Reader’s Comment: Can TCW offer me a safe space?

In response to TCW Editors: Big-mouth Bob Geldof sails away with our Remoaner of the Year award, choccycobnobs wrote:

Since I didn't win any bubbly, can I have a trigger warning, a safe space and a good blub? Or will I just make do with a job in academia?

Well done to the winners.

  • Politically__Incorrect

    I suggest you challenge the decision in the High Court

    • choccycobnobs

      I would but they seem to be struggling with the concept of democracy at the moment.

      • Politically__Incorrect

        That’s true. “Democracy” means voting for the Left in their view. Voting for anything to the right of Corbyn is “populism”.

      • Tethys

        What you refer to was a parody of democracy.

  • Craig Martin

    No prizes for simply turning up?
    You mean, like, I would actually HAVE TO WIN in order to win anything?
    This just isn’t fair.