Reader’s Comment: We need a purge of the NHS non-jobs

In response to Lefty Lunacy: Nurse! Diversity director please, beautykinguk wrote:

How much diversity is going on in Manchester that the director needs an assistant? You can bet that this person will probably also line manage 2/3 people carrying out these tasks.

The NHS will be in perpetual crisis no matter how much money is spent. We need a top to bottom review of the NHS back office and a cull of the non-jobs.

  • Greenlander

    Who’s going the supervise any purge?
    The very people who need to be the subject of the purge.
    Expect an increase in recruitment in HNS management.

    • Vera

      Needs a team of independent successful businessmen to do the purging. Take a layer of admin staff, sack them, and make them reapply for their jobs, filling only those positions which need to be filled.

  • The more I read about the NHS management, the more that I become in favour of privatisation. Meanwhile, a study should be carried out to compare the ratio of NHS medical costs and administration costs in the UK with the same costs in other western countries calculated on a similar basis.

    • Vera

      There is much to anger me in the NHS. With their buying power they should be able to get supplies at an economic price instead of paying extortionate sums for everything.

      • Tethys

        Your evidence, …or are you just sounding off?

      • Which is what annoys me about the call for more money. However much money there is, you can’t magically produce doctors and nurses out of thin air, so the NHS bosses should explain how any extra money would meet enable them to cope with the medical staff shortage.

    • Tethys

      Here you are.
      In terms of % of GDP spent on Healthcare, we are not near the top third highest spending of Western countries, being behind Germany & France, and worryingly, only just ahead of Greece.
      Way, way out in front is the USA which until Obama’s act determinedly inflicted almost third-world healthcare access upon a big proportion of its population.

      • This may be so, but please explain how more money will help to provide more doctors and medical staff who take years to train and qualify. Unless the intention is to induce more medical staff to come here from poorer countries, moving the so-called “Humanitarian Crisis” from here to there. I’m sure that the Red Cross would agree with such a policy!

        • Tethys

          There are as many Dictors and Nurses as the government of the day chooses to train….and retain.
          Overseas Doctors and Nurses are here due to our own humanitarian crisis.

          • So throwing money at this years crisis will solve the one in about 2024. But what do we do for the current crisis? How is more money a solution now?

          • Tethys

            Encourage returning Nurses, or repatriate Staff who emigrated to the New World.
            Then in the real world take overseas workers also.

          • It so happens that I know a husband and wife, both doctors, who went to the US. The chance of persuading them to come back is about the same as the chance of the UK putting a man on Mars! They went because they were fed up with the way that they were treated by the NHS and in particular by senior NHS administrators.

          • Tethys

            Nothing to do with the salaries I suppose.
            I guess you know the alternative.

          • Not in this particular case, it was more senior administrators having an inflated sense of their own importance.
            My last GP retired at earliest possible date, he said to me that he went into medicine to try to help sick people not spend a large part of his time doing paperwork for the NHS. Previous ones had retired, but occasionally reappeared at holiday times to help, but he told me he was giving up his licence.

        • choccycobnobs

          I was talking to a couple of Filipino nurses a couple of days ago. They work in a nursing home and have to do 3 (I think) nursing modules to pass and become elligible to be a UK Registered General Nurse.
          Seems we are willing to provide training opportunities to the rest of the world. Why not just train our own?

          • For exactly the same reason as few engineering companies now have apprentices and apprentice training schools as they did some 40 or so years ago. The accountants claim they are an expensive luxury and it’s cheaper to pay a little more to attract staff that have been trained elsewhere. Works well until everyone else adopts the same approach.
            Once UK engineers built railways around the world, now we are to have foreign ones building HS2. The same is happening to medicine.

  • weirdvisions

    When we have an NHS where admin wallahs out number medical staff we know there is a serious, top heavy problem.

  • RobertRetyred

    Do hospitals still have Climate Change Defence Team?

    • greencoat

      They do – and a Tiny Tots Trans-Gender Awareness Team.

      • choccycobnobs

        I hope you are joking

  • Bonce

    Has anyone from NHS Manchester, where Body Bag Burnham will soon be elected as “Mayor”, asked why they need an “equality and diversity officer” on £58,000 per year?
    No organisation needs such a ridiculous cultual marxist role, least of all one which cannot afford to even meet the basic standards of care and treatment.
    I am sure that with Body Bag Burnham now the new Mayor that will not be an increase in suspicious deaths and malpractice covered up, as there was in Mid staffs (sarcastic)

    • choccycobnobs

      She will not be just a diversity officer but an assistant diversity director i.e. she will oversee a number of diversity officers all running diversity committees and having local diversity champions at each and every one of the group’s hospitals. She will then progress her action plans to the Director and she will in turn present it to the hospital board as failings against women, ethnic minorities, LGBT etc. Same in every public organisation. Trans is very hot at the moment. Their efforts in this direction are quite energetic.