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In response to Junior Lefties say the deepest things!, Trojan wrote:

Great article, thanks for making me titter. But it made me feel nostalgic for the days when there were real Left-wing intellectuals who wore corduroy jackets with leather patches on the elbows, and looked similar to the young Kenneth Barlow; men who read Crossman in the New Statesman and glanced at the Daily Herald, had Bertrand Russell’s History of Western Philosophy on their coffee tables, had polished wooden floors and marched to Aldermaston on Easter weekends but nevertheless engaged in argument rather than virtue signalling.


  1. I got up this morning at 7.00 am to feed the cat cause she was driving me bonkers. Sorry I’ll rephrase that. I spent the early part of this morning virtue signalling to the animal rights movement.

  2. Good comment, Trojan. Oh, to be part of a society where people knew what real debate meant. I always liked a good debate. I might not agree with someone and they may not agree with me but at least you could argue a point without it descending into ‘you’re a racist’ or whatever other ism is in fashion.

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