Reader’s comment: Life? Why bother?

In response to Laura Perrins: Spendthrift Tories fritter away our children’s future, Nockian wrote:

Who governs has become ever less a concern to me. It's like living in a timber-framed house infested by voracious termites which threaten to bring down the roof at any moment. The only option is to accept the inevitable and live outside.
Don't bother trying to be an independent entrepreneurial producer and forget aspirations, because all it will get you is a faceful of ugly jealousy and a massive tax bill.
Don’t rely on the NHS: get a good diet, stop drinking/smoking and get down the gym.
Don't bother sending your kids to state schools: they will emerge lobotomised or mentally ill. At best they will be convinced to take out an enormous loan to get a media degree.
Don't bother spending money on a nice car: if the cameras don't get you, the ever-increasing green taxes and overcrowded, crumbling roads will. Even if you park it somewhere, don't expect it will be in the condition you left it when you return. There are no police on the streets, so expect it to be stolen, vandalised or broken into.

Don't bother going on holiday because of the time spent being crowded like cattle into what can only be described as a dry run for concentration camps; you will be felt up by buffoons with an IQ of 6, your baggage tipped across a counter whilst a drudge rifles through it in a pair of latex gloves. Refuse and those latex gloves will be employed with far greater effect.
Don't bother trying to save that hard-earned green stuff. The state will certainly penalise you for saving and will try grabbing a chunk as soon as you turn your back. They will siphon it away by stealth through inflation even if it's in a savings account.
Don't bother buying a TV because the state will sting you there as well. You will be forced into paying for propaganda that you won't watch because it is clearly aimed at the sort of people for whom free speech is offensive and at the hypocritical for whom hate is hateful.
Don't bother voting because things won't get better no matter which pack of sycophantic, prestige-grabbing freeloaders get their grubby mitts on the levers of power.
Don't bother voting in referendums on important issues because the elite for whom these politicians work will see to it that you won't get your way. Indeed you will be punished. You will be forced to spend more taxes and you will be considered a guilty, bigoted stealer of youthful opportunities.

  • Nesbyth

    How totally depressing! How about some positives? Love your neighbour; do good to those that hate you. Go the extra mile with those who need your help, with the dispossessed ( there are many in today’s society) etc and so on .

    • gs_schweik

      It’s just a comment, not a recommendation….

    • paul parmenter

      Good grief, you sound like a Christian. I thought they had been abolished.

      • Hertslass

        Won’t be long, now.

    • JabbaPapa

      Well, that comment’s sure to get Nockian going anyway …

    • Hertslass

      “Do good to those that hate you” – thanks but Sweden has done that and look what’s happened to it. How about “apply a bit of common sense”?

      • Royinsouthwest

        It would be good for immigrants, as well as for the native population, if they were encouraged or even compelled to integrate properly. Encouraging or allowing parallel societies is not “doing good.”

    • Colonel Mustard

      We are where we are because a succession of “Conservative” governments have been busy doing good to those who hate them.

  • paul parmenter

    So how are things otherwise?

  • Ed McA

    There’s a lot of truth here but a bit too optimistic for me!
    There are ,however, positives such as cuddling up to the wife at night – joyous!

  • evad666

    Looks like Richard Branson will get his way thanks to the efforts of Gina Miller. and all leavers votes will be denied.

  • Nesbyth

    The brainwashing in state schools bothers me the most.

  • Add
    If you have any worthwhile qualifications, don’t bother about this country, get out whilst you can to somewhere that appreciates your abilities.

  • HenryH

    You are the most optimistic person I have come across in a long time – excluding those (about 95% of the population) who have their heads up their back sides.