Minister is not (yet, quite) a corporate employee and political attitudes to the expression and consumption of sexuality are now ambiguous and in some cases inconsistent. His activity, if true, might be disapproved of by some or even many, but a general licence for disapproval has been constrained since the emancipation of some alternative sexualities. You can’t have it both ways however much you might wish to.

      But the real issue here is whether a “former detective” involved in a highly dubious investigation should be revealing unrelated “privileged information” that in other circumstances might have the same complainers bleating about “the right to privacy”. If this involved a Labour politician and a Daily Mail “investigation” the reaction to it would no doubt be very different.

      It is bleedin’ obvious that the “progressive alliance”, with huge numbers of unelected power brokers, is gunning for this government and they are not doing it by promoting an alternative approach through democratic means but by subversion.

      • There are indeed two issues. One is the police raid, which is indeed extremely questionalble. However, leaving that aside, I’m aware that he isn’t an employee, but I believe that with this kind of misconduct he should be held to at least as high a standard as an employee.

        • Well, he is being held to that high standard on hearsay evidence which cannot now be proven, the timing for the assertion of which appears suspicious.

          • In employment law you don’t have to prove things beyond reasonable doubt. You just need to demonstrate that trust has broken down. Much the same applies here. Doesn’t it worry you that a cabinet minister might have been masturbating at work?

          • It would be interesting to see such “heads they win and tails you lose” corporate employment law applied to a minister and MP. Corporate entities regularly sack people on the basis of questionable evidence. HR departments frequently conspiring with management to get rid of unwanted employees for all sorts of reasons, and that is why there are employment tribunals and employers sometimes have to pay out for wrongful dismissal. Mrs May can sack Green as a minister without worrying about employment law and his constituents can “sack” him at the ballor box without worrying about it either.

            The only thing in the MPs Code of Conduct which might be applicable in this case is

            “They should always behave with probity and integrity, including in their use of public resources.”

            Probity – “the quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency” – is problematic, the very concept of “legal pornography” makes it so. And moral values are being increasingly conflated with approval and disapproval these days. Again the “strong moral principles” for “integrity” are open to infinite debate these days as the Vaz case demonstrated.

            Cabinet ministers might be doing many things “at work” that you and I are not aware of, some of them far more damaging to the country than looking at porn. I have more concern for injustice, prejudice (in the true sense) and trial by media.

          • Thing is “legal” doesn’t necessarily equate with “permissible” as far as the public are concerned. Damian Green is legally allowed to have full penetrative sexual intercourse with a sixteen year old girl. Having sex with a teenage young lady over the age of consent is aboveboard and allowed under British law, but probably not a thing that most people, even today, would find admirable from a paunchy sexagenarian in a privileged politician whose decisions can affect the lives of millions.

            Legality, taste and decency are often not compatible.

          • Good grief! Lloyd George was humping his secretary at work while he was PM. This allegation is trifling. Besides (in so far as an opposition MP, as he then was, has working hours), there has been no allegation that he watched porn during working hours.

          • That’s reminded me.
            Wasn’t a recent PM in the habit of indulging in frolics with a
            mouthy back bencher over the table in the PM’s office ?
            As a 60s sexual liberal, all this stuff offends me, not so much on moral
            grounds, but on the matter of taste.

        • You miss the point. The police raid is a wholly separate issue. The issue is the disclosure by police, albeit former now retired police, officers of matter allegedly acquired in the course of a search which was both legal and irrelevant to the inquiries for which the search was made. No doubt they did come across his bank details, and perhaps some e-mails between him and has wife using private, excruciating, nicknames for each other. Whatever they did or did not find that was legal and irrelevant to their enquiries should remain absolutely confidential. And that applies whether the person searched was a politician, a celeb., you, me or any other member of the public.

          • Exactly I am aghast. In my professional life I came to know many things that were not people at their finest. I hardly think I should be able years later to publish this information for whatever purpose.

    • Presumably the company had rules (as many do) about using the company’s computers for personal purposes, and such e-mails could be considered to be personal.
      My daughter’s previous employer sacked one of her colleagues for doing her on-line shopping with Tesco using her office computer, even though it was done during her lunch break. Now of course everyone uses a smart phone.

