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A fine article and bang on the button.

The reaction of many of our so-called ‘democratic representatives’ to the Brexit referendum result has appalled me more than I can say and completely changed my mind about Parliament and our democracy.

We have grandees from all the main parties taking the ‘to hell with the electorate, we know better’ attitude while others actually have the nerve to tell us we didn’t know what we were voting for.

I wonder if this political elite realise the reaction they will get if they scupper Brexit.


  1. The above comment proves we have a constitutional crisis. Referendums are incompatible with our parliamentary system and has turned people against it when it has worked for centuries.

    The answer to Brexit is to vote for a party that unilaterally supports getting out of the EU. The mess we are in has been caused by trying to take a short cut.

    Fiddling with the political system won’t work, it’s the people at fault.

    • It’s the people at fault ?

      This brings to mind Berthold Brecht’s quip that ‘The people (have) lost the confidence of the government’

      He went on to suggest that it would be easier if ‘the government dissolved the people and simply elected another’.

      Actually, electing another is exactly what successive goverments have been doing, which is why we have seen mass immigration and the concurrent displacement of the native British.

      This is the sort of minority- driven, wildly unpopular policy which would never have happened if we had real democracy in this country.

      • It’s the people who have successfully voted for a none conservative Conservative Party for the last ten years. The writing was on the wall with Cameron but still they did it.

        UKIP was our best chance and conservatives blew it. Now we will have to wait for another party (or UKIP to find its place again).

        • Excuse me, but a great deal of money (including taxpayers’) was spent on vilifying the EU and UKIP. UKIP achieved 4 million votes and achieved one MP (who was already in situ), yet the SNP with far less votes per head got enough to achieve in the high 20s.

          And this is the electorate’s fault, not our anti-democratic FPTP and MSM?

          • The SNP applies to Scotland only and its constituents. Garbage Proportional Representation destroys the constituency link and accountability right out of the water.

            If more people voted for UKIP instead of bottling out and voting for the unconservative party wrongly believing they should “back the winner” (voting is not a bet) people would have less reason to complain.

  2. Did you write this “letter”/litter as a provocative way of attracting a response? You have succeeded, but perhaps you will not receive the type of answer your letter deserves! I cannot be bothered to refute your “suggestion” that we, “the people” are at fault! To ignore the parlous decline in the quality of membership in the House of Commons is to ignore the reality that pertains! When an MEP of the calibre of Dan Hannan is not “allowed” to stand as a possible MP by the Conservative “powers”, then surely the “people” cannot be held responsible? When Ballot boxes in a certain constituency go “missing” and a puppet is “elected” in place of someone who actually “knows what he is talking about”, then is this the fault of “the people”? While the biggest “cover-up” of ALL TIME continues to be perpetrated upon the “people” of this benighted(sic) nation, can the “people” be blamed for being bright enough, intelligent enough to see through the persiflage of hogwash generated by the House, daily, not to mention their running partners, the Media? The Constitutional crisis that you perceive has its origins, not in the “People” but in those who would be disloyal to the “people”.

  3. Until we have a secure & incorruptible voting system, nothing much will be done to
    allow the wishes of the voters to be ascertained, let alone put into practice.
    1 Postal votes only for those working abroad on government service.
    2 All other votes to be personally cast at ballots where photo id is compulsory
    Heavy fines for anyone attempting to undermine this most vital component of democracy.
    3 Abolition of the House of Lords & replacement with a 100% elected second chamber
    chosen by proportional representation.
    Existing peers losing all power to frustrate legislation in the meantime.

    • “… working abroad on government service .”
      Why single them out? And what does that mean: servicemen and women, export sales executives, those working in international companies or just our diplomats? What about holiday reps, or even those on holiday, and those paying UK taxes – and are British!

      • Government employees.
        Nominally, I have to admit in the case of diplomats etc, but including all
        armed services.
        Persons working for private companies are not included, any more than holiday makers or BBC employees – who in no way serve the nation.

  4. I ask the question “would you fight for a country where the politician parties ignore the people they’re supposed to represent and call them every name under the sun, I know if there was another war l would only fight to defend it when the enemy is coming up my garden path.

    • You may be sure that none of those currently in power would have any thoughts of wearing khaki and defending the country.

      • Agree, although yeah, I’d fight for the US/UK, although we need to improve our governments. Still the best in the world, but slipping, and we need to fix it. The elites, no they are loyal only to themselves.

  5. They are just a new aristocracy looking down on the unwashed masses.
    I’ll be wearing a Che Guevara T-Shirt soon – Nurse!

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