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In response to Ann Farmer’s thought for the day: Brexit’s smokescreen for bullies, Owen_Morgan wrote:

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.’

I don’t suppose even Lewis Carroll imagined that the grammatical concept of ‘gender’ would supplant the biological term ‘sex’ – never mind that ‘gender’ would then acquire a potentially infinite number of nonsensical definitions, every one of them backed, potentially, by the force of law.

Remember that this is happening only in English. Only English is so flexible that it can be sabotaged in this way. The greatest language in the world is being deliberately undermined, in the UK, the United States and Canada, by the people whose responsibility, supposedly, is to educate.

Meanwhile, about 20 per cent of school-leavers in the UK can’t follow the Lewis Carroll quotation, after all those years of expensive schooling, and I expect Carroll is banned anyway (a politically incorrect attitude to dormice, or something).


  1. I imagine the phrase “neither more nor less” is meaningless to many.
    After all, ‘It’s just words, innit?’

  2. I;m sure Carroll is politically incorrect. He was male and white and a Christian. Even worse he may have coded Christian ideas into his books to corrupt children. Come the revolution……. well off with his head……or away with any statues pictures or busts.

    • No, CSL is just boring…like being made to read s$%t like “Pride ‘n’ Indescribably S&*te-Boring Prejudice” or Wiliam Shakespeare….or the utter b*****ks that is “Of Mice & Men”.

  3. The distortion of the English langauage into whatever the speaker wishes it to mean is a great skill of the authoritian left. Words like ‘prejudice’ and ‘discrimination’ have lost all sense of their original meaning and have been become weaponised.

    Those who parrot their version of the words of equality and diversity generally fail to defend the only equality and diversity that are necessary, equality under the law and diversity of thought and opinion.

    • Totally stupid but currently totally empowered, especially the unelected ones, and if the empowerment continues it will be the ruination of this country. Their madness is infecting even those politicians who do not buy it, at least to the point that they are too cowardly to speak out against it. “Shy Tories” now seems to extend to Parliament and the Lords was lost with Blair’s “reforms”.

  4. Most of that 20% originate in families where there is little or no educational ethos and so parents don’t read with them (if they can!), don’t support them with homework, frequently don’t send them to school or do buy them drugs……………………………

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