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In response to David Kurten: True conservatives from UKIP, the Tories and, yes, Labour must unite to save Britain, Mojo wrote:

Another fantastic and honest article from David. I agree, as a kipper, that Ukip is now in danger of losing its hold in the country altogether. Kippers do not want another leadership election but they want a new leader. My answer is to offer that leadership to the person who came either second or third after Henry Bolton. Anne Marie Waters came second and has left the party. David came third, so in my head it should be offered to David on the evidence of the percentage of the vote.

He should then start talking to all Brexiteers across parties. To join together and create a united party for the people of Great Britain. Ukip are dragging their feet as usual. Henry Bolton should have been asked to stand down immediately. I know the NEC are spineless so maybe David could talk to Gisela Stewart and Kate Hoey to get things rolling.

I know there are many Labour voters who would never, on principle, vote Conservative, and yet they are more traditional conservative in their values than the Labour Party ever were.


  1. Marie Waters left UKIP and has founded her own Party : For Britain. A bit premature, but who could have foretold the developments with Bolton ?

    On second thought, this is UKIP….

  2. The principle for defenestrating a leader in UKIP is that the members elected him, so it is they who should dump him. The NEC is not spineless, it is tied by the constitution, and also by the the party’s parlous finances. If they vote tomorrow for his departure, and he refuses to resign(sounds likely), there has to be an EGM at which at least 250 members show up. Then he can be voted out. The more he digs his heels in, the more he must be either a plant, or in need of medical help. DK as usual talking lots of sense.
    A cross party Brexit movement definitely needed, but doubt too many non UKIP politicians want to be too closely associated for now..!

  3. I voted for Kurten in our last leadership contest and I heartily agree. What I hope is that David will do what Bolton hasn’t – revive UKIP from the ashes and send our message to every man, woman and child in the country. Our policies need to be shouted from the rooftops. Our people need to be reinvigorated and our party must be united.
    The country is crying out for UKIP. We must not disappoint them.

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