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In response to Chris McGovern: Marxism plus crass stupidity equals Adonis, mudlark1 wrote:

Lord Adonis has never stood for election in this country and yet is one of the many apparatchiks (Shami, Mandelson, Lord Falconer, to name just a few) who occupy a pivotal position in British politics. Besides meddling in education, he is also Chairman of the Infrastructure Commission and has spent much of the last seven years pushing his pet project, HS2 (the Brexit bill will be well below the cost of that white elephant).

During his political career (financed by the UK taxpayer) he has see-sawed between the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party, as well as working for George Osborne – one might suggest it’s in order to enhance his career opportunities but that would be terribly cynical. While giving us the benefit of his superior wisdom on education policy, he’s also found time to dash off to Brussels with his pals Ken and Nick in a bid to stop Brexit. Obviously, the poor man must be exhausted from all his exertions on our behalf so perhaps that explains his absurd notion of a 25 per cent levy on private education. A lack of common sense can destroy even the finest of intellects. Here’s hoping!


  1. In the humble opinion of this mere serf, there are some 900 companions to Lord Adonis in that retirement home we are forced to maintain.

  2. Adonis is a classic example of sockpuppetry, currently chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, advising and holding the government to account, supposedly non-ministerial. But Adonis, steeped in left wing political doctrine, behaves exactly like a minister, like a Labour shadow minister appointed by a supposedly Conservative government to be a non-ministerial minister. YCMIU. It’s a giant “jobs for the boys and girls” scheme, funded by the poor old taxpayer, and which achieves very little except generating divisive rancour.

    As if that wasn’t enough political nonsense we had to watch this self-satisfied, self important but unelected little man trotting off to humbly petition the EU to enforce the UK’s subjugated vassal status as though he represented the British government.

  3. (V) O. T. (Very off topic) Latest example of BBC Bias.

    On the R4 BBC Today program this morning (12th Dec), almost the last topic of the day was a report from the American Rand Corporation, a respected think tank, that Britain’s trade deals would be worse after Brexit. The Rand Corporation Report actually said that only Britain’s trade deals with the rest of the EU would be worse and, hey ho, there is no surprise in that.

    By selectively editing their report, the BBC made it sound that ALL of our world trade deals would be worse, not just those with the EU.

    I know that this is a minor thing but it is another example of the BBC’s constant denigrating of our decision to leave the EU.

    (I’m sorry to post this here but I wanted to get this to you as soon as possible and while it was still relevant)

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