Conservative Woman readers

In response to Andrew Cadman: The great migration debate? Where’s it hiding?, Damaris Tighe wrote:

‘Net migration’ (resulting in population churn – great phrase, Andrew) is a deliberate deceit in which if 1,000 native Brits leave and 1,000 Kashmiri villagers arrive, nothing is deemed to have happened.
But of course something has happened and our society and culture will pay for it. Britain will become increasingly a patchwork of tribes (‘communities’), united only by paper citizenship, who find the way of life of other tribes incomprehensible and disgusting. The nation forged over a thousand years into a people linked by history, language and mores will have been wilfully trashed. Once lost it’s difficult to regain.
I’m descended from central European immigrants, adopted into the British people.They became more British than the British. My forefathers would weep to see the fragmentation of the core British nation which provided the culture and norms for them to assimilate to.