Conservative Woman readers

In response to Lee Rotherham: Civil service dissidents must rout the Remainers, Colkitto03 wrote:

‘An elite that had lost its nerve’. Such true words, Lee. The seventies look to all of us today as an economic madhouse of a decade. We were badly ruled by an elite that had no confidence in themselves or their country.
Today, thirty years later, our civil service is populated by what David Goodhart calls ‘anywheres’ – Oxbridge-educated ‘citizens of the world’. These people also have no faith in the UK or its people.
With the technology available today there is no reason why vast parts of the civil service could not be re-situated around the country: the North, the Midlands etc.

The only thing that will cure their defeatism would be to throw them out into the country they work for, and force them to meet the people whom they are supposed to serve.