Conservative Woman readers

In response to Laura Perrins: Why breed in anti-family Britain?, Hugh_Oxford wrote:

The irony is that Left-wing models of the welfare state rely entirely on conservative values of procreation.

But the Left, the sexual Left especially, have been busy dismantling the moral structures that incentivise and order procreation and therefore make the welfare state sustainable.

I wonder if, in the end, it will be only those people who bore and raised children who are looked after in their old age.

In the meantime, though, the childless-by-choice brigade will continue to make claims on a society into which they have invested nothing, they will continue to undermine the moral and cultural fabric, and will continue to deny and undermine the basic principle of responsibility between the past, present and future.
And in doing that, they may make it literally impossible for those of us who want Western civilisation to have a future.