      • No use of company email for personal messages was ok within reasons. Most companies have a catch all about behaviour which brings the company into disrepute. Porn pretty much ticks that box. In this instance the offending material had been forwarded externally with all the company branding on it which really caused concern.

    • They were employees whereas Mr. Green was an opposition MP. They used the company’s computers, his computer was his own property. It seems to have been ascertained that they had shared that pornographic content, whereas we only have the word of ex-police officers acting grossly improperly that there was anything untoward on his computer, and no evidence at all that it was there, if it was there, because of his actions.

  10. Married and alleged hetrosexual Labour MP supplies class A drugs to rent boys, not a BBC peep. Labour female MP tells rape/slavery/groomed girls to keep quiet for diversity, not a peep from the BBC. Massive BBC radio ‘star’ accused of inappropriate sexual advances to woman, BBC brush under the carpet… But just be a conservative, white bloke with a healthy interest in the opposite sex, and the BBC have you in their sights for character assassination

    • What abooot Keith Vaz etc. Green is a cabinet minisiter. None of the others of your what aboots are. And you are aware the Vaz did resign his role as Privy Councillor?

      • Vaz resigned lead on a select committee.. he was promoted to Labour’s NEC.. they like straight blokes who play with coke

      • It’s his wife I feel sorry for.. imagine (and please do, for understanding).. your husband portrays himself as a very good parliamentarian, a respectable leader of the community and a family bloke.. he spends a lot of time in London away from the million pound family home.. he’s important.. leads for 11 years a Home Office select committee.. and then you read the paper to find out he wants to sell Class A drugs to lads that might, or might not, be fingering your husband’s bum..
        And people vote for him..
        Money… Money and a nice home.. only in the perverse world of Westminster would a lovely woman put up with a drug selling washing machine salesman

    • The point is that Green is supposed to have been looking at pornography while at work using a government computer in a government office when he was supposed to have been working. Nothing to do with his politics or pornography; everything to do with propriety and appropriateness.

      • What were Westminster’s internet use protocols?? Where I work, they are very strict, advertised, and come up ‘block’ if you try to visit an inappropriate website.. if no so thing existed in HoP then no crime commited other than ‘behave opposition MP’..
        When MPs are selling washing machines, pretending to be hetrosexual and cottaging in parks etc, that’s when we need to be concerned… Otherwise,YOU are just a political hypocritical point scoring twat!

        • MPs don’t washing machines, pretending to be hetrosexual and cottaging in parks etc., in parliament. If they did they would be in trouble. Hence Mr Green’s local difficulties based on the testimony of an ex-detective.

          Personally I couldn’t care less what Damian Green gets up to in his private life but do care about his behaviour when “on duty” shall we say. I am not always in tune with public opinion but reckon most people would disapprove of the Minister for the Cabinet Office, pretty much the de facto Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, getting his jollies viewing pornography while at work at Westminster.

          Even in an age as permissive as this such distinctly seedy behaviour like that, from those in high office while actually in a government office(!), would be most certainly and undoubtedly frowned upon.

          Green’s head will roll if enough proof becomes extant.

          • Err…… but wasn’t a previous DPM (The Noble Lord Prescott) not adverse to touching up/shagging around the help during office hours ?

          • I have no idea where Prescott did the business and was surprised that he was still physically capable of making the two-backed beast to be honest. He was certainly a phony and unfaithful rogue as well as thick as two short planks. Even now he keeps turning up on TV and elsewhere from time to time like a bad penny.

          • Be that as it may, it was well documented by the Tracy whoever that they had err…….performed on his desk and other places in the Office, she was, she said, worried someone might come in to said Office and catch them at it! Personally I hope his ‘Red Box’ collection was either fumigated or destroyed after his term of office! 🙂

          • I would inagine that there has been more than One ‘Office Affair’ in both Houses if the truth be known? Things happen when men & women work together, not always good, not always bad but generally their personal business, theirs alone. If it’s not illegal or makes you fat I could not care a less what they do in THe HoC or HoL as long as they do the work they are paid for. The Moral issue is up to the individual, their conscience is the conscience that will be troubled, not yours, mine or anyone else’s. In this case the real issue is Police Trustworthiness, they take the Oath of Allegience, they are a Public Servant and has been said above does this mean that any ex-cop can spout out about what he, in the course of his official duties, has happend to come across? I would think that it is illegal and unless the person has committed a Crime, gone to Court and been proved Guilty, that it should never be talked about to anyone, let alone the Press.

