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Reader’s Comment of the day: Sex wars intensify as marriage declines further and ruinous single parenting booms


In response to, “Kathy Gyngell: We ignore the collapse of marriage at our peril”, Gratis Ptaka wrote:


Here’s your future:

Women are quite happy to depend on the government if the father doesn’t meet her expectations. Men are quite happy too, as higher taxes are a lot better than complete financial annihilation through divorce. Governments love higher taxes. Many same sex couples are going to want children. As the decline in heterosexual “marital” relationships continues, and it will, more and more will opt for same sex relationships and/or domestic partnerships/cohabitation. Traditionalist views on relationships will gradually become extinct. Polygamist-like relationships and/or the broad acceptance of polygamist domestic partnerships amongst heterosexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals and lesbians will become more popular as well.

Female empowerment means that there are fewer men capable of providing for a family. Women want the highest paying, most prestigious, most powerful jobs for themselves. At the same time, women want to marry up. As divorce is nearly a death sentence for breadwinning males, men are opting out of marriage and family. More and more women will find that they’ll have to go it alone.

Jobs have been shipped overseas so that corporations can benefit from cheaper labor costs. Engineering and high tech jobs are being filled by H1-B visa workers so that corporations can benefit from cheaper labor costs. Jobs that can be outsourced to stagnate wages are being outsourced. Mass immigration of low-skilled workers is being used to stagnate wages and fill entry level jobs. Jobs are being contracted out by both the government and corporations to create a disposable workforce and to forgo the higher cost of directly employing workers. Both corporations and the government conspire to divide and destroy society through mass immigration, outsourcing, H1-B visas and division of the populace via race, gender, wealth and age.

Most every breadwinning man now knows the devastating consequences that divorce can have on their lives. The result of divorce is often severe psychological, emotional, legal, physical and financial destruction. For these reasons, men will continue to opt out of marriage and family or resort to cohabitation as a lessor of the two evils. As women become the majority of breadwinners, and they will, they’ll feel the same way. Feminism taught women that marriage was slavery. Breadwinning men now know that marriage is a death trap.

The national debt will continue to rise. Entitlement programs will go bankrupt. Eventually, a tipping point will be reached and there will be a call to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Efforts to accomplish this are already underway. The negative consequences that will follow are unthinkable.

The liberal/feminist model of heterosexual marriage has and will continue to fail. Most men aren’t going to allow themselves to be ruled by women in relationships. Women think they want to have power over men in relationships, but have no respect for and are repulsed by the men that aren’t at least their equal in terms of education, finances and social standing. Both sides under the liberal/feminist model are far more promiscuous, more likely to commit adultery and more likely to indulge in infidelity – even in the face of STDs. The playing field for the worst in human behavior is level under the feminist/liberal model.

To sustain the population, prop up the GDP through population growth and to save the entitlement programs, the only solution from the government’s standpoint is mass welfare and tax breaks for single mothers and/or mass immigration. As xenophobia is common everywhere, the preferred method is going to be the mass acceptance of single motherhood and a massive increase in services for single mothers. How? Through higher taxes and/or the diversion of tax funds. More resources will be dedicated to same sex couples under this expanding model as well. This change in social values has been around for a while, is the norm in certain countries and will eventually become the norm across the globe.

As time marches on, fewer and fewer will marry, out of wedlock births will become the majority, polygamy will be legalized, same sex marriage will become more popular and children raised by same sex couples will become widely accepted. The alternative is the threat of massive population decline like that found in Japan. A return to a “traditional culture” like that of the 1950s is highly unlikely for obvious reasons.

As marriage/birth rates continue to decline, huge increases in spending on single mothers will ensue. They already have in several countries. As time passes, greater and greater efforts to enact legislation that benefits women at the expense of men’s lives will increase. Even though women already have enormous gynocentric privilege through current laws and policies, ever more misandric legislation is currently being pushed across the globe.

Marriage and birth rates are tanking in Japan, Singapore, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Scandinavia, Canada, the UK, parts of the Middle East, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, South Korea, the US, etc. Mass immigration partially hides these facts. Parts of the Netherlands and Scandinavia are widely touted as social utopias in American mainstream media. What’s not talked about by the mainstream media is the declining marriage/birth rates, high taxes, high cost of goods, the increase in misandry through legislation and social upheaval due to mass immigration. What’s not talked about is that, where mass immigration is used to counter low marriage/birth rates, what follows is social upheaval, unsustainable spikes in welfare costs, the formation of xenophobic immigrant communities, the illegal implementation of laws within these communities (sharia – for example) and a disproportionate increase in crime emanating from these communities.

Because of the above, the push for ever more misandric laws will increase. Why? Because women make the babies and women won’t have the same power over men that they had through marriage. Cohabitation reform (aka: alimony and asset division) is going to come soon to force transfer of wealth from men to women. This is already being proposed in the UK and other places. Redefining domestic abuse in cohabitation in terms of bullying and denying monetary resources is also being pushed in the UK and other places. Why? To force the transfer of resources from men to women. In some countries, this is already law.

In the future, about 20-30 percent will marry and have children within wedlock. The vast majority of births will occur outside of wedlock and marriage for most will become a thing of the past. In the US, 40 per cent of births are already out of wedlock and marriage rates will continue the decade’s long decline. Singles in the US are now the majority.

As a result of the above, massive shifts in social spending will be devoted to single mothers. This has already happened and will escalate globally. Policies and laws will also shift heavily in favor of single mothers.

This is how deeply gynocentric, liberal, misandric, feminist societies operate, folks. Socialism will become the norm globally. You think capitalism is bad? Wait until you see how socialism works. If you don’t know how socialism works, there are plenty of historical examples from which to learn. Sweden, oft touted as a socialist utopia, ranks near the top in terms of income inequality. Buckle up.

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