In response to Michael St George: Will today be Tory Armageddon or anti-climax?, Suthringa wrote:

What I note of the alleged ‘Lords Amendments’ is that all their substance was exhaustively debated and defeated in the Commons at third reading. These were resuscitated in the Lords and passed by between 20 and 60 votes, all fanatically supported by the 98 Lib UnDem Peers group which ‘represents’ 5 per cent of the GE2017 electorate with 12 MPs, the only national unionist party to campaign on a reversal of the Referendum.

May could have, on that arithmetic, simply handed out just 80 Leaver peerages to rebalance the House; instead she created a handful of mainly Remainers!

So it seems that the Lib UnDems now have more influence over a Tory Cabinet than they had when in a formal coalition with Cameron!