In response to Campbell Campbell-Jack: ‘Sex pest’ Trump is already guilty in the eyes of the mob, springmellon wrote:

I saw the interview with the Miss USA contestant. Her complaint was that Trump looked her up and down and complimented her on her appearance, which made her feel uncomfortable.

One would think that a contestant in a beauty pageant would be used to people assessing and commenting on her physical appearance.

For a rich, powerful, male celebrity who has been in the public eye for decades, the behaviour complained of is rather less than would be expected of the average male in similar circumstances.


  1. There’s a Big Lie going around: Everything that offends you, or makes you feel like a victim, is something that ‘the State’ must protect you from – and no personal effort is required from you.

    The Big Truth is that you are responsible for how you feel, and responding to that that may be personally costly. If you don’t like the attention that you receive as a beauty contestant then don’t be a beauty contestant. If you don’t like what you read in a blog or newspaper challenge it or don’t read it. If the uselessness of politicians makes you unhappy, get elected yourself or progress your politics by other means.

    I’ll type this slowly (although I’ll still be falsely accused of being heartless by some)… if you are disabled or limited by circumstances then do what you can and treat any assistance from the State as a boon, not a validation of your victim status.

    In the end there are only people.

    • In fact the importance of what you say, though differently phrased, is at the centre of good mental health and mental health recovery. One cannot “control” the world and circumstance but one can do things to lift mood and feel positive or even happy. And of course being a social animal others can help. It is another “big lie” that taking about it is always helpful. In fact the reverse is true if that talk simply reinforces the negative rather than challenge it. Hence it is in one of the wealthiest and most comfortable societies currently and in history we have higher levels of mental health problems than many a far more struggling society. Perhaps in the same way we are also amongst the fattest.

  2. Rather selective there. There are a whole slew of stories about Trump behaving inappropriately at beauty paegants. Like for example walking unannounced into the dressing room at Miss Teen USA, when girls as young as 15 were topless or naked. No wonder he was happy to endorse Roy Moore!

    • Now some of us, less politically knowledgeable than you, were wondering whether you did or didn’t like this Trump fellow.
      May we ask if you would kindly clear up this for us – do you like him or do you dislike him?

      • Do you really need to ask? I believe that he’s a creepy dirty old man. I also believe that everyone including his most zealous advocates know this too, they just choose to ignore it and deflect from the blindingly obvious.

        And you know I’m right here old chap. To pretend that all he has been accused of is looking a woman up and down is taking a rather rose tinted view of things.You may disbelieve the accusations, but they are more substantial than CW is suggesting here.

        • Hmm, it sounds like you are on a crusade to right some wrongs in a sad world. Do you feel ‘called’ to right these wrongs? Are you related to any of theses wronged ladies? Has Mr Trump injured you personally?
          It certainly sounds as if you are neglecting important things in your life, like your stamp collection.

          • I repair restore and collect vintage watches fyi. Stamps hold no appeal for me. And I see myself on a crusade to call out willful stupidity, rather than right wrongs. Thanks for your advice, but when the fun stops, I’ll stop.

          • But is it a real old-fashioned crusade you are on, with chaps on horses and flaming torches. My children would love to see you all galloping past righting wrongs and saving damsels in distress. Do you have spare cloaks to hide their embarrassment? When and whereas your next outing, and are you beset by antis like foxhunting folk are?

          • But your crusade sounds so exciting.
            Do you have colourful uniforms and buglers?
            Please let me know when and where to stand and watch as you all gallop past. Are you sponsored by any famous political people, like Sir Geldof?

        • I do not remember Senator Edward Kennedy of Chappaquiddick fame attracting the same level of opprobrium by the British media even though what he did was infinitely worse.

    • And Britain and the USA other leaders have been any better?

      Blair, Brown, Cameron, Bush, Clinton, O’Barmy slaughtering millions of innocent men, women and children in illegal wars – all guilty of war crimes but never prosecuted.

      You describe President Trump as a “creepy dirty old man” …. Well at least he has not murdered anyone. Rather a whiff of hypocrisy and glass house about your numerous comments. Are you the mayor of London?

      • I’m not the mayor of London and you jolly well know he’s a creepy dirty old man. Nice deflection though.

        • You know him personally obviously?
          Apart from these fantasists trying their luck, how many people who actually know him would describe him as such? it is the first world nature of the complaints and the zealous way his detractors expect him to somehow be a saint beyond reproach to which they do not hold themselves or the people they support.
          Are there any somewhat dubious things you have done in the past that you would prefer not to come to light and have the anonymity to hide? if a woman accused you of looking at her funny in a night club 10s of years ago (assuming you are that old) could you deny it?
          Unless you are a saint the saying “Let those who are without sin cast the first stone” comes to mind.

          • Oh quit the stupid evasions. As Bill Clinton said often and memorably in his impeachment hearing, I refer to my previous answer. You know damn well he’s a a creepy dirty old man. For heaven’s sake look at him, an overweight 70 year old with a ludicrous comb over, talking about kissing women and grabbing them by the genitals. Yuck.

    • Yet the existence of a Miss Teen USA pageant in the first place is OK?

      “Miss Teen USA is a beauty pageant run by the Miss Universe Organization for girls aged 14–19.”

      • The Americans are funny people – their standards of what is appropriate sexually are subtly different from ours. The first time I visited the USA I was amused that girls wearing strappy tops ALWAYS wore a bra underneath when at that time 1981 here is UK we wouldn’t wear anything underneath and yet a shop I passed had baby things in the window on the left of the door and crotchless knickers, tassels for nipples, etc in the window on the right of the door. And a family party I went to, during the day including all their children, had the TV showing Emanuelle which the kiddies were lapping up. I suppose it kept them quiet.

  3. Being a bear of small brain I thought the ladies in these beauty contests dressed the way they did to emphasise that beauty lies in the mind, so they were being judged on their intelligence.
    That’s how it works, isn’t it?

    • Though personally I don’t like the Donald, or indeed some of the others at the centre of the current media frenzy on sexual manners. It is pretty rich for those who have traded on their attractiveness and “sex appeal” to get ahead suddenly decide they are “ladies” above such base concerns.

      • And ‘wanting to work with children’.
        All signals of the intelligence that the contest is really about.

  4. So true, Springmellon. I wonder whether beauty pageants in the future will have fully clothed women sharing their thoughts on Nietzsche and Wittgenstein so they won’t have to suffer the indignity of being looked at as sexualised props. Which, in essence, is what beauty pageants are all about.

  5. It’s an ickle girly thing…………”I want people to look at me and yearn – yow wee bay bees!”

    “but not everybody, only the one’s me ‘n’ my mommy ‘n’ agents, Daily Mail and paperazzi luvvieratti ‘n’ my geezer’s approve of”.

    Bung it all on snapchat, facewipe and twatterati then yell “FOUL!”

    Hey, it’s a snowflake fashioned world out there. Please give generously #noWhitesChristmas-atUCL!

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