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In response to Caroline Farrow: The disturbing questions raised by poor little Elsie, Busy Mum wrote:

We don’t have tsunamis or earthquakes or wars or famines, all of which deprive children of their natural parents. We don’t have epidemics like Spanish flu. We have a Welfare State.
Yet this ‘civilised’ western country produces so many children that need adopting!


      • That common sense does not apply to many of young women today. Different and absent or intermittent “fathers” float in and out of their kids lives and they accept no responsibility financially or paternal. The do not even recognise the damage they are doing to these children.

    • But that is no excuse to support the State running these arrangements incompetently, corruptly and at such absurd levels of expenditure that they pile up a mountain of debt and drive the whole concept of welfare into disrepute amongst those who are being (forcibly, let us not forget) deprived of a large fraction of their earnings to pay for it.

      Compassion for the needy is of great importance, but if we allow those driven by self-serving virtue-signalling, cupidity or irrational utopian ideologies to run things, welfare will be unsustainable, ruinous and ultimately counterproductive. And so it is proving.

      • We are now seeing T Blair’s plans come to fruition. Mass immigration from 3 rd world countries increases the welfare bill but it also increases labour votes. Immigration from 1994 onwards now produces children born British with the right to vote. It’s a demographic problem that could get so bad that the Tories will find it more and more difficult to win elections.

      • So are you writing about your tax or people?

        Perhaps if gaming the tax regulations was not taking so much revenue away, things would be better?

    • Welfare is not civilized. It is the expression that some people are so useless that they can not try to better themselves. Civilization is the people working together to create a better life for all participating. Welfare is the free ride which cripples the users

      • I think that’s an unjustified generalisation, don’t you?
        There are plenty of contrary examples and thousands who claim nothing.

      • From a land of third-world healthcare features, the NRA and a pu$$y grabbing POTUS you talk of a civilised society?
        Is true civilisation then the freedom to be uncivilised?

  1. I would point out that, appalling though this case is, 3 children a month are killed by their ‘natural parents’ in the England and Wales.

  2. The Welfare State as now practiced, is largely responsible for the numbers of children that need adoption.

    The Welfare State has been instrumental in facilitating the breakdown of the family, the rise in single motherhood and the transferrance of parental responsibilities to the State.

    If more parents abandon their children to others, or find them taken off them. it is hardly surprising.

    A Welfare Society is not necessarily a Civilised society.

    • Agreed. When by it sheer size it is open to abuse it becomes an anchor around the neck of our economy that prevents cohesion decent wages and whole communities that consider it their right to live and reproduce on benefits. Now we appear to be trapped while the liberal left loonies destroy our country. When self identifying transgender is on offer it is a huge signal that our culture has almost reached destruction and the vultures are waiting for capitulation. They wait to take over and build their their Marxist state.

  3. Welfare has abolished ‘needs must’ and so anything goes….

    No surprises then that the country is in crisis.

  4. Judge a nation on, the way it treats its elderly, cares for the young charges in its care and treats the majority indigenous people, and one can only answer with, callous disregard at best [NHS in general] and disdain and enmity at worst [ref North Staffs hospital trust].

    Contrast. The state of Britain, these days it depends on what nationality you are, if you went off to murder, torture, rape, kill and maim, then insofar as the state is concerned then: come back to real benefits and houses – no probs.

  5. I agree that some kind of welfare state is a mark of a civilized society. But the danger is that it will grow and grow as political parties try to expand it, almost for ever, in an attempt to bribe the electorate, most of whom will vote for ‘free’ goodies. In the end it becomes unsustainable, leading to a collapse of the economy.
    Here Jeeves foresaw what would happen: “We are now living in what is known as the Welfare State, which means – broadly – that everybody is completely destitute.” (P. G. Wodehouse, ‘Ring for Jeeves’ c. 1950).

    • In terms of a welfare state, the Romans gave away grain/flour, in England the monasteries gave alms to the poor and post Henry VIII the parishes supported the poor. Alms houses and the work houses followed, but there has been a history of support for the poor since time immemorial.

  6. The issue is that there are not enough children who need adopting !
    There is a huge waiting list of hopeful parents and against them serried ranks of social workers seeming hell bent on preventing decent people doing so.
    I have two acquaintances who have adopted and despite both being respectable middle class people the kids have run wild. Nature or nurture ?

    • I know of a couple who, approaching middle age, adopted a boy aged about 10 – a real raucous tearaway. He grew up to be a polite, helpful teenager. More recently they adopted another similar boy, of the same age, who also seems to be developing into a responsible teenager. Excellent parenting? Or just lucky? Probably the former.

  7. I would certainly agree that the maladroit roll-out of Universal Credit does look likely to be as bad as any natural disaster, e.g., fire or flood. This horrendously flawed social policy will be making the news more and more over the next year or two, particularly in 2019 when millions of people are due to be “migrated” from the legacy system onto the new system. A truly awful spectacle for anyone to witness but much like a motorway pile up, any disaster really, a sight impossible to turn away from or ignore as it incrementally unfolds. Chilling and unprecedented and possibly made much worse as a spin-off from the brexit farrago..

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