Reader’s Comment: The elites won’t give the Tories an easy ride

In response to Kathy Gyngell: Masterful May is now a Maggie in the making, Groan wrote:

I agree she is looking more and more like a PM, not least because she is enigmatic compared to the gushing Tony and media tart Dave. I believe she's not going to get into any telly debate, wise move to avoid the inevitable game show trivialisation. All in all, I suspect people want someone who behaves like the leader of a country rather than a chat show.

Well my 10 penneth is just to remind conservatives not to take things for granted. There is still a job to do to get Ukip and brexiting Labour voters to support Conservatives. There have been a few "upsets" in recent years and just as the pundits have been comprehensively wrong recently they may be so this time too.

Particularly as this gives a second bite of the cherry to the institutions so shocked by the 2015 Tory victory and then Brexit.

I expect to see the CPS try to stitch up the Tory Party. Assisted by the police (who after all stitched up a minister) the public service unions will wade in with as much oomph as they can muster to derail this still pretty timid public funding cuts. Add in the quangos and top it off with Her Majesty's Disloyal Opposition, the BBC. No, I suspect this will bring out all the forces of reaction.

So strange that the Conservatives go into this as the radical force with the establishment ranged against them! It ain't going to be an easy ride.

  • John Birch

    I fear you are absolutely correct

  • choccycobnobs

    “ain’t going to be an easy ride”.
    Methinks they want to throw conservatives off the bus. Is may now our version of Rosa Parks?

  • dexey

    “Assisted by the police (who after all stitched up a minister) ” which minister was that then? Not the one that the judge said was a liar, i suppose.

    • Groan

      neither the police or he came out of it looking good. The point being that the genesis of the whole thing was proved to be a conspiracy to “get the Tory” ” minister. The fact that thusly enmeshed he lied doesn’t detract from the danger. One also might point out the eventual debacle over the fanciful “case” aggressively and very publicly pursued against past and current conservatives and ministers. Unconnected with the inevitable “cuts” ? I rather think not.

  • Enemy Coast Ahead

    Theresa May voted to remain in the EU – never forget that, don’t let the media sucker you into believing Brexit is in safe Tory hands with Theresa May – its not, she is already backtracking on many Brexit promises – immigration being one of them. At the Home Office she presided over some of the highest immigration figures ever in British history and she also opted Britain back into the highly controversial European Arrest Warrant (EAW) whereby anyone in living in Britain who broke laws in say Germany (ie Holocaust denial – not illegal in Britain) – could be extradited to Germany and face imprisonment in that country even though they committed their ‘crime’ in Britain – Theresa May argued loudly for this!?

    Theresa May is far from masterful – she is much the same self-serving Tory opportunist as David Cameron was – in fact her government is continuity Cameron.

    • alecto

      I agree with what you say, however, what choice do we have other than to back the CONservative Party as it is the only party able to give us Brexit? I wish it wasnt as I don’t trust her but what are the alternatives?

      • Tethys

        It appears that Labour will also give you Brexit

    • Tethys

      What is bad about the EAW?

  • Corblimey

    No representation without taxation?

  • David

    This preposterous article made me laugh out loud.
    For once Cameron and May decided that marriage could mean whatever they decided it could mean, and then that we should Remain in the EU, I realised that there is absolutely nothing conservative about the ‘Conservatives’.
    But I agree Mrs Maybe talks a good talk, whilst achieving less than nothing !

    • Tethys


  • Dave S

    The Tory party is part of the progressive globalist elite in many ways so I am not optimistic about this election. I have had the feeling that we are going to be denied Brexit in the way we want since the referendum . It is just not in the interests of our betters. Mrs May did not exactly embrace Brexit and she really looks as if she is now embarking on stage 2 of plan B . Her election as leader being plan B for the elite.
    The Tory party is not conservative now . Mrs May is not a conservative. Look at her Home Secretary a typical autocrat in the making and no friend of what I call freedom. Quite why anyone thinks the awful BBC is opposed to her is as usual baffling. It was the same with Cameron. A BBC clone and we were supposed to think he was a conservative.

  • Fern

    Err, the Tory Party are the elite and serve their interests and not the interests of the ordinary person. Much of the talk of patriotism on this site makes me smile, married as it is to Tory party politics. Love of country is for the peons, there is nothing in the UK the Tories are not eager to sell to the highest bidder – our system of higher education, described by an equity fund as ‘Treasure Island’ because of the money to be made out of privatisation, the NHS, schools, you name it. The Tories (and, to be fair, NuLabour before them) serve the interests of the global capitalist elite and the UK government’s role is to continue to shovel public money into private pockets.

    Look at who owns the media – massively wealthy individuals (who like to lecture on patriotism via their front pages and leader writers while using every trick in the book to ensure they personally don’t pay a penny in UK tax) or massively wealthy corporations. They have the same interests as the average person? Don’t make me laugh. Look at the lobbyists, the connections between MPs and the banks, equity and hedge funds, the arms industry etc and ask yourself whose voices are more powerful, more listened to, representatives of those organisations or Mr/Ms Average?

  • Kentish1996

    The Conservatives aren’t a radical force.
    They are going to keep spending £13 billion every year on foreign aid, almost all of which is non-humanitarian aid. They have pledged to build just 20 grammar schools in pittance to backbenchers and dyed in the wool party members. Britain is still going to be subject to a foreign court (the ECHR) by staying in the Council of Europe.
    None of Blair and Cameron’s deformations of the British constitution will be rectified. The Conservatives are fully signed up to the Supreme Court, same-sex marriage, devolved assemblies, English mayoralties, and the abolition of most of the hereditary peerages. Further to that, nearly 200 Conservative MPs voted in favour of replacing the House of Lords with an elected Senate in 2012.
    What do they want to conserve about Britain’s constitution? I bet they would call for the abolition of the monarchy if they thought it would win votes.

    And they have failed utterly on two of their most important promises. Britain is still borrowing tens of billions of pounds and permitting hundreds of thousands of foreigners to settle every year. If the Conservatives cannot control public spending and immigration, who will?

    Tresemmé has been presented with an open goal and she’s declining to kick. I’m voting UKIP.

    • James Chilton

      They intend to carry on spending £13million+ on foreign aid – and that’s money that will have to be borrowed!

      I’m with you all the way – except for the UKIP bit. I won’t vote for Madame May, and there’s is no realistic alternative.

  • Tethys

    But the Tories ARE the ‘elites’