In response to Lee Rotherham: Brexit Apocalypse Now? Er, no, Colkitto03 wrote:

The NI border is the best example of this. What would happen if Britain left without any deal? Firstly, on day one, people on both sides of the border would carry on as normal. Because that’s what humans always do. Nothing would change until someone makes it change.

This would leave the Republic in the position of putting up a border, which it would never do as it would be horrendously unpopular with its own voters.

That would leave the EU in the position of legally forcing the Republic to put up a border (which could take years) which would be incredibly unpopular.

Cross-border trade in NI is a fraction of a fraction of a per cent of EU trade. That is it: it’s not complex in any way. The sky would not fall in. There would be no apocalypse.