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In response to Kathy Gyngell: May deserves a royal reprimand for these shameful insults to Trump , UKCitizen wrote:

Given Corbyn’s dubious friends and acquaintances as well as our political class’s acceptance of a host of dictators and despots over the years without complaint, I find our treatment of the POTUS disgusting. It seems that because the Left feel he is a fascist and whatever labels they attribute to him, that is fine. Actually being and acting out a dictatorial regime is perfectly acceptable to them, especially if the said regime is on the Left or from some perceived oppressed nation. I am sure Hugo Chavez would have been welcomed with open arms.

It is the liberal elite and bourgeoisie in this country falling in line with their equally contemptible Leftie friends across the water egged on by the BBC and CNN.

They should be careful about the atmosphere they are creating as it could spell the end of peaceful democracy in the West.


  1. You could actually sense the disappointment in the media about Trump not coming. To an extent they started mocking his reasons for not coming.
    Many on the left were relishing a huge demonstration and many in the MSM were relishing the coverage they would do on said demonstration.
    Oh dear, he is not playing your game folks!

    • The way the media have been going out of their way to tell everyone how wonderful all the nations that Trump was referring to has only served Trump’s agenda to reduce immigration from those nations. His political opponents have likewise spent 2 days essentially making the point for him that there is no reason why illegal immigrants from those countries should not be returned home as they are all perfectly good places.

      Trump isn’t playing politics he’s playing politicians.

      • And why aren’t African migrants smuggling themselves into those wonderful African-run African countries.
        Could those poor, innocent, so-well-educated, desirable, enriching migrants be racist, not wishing to live with and be ruled by wonderful, democratically-minded Africans?
        Surely not.

        • It was curious that in the Apartheid days the main problem for South African border guards was keeping illegal black immigrants out.

          • When I lived in Central Africa back in the 1970s many locals spoke of getting to South Africa. When asked why they usually relied ‘They eat meat there.’

          • Reminds me of the letters that Russian immigrants (a bit over a century ago) wrote home from the US, “Here we eat wheaten bread every day.” A rare, mostly Christmas, treat in Russia in those days.

            We in America are worried that Haiti may cut off aid to the US over his statements though.

          • “I had no real political rights back home– migrating to the RSA won’t change a blessed thing THAT way, will it?”

            But, a few rand in one’s trouser-pocket, as opposed to NO [other unit of currency], made all the difference,

  2. It seems to us that to the so-called Left, the real Villains of the Peace are the United States, Israel and the Unenlightened amongst us in the United Kingdom who don’t think as they do. Sadly: they are in Self-Destruct Mode.

  3. There can be little doubt that had Fidel Castro visited Britain, he would have had a warm welcome from Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters.

    When the late blood-soaked tyrant died, Corbyn praised him as a huge figure in modern history who had ‘flaws’ but who who had established ‘world class’ health and education services. Castro’s regime had given the world ‘music, literature, hope and health’.

    For Corbyn, in true Stalinist fashion ideology and the pathetic fruits of socialism override the fact that Castro turned his country into a gulag from which many died trying to escape. Who can seriously doubt that Cuba would have been a far happier, more free, more prosperous country had Castro never lived. Despite the propaganda. it was just that before his revolution, even under the dictator he overthrew.

    As Trump said, ’ Today, the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his people for nearly six decades. .. Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of giring squads, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.’

    • Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Ghengis Khan et al all ‘had flaws’, according to their lefty apologists.

    • Exactly so. Proves, if ever proof were needed, that the only good thing a Socialist ever does in this world is the leaving of it.

    • How’s your Aljabeeba pension these days, David?
      Do you get extra for knocking Trump as well as Brexit?

  4. CW has tremendous enthusiasm for Donald Trump, based upon the interesting conjecture that he is ‘one of us’ – i.e a plain speaking traditional conservative. There seems to be zero tolerance of anyone who disagrees with this point of view. For example Theresa May offered the mildest of dissent towards some of his tweets – this is described by CW as an ‘insult’. No one prevented Trump from coming to open the new embassy – he himself chose not to come. Mrs May’s invitation to a state visit still stands. Should he come here many will protest – as is their democratic right. What exactly is wrong with that – we are not after all North Korea?

    • CW has clearly got you and the other comrades worried judging by the amount of time you spend here desperately attempting to counter the message.

      The point you are missing is that your urge to tolerate disagreement is belied by your own intolerance of dissent demonstrated by your constant sneering at almost every article and many of the comments.

      • You must have worked hard on that, but it doesn’t even make sense. If I wanted an echo chamber, this certainly isn’t where I’d come.

        • You would like to think that I worked hard on that because it reinforces your left-wing intellectual snobbery. Wrong. I didn’t.

          And it is your comment which makes no sense. It’s precisely because this isn’t an echo chamber that you come here to sneer. There are always one or two like you on every conservative website – all with the same disagreeable, sneering posture. I think there must be a uni course somewhere training you all.

    • Trump has had nothing but positive things to say about us and has been particularly encouraging re: Brexit (unlike ‘back of the queue’ Obama, for example).

      At a time when our government has been instructed to extricate us from a market of 360million people, the alienation of the head of an obvious, alternative market of 320 million people is idiocy at its most profound.

      And it is being conducted by a minority of the deranged, who cannot accept the results of democratic votes.

    • I for one have tremendous enthusiasm for Donald Trump, despite understanding very well that he is anything but a traditional conservative.

      Did I say “for one”? I’m sure I’m far from alone.

  5. Having just watched Potus lead a meeting on border control matters and DACA which was televised on C SPAN the Business like approach adopted has obvious merits which would reduce costs if adopted here.

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