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In response to Ann Farmer’s thought for today: Never mind the foster child, get Mum out to work paul parameter wrote:

It seems that the term ‘childcare’ is limited to a specialised meaning. For the politicians, it appears to mean ‘care provided outside the child’s home by someone who is not related to the child, but is paid to provide it, and who can wash their hands of the child once it has been delivered back to its family’.
The concept that childcare might also consist of the provision by someone related to the child and inside the child’s home, without payment but delivered out of genuine love and concern for the child’s long-term mental, emotional and physical health, and where there is no end of that commitment and investment until the child is old enough to take care of itself, just doesn’t seem to register; still less that it might be a better form of childcare; less still that it might actually be the very best form of childcare yet discovered.