Reader’s Comment of the Day: Tory women for Brexit outshine their careerist sisters

In response to Kathy Gyngell: Dave’s female cheerleaders do womankind no favours, Colkitto03 wrote:

As very much a ‘Leave' supporter I very much believe that 'we' got the best of the split between in and out Tories. Maybe that is because the split is roughly between careerists and those of principle. If these three, who Kathy highlights, are regularly sent out to make the case for ‘Remain' then I won’t be complaining.

I think there are some very good Tory female MPs coming through the ranks though. Kathy is spot on about Priti Patel and Penny Mordaunt.

Interestingly, of the approx. 19 Tory MPs who have not declared on the referendum, I believe 11 of them are women.

  • Mez

    So those people who have principles have no careers..interesting posit for all politicians, anyone interested in doing better to help their family etc.

    • Colkitto03

      Hi, you present a false dichotomy.

  • eat your greens

    Tory women for brexit? What on earth is that – a mixed bunch of lost souls devoted to the common agenda of getting towies to meet toffs?

    • Little Black Censored

      Can’t understand this comment; please explain.