          • Absolutely. Except that as has been proved time & time again in recent times (well since Profumo anyway), Pols don’t do morals or morality. Neither do the Police work in the Public interest – they are in thrall to Common Purpose.

          • Haha.. I can smell your talc, old spice and piss hypocrisy..

            Sorry.. it’s just your party political hypocrisy I can smell.. oh, and piss!

          • He was in opposition at the time of the porning.. the ‘ex-detective’ held confidential information outside of his former work environment.. the crime is not a MP knocking one out in his office over Dogging MILFs, but about public confidence in the police to retain and secure private and confidential information about an individual who was never charged, prosecuted or convicted of a crime! Pure political gerrymandering by PC Bitterntwisted

        • You may well be including Mr. Vaz in your comment there! He can actually be committiong a Crime, no action taken? Drugs, Rent Boys and Heavens knows what else, No Action Taken?

    • It is certainly time the BBC is cleared out or massively cut back. It is certainly ridiculous that they still claim they are unbiased while sucking up not only our funding but funding from the EU. How does that make them unbiased?

  11. You were doing really well there until you said “Miss Rudd needs urgently to reassure us”.

    nothing but nothing even urgently done could reassure me about anything to do with Mz Rudd. In the mail today, Sandbrook is off on one about IRA jon. McDonnell, no doubt he is a creepy weirdo and probably in power would be a very dangerous man.

    However, Rudd, IS, in power and that thought chills me to my very marrow.

  12. MPs are not stupid whatever we may think about them at times, so I just can’t believe any MP would be so stupid to do such a thing using his office computer. Office computers have to be maintained, and it doesn’t take a mastermind to realise that the technicians can, if they wish, look at everything on the computer.
    Which is why, incidentally, I encrypt anything confidential (such as my personal financial data) in case my computer ever needs to be repaired by someone unknown.
    My instinct says it is a plant by someone with a grudge.

  13. Mathew Parris nailed this in the Times. As a Social Worker I know all sorts of things about all sorts of people. I can’t imagine any of them would be pleased if I later broadcast information I was aware of in the course of my work. I am actually at a loss as to how these ex police officers can get away with this sort of stuff. The real scandal is that the Police can later broadcast information abut named individuals when there was no charge or prosecution and so the information was confidential.

  14. I once searched online for “rabbit sex” (in my lunch hour, honest). The search was intercepted and a frightening message placed in my browser window. I had to reassure the IT people that I was planning to buy some family pets, and only wanted two.

      • I bought a pair. Thought they were both does. Vet said “it’s not easy to sex rabbits, but they’re definitely the same”.

        He was wrong. To his credit, he didn’t charge me for the castration. I do feel sorry for the doe, though. She had a lot to put up with, and no babies to console her.

    • Very recently I learned that a ‘friend’ of my son when they were both teenagers, who was always trouble, encouraging my son and others into bad behaviour, sometimes illegal, which somehow always ended badly for others but never himself, has recently retired FROM THE POLICE FORCE. I was aghast and so was my daughter since neither of us could think of anyone less suited to be a fighter of crime. Perhaps I’m wrong and it makes him eminently suitable.

  15. This story shows that Labour left us with an embryonic police state to match Belarus in potential.
    That they have continued this stuff via Andrew Mitchell in 2012 etc, shows that they will stop at nothing to create their left fascist police state, albeit with rainbow cars and painted nails. Labour have weaponised the police-and the useless Tories refused to see the dangers. Green himself was happy for the likes of Britain First to be criminalised, using the police to deal with “hate speech”-as set up by the monstrously stupid Tory Douglas Hurd was back in the late eighties..
    The let the culture wars go be default, now they find that the gulags aren`t as far away as before,
    Remember Walter Wolfgang in 2005? Labour are fascists with a coming red guard that we`re going to have to deal with-we`ve let labour teach them all they they don`t know today, and there`ll be a reckoning,
    The Tories need some REAL historians and prophets, not the likes of Green and Rudd FFS.

  16. I seem to remember a former Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, was lambasted for claiming expenses to cover her husbands porno viewing. Possibly she paid back those expenses, I don’t remember but not much fuss was made about that. Of course it helps that they are Labour and not Tory.

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