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In response to Kathy Gyngell: May deserves a royal reprimand for these shameful insults to Trump , UKCitizen wrote:

Given Corbyn’s dubious friends and acquaintances as well as our political class’s acceptance of a host of dictators and despots over the years without complaint, I find our treatment of the POTUS disgusting. It seems that because the Left feel he is a fascist and whatever labels they attribute to him, that is fine. Actually being and acting out a dictatorial regime is perfectly acceptable to them, especially if the said regime is on the Left or from some perceived oppressed nation. I am sure Hugo Chavez would have been welcomed with open arms.

It is the liberal elite and bourgeoisie in this country falling in line with their equally contemptible Leftie friends across the water egged on by the BBC and CNN.

They should be careful about the atmosphere they are creating as it could spell the end of peaceful democracy in the West.