Reader’s Comment: Labour and Libs loathe John Bull

In response to Andrew Tettenborn: Don’t let grandstanding lefty prigs wreck our trade deals, Craig Martin wrote:

Since when have Labour and the Lib Dems been concerned with 'British Principles'?

Last year 'British Principles' were explained as xenophobic, or as Little Englander, or as bigoted, or as racist. They were labelled as everything that was wrong with Britain.

But now they themselves have these principles when it suits.

And Amnesty International, the organisation that refused to allow a men's conference to be hosted at one of its venues, because,, it's just not feminism is it?

Now they suddenly have concerns for human rights.

Hypocrites, the lot of them.

  • Uusikaupunki

    Firstly, what are now “British Principles”? For quite a few years now I always describe myself as English, as I fail to recognise what is “British” any longer….When the Left persist in the fiction that anyone who rocks up on these shores is transformed magically five minutes later to being of British ethnicity by a piece of paper…..then “British” principles are anyones guess.

    • Colkitto03

      Here is my guess/list, its based on thing we did not accept when I was a kid in the seventies :

      British principles means not accepting :-
      Forced marriage
      Rape gangs in Northern towns
      Modern slavery
      Honor killings
      Voting fraud

      These are all things that are not part of British principles but are now part of modern Britain.

      • Groan

        Just on a point of northern pride the “rape gangs” are not exclusive to the north Bristol, Bath, Oxford and Aylesbury come immediately to mind. On this evidence it shouldn’t be that people become complacent presuming “it can never happen here” .

        • Colkitto03

          Agree, and there are dozens of cases pending.

  • Uusikaupunki

    A joint statement has been issued on the matter by Labour and Lib-dems.

    “Those are our British Principles and if you don’t like them….well, we have others.”

    Apologies to Groucho Marx.

  • Andy

    Men are a minority. So why they discriminating against a minority ??!!