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In response to Rev Jules Gomes: Onward gay-sex missionaries marching carefully around Islamic hotspots, PutinCooksSocks wrote:

Initially I wasn’t that bothered about your religious agenda, Reverend. But you write so well that you are winning me round.

Keep it up please!


  1. Jules comments are always probing, incisive, and challenging for the C of E.
    The only mystery is why Jules remains in it!

  2. I am also quite blessed by Jules’s incisive and powerful articles. The cutting edge is of course his faith in the authority of the Bible as the guiding light to live a life worthy of the Gospel of Christ.

  3. The CofE would give anything to get rid of Jules! It is still a mystery why Welby has not hired a bunch of assassins to finish him off.

    • Once your priested they can’t get rid of you. They just don’t give you a job, but you remain a priest. Still get plenty of free lance work cause even though a small minority are active Anglicans many many more want a priest for the big occasions. Pal of mine got removed for a bit of hanky pankying, and now makes a good living from funerals and same sex weddings.

      • Yep. The collar does not mean much of anything. It is one’s faith and one’s heart for the gospel that matters. Gomes is right on. Your pal is in deep doo doo.

  4. I agree strongly with all these comments.
    Each of us needs a little encouragement on occasion. But not so much that it will go to our heads… it is God who has gifted Jules Gomes with special writing gifts and has called him to a powerful apologetic, reporting, and evangelistic ministry online. And a number of us are actively involved in this same ministry. May God continue to bless it … to the advancement of His Kingdom on earth and thus to His glory.

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