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In response to Andrew Cadman: Conservatism can win – just not with the Tories, JohnB wrote:

Unfortunately, even when the membership dwindles to near zero, the hedge fund money will keep this moribund institution going. We are in a terrible situation, a Left-wing Tory Party versus an openly Marxist-Leninist Labour Party. The danger ahead is great and I am seriously worried about what happens come the next general election, because either the Tories win and limp on a few more years as New Labour mk2 and the problem of the Tories doesn’t get addressed, or Labour wins and the idea of Britain could be lost for ever.
These are very trying times.


  1. This comment is spot on, so well written.
    Democracy and freedom are in very considerable danger.
    The question is, what shall true conservatives and patriots do about it ?

    • Whatever true conservatives and patriots attempt to do, CCHQ will do everything it can to prevent them succeeding.
      The Tory party now stands against everything that Old England once cherished.

    • Or a flight to the radical right as a reaction to the ascendency of the far left.

      That is on the cards in the end,

      • Unlikely, the far right despite all the scare stories from the msm is a fringe movement at best. The likelyhood is that we will become more and more leftwing/feminist authoritarian and so long as the public are fed and entertained, they will go along with it. Once you have the fear/comfort lock in place, the public will put up with an awful lot.

          • No there won’t, I was just trying to make the point that the less people have to worry about because the state takes care of everything the less likely they are to rebel in any way.
            Maybe you meant that they were more concerned with just getting on with life than worrying about politics, which is fair enough.

          • Guevara doesn’t just “get on with life” despite his protestations. He is all over these threads like a rash and invariably coming at if from the predictable and tedious left.

        • According to opinion polls over the years, no less than half the population, literally, agrees with the British National Party on immigration and related matters, even if it doesn’t vote for that party,

          There is a great swathe of opinion in this country just waiting for the right political vehicle.

          • Any political movement that has even a whiff of anti immigrant sentiment will be labelled far right and destroyed by the media and the establishment of this country.

  2. The odd thing about Britain is that we are very much the odd-one-out when it comes to drifting toward the Left. Most of Europe is rapidly drifting toward the right now the consequences of deliberate re-population via Islam are becoming readily apparent. I wonder why we are so utterly, utterly different. I wonder why we seem to have such little notion of survivability.

    • Britain has always had a strong and bolshy element of society with chips on shoulders and axes to grind. When there was a strong conservative element and a strictly impartial civil service, judiciary and police the balance was quite healthy. Now the balance has tipped and the left hold more unelected power as well as pursuing an agenda to de-legitimise and disenfranchise conservatives. That is not healthy and no good will come of it. Apart from a few cities stuffed full of Labour’s imported voters England is overwhelmingly conservative but has little or no political empowerment except in the voting booth.

      Blair politicised society and gave birth to a left-wing Tory party. Now a hard left Labour party has emerged. That has exacerbated the leftwards drift. Also Britain has never experienced the full-on communist experiment that Eastern European countries suffered. That might have to happen before the over-represented leftist influence in Britain has its wings well and truly clipped.

    • I suspect its because of a fairly prolonged period of growth and prosperity. Even in the early 1980s I found it interesting that almost everyone actually found it inconceivable that our economy could “tank”. Much the same now the discussion is always about “growth” as if its somehow our birth right. Hubris is the reason and having done little since the “credit crunch” to resolve any of the underlying weaknesses of basing our wellbeing on clever financial institutions……………..

    • Its the normalcy bias factor. The Continentals, most of them, have been under dictatorships or invasion within living memory.

      We on the other hand have had centuries of comparative internal peace and expanding democracy. And we have been free from invasion for a millennium, give or take.

      They have a good appreciation of real political disaster, imposed from above. And what invasion means,

      We haven’t.

      The political class takes the law abidingness of the British for acquiescence, This is a mistake as the Brexit vote showed.

      Things are changing in this country as the old constraints of tradition and religion are undermined and the population changes,

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