Reader’s comment: No children, no hope

In response to Laura Perrins: Why breed in anti-family Britain?, Hugh_Oxford wrote:

The irony is that Left-wing models of the welfare state rely entirely on conservative values of procreation.

But the Left, the sexual Left especially, have been busy dismantling the moral structures that incentivise and order procreation and therefore make the welfare state sustainable.

I wonder if, in the end, it will be only those people who bore and raised children who are looked after in their old age.

In the meantime, though, the childless-by-choice brigade will continue to make claims on a society into which they have invested nothing, they will continue to undermine the moral and cultural fabric, and will continue to deny and undermine the basic principle of responsibility between the past, present and future.
And in doing that, they may make it literally impossible for those of us who want Western civilisation to have a future.

  • Nick Muir

    Pretty funny really. I believe the commenter is a Catholic, so he should know all about “the childless-by-choice brigade” who want to tell the rest of us how to live our lives.

    • gs_schweik

      What an unpleasant comment

    • Peejos

      Nothing funny about it ~ a needlessly embittered comment.

      • Nick Muir

        Let me be serious. The idea that only those who procreate contribute to society is two stops past barking nuts, and actually rather offensive.

        • Sargv

          Childless people contribute to the society, and leech from it at the same time, like any other person. What matters is the balance.

          If the country runs a nice profit – probably childless people contribute more.

          If, on the other hand, the country keeps accumulating an ever-growing cross-generational public debt to provide a better quality of life for the current generation on a promise that kids of the breeders will pay it back…

          I wonder: what of the above the UK is?

        • Harley Quin

          The goal of human life in its most fundamental materialist form is to procreate and to bring the children up healthily so that they too can procreate in their turn.

          Everything else whatsoever in material terms is contingent on this fundamental purpose.

          The organisation / attitudes of society are successful if they aid this basic goal. If they militate against it, they are a failure. Simple, really.

          • Nick Muir

            I try to set my goals a little higher than that, fun though procreating cane be.

    • CRSM

      The ‘Childless by choice’ have, due to our taxes, been keeping all the spongers with four or even more children in comfort. We are the ones who pay for their excessive breeding.

    • LoveMeIamALiberal

      If you knew anything about Catholicism, you would know that it celebrates the single life through devotion to good works or the religious service more fully than any other Christian denomination. After all, Jesus didn’t have any kids. Now run along and build your straw man somewhere else.

  • You cannot have a welfare state unless you are prepared, as a people, to have children. This is so basic though, it seems to have eluded the Hampstead Thinkers.