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In response to Jane Kelly: Will a left-hander still have rights?,
martiononlooker wrote:

I was about to witter on about westerners having to tolerate ‘backward’ cultures until I realised that it was not long ago that such thoughts permeated our society. My father was left-handed and school/society forced him to favour his right hand. My right hand is dominant although I do write, when it suits, with my left. It is also useful when playing snooker. What I recall from my childhood was my mother’s reaction when I proudly showed her that I could write left-handed. It was though I was in league with the devil.
My children are both left-handed and as you state, thank goodness we have moved beyond such criminalisation.


  1. To be purely right-handed is actually rarer than being left-handed in general.

    Most people are “righties” in some activities, and “lefties” in others. The majority are mostly right-handed, the largest minority being mostly left-handed. Pure right-handedness is very rare, and pure left-handedness vanishingly so.

    I seem even to recall that ambidexterity is more common than pure right-handedness !!

    • I have often wondered why the difference is so weighted in favour of right-handedness. Surely, with a choice of two, it should be around .5.

      Whatever the reason, when I worked as a (right-handed) electrician — I am now long retired — I always thought myself lucky to have a left-handed mate.

      • I have often wondered why the difference is so weighted in favour of right-handedness

        Nobody really knows — the same is not true for most primates or monkeys, though some strong tendency towards a particular “handedness” can be observed in some other species.

        The theories have something to do with the left brain controlling language and tool use, but honestly that could just be a chicken-and-egg phenomenon.

  2. I grew up in the dark days before computing, when people had to actually write in ink! Born left-handed, i taught myself to write with my right hand to avoid smudging the pages of my school exercise books. I can actually write with both hands at the same time; not that I ever find much use for that “talent”

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