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I would have been a bit more impressed by Sarah Champion’s recent conversion if it hadn’t been for the fact that she kept calling for an enquiry into the reasons why these crimes are committed. Do we really need to know why?

We also need to question what is happening to children and young women within the families of these perpetrators. About a year ago, I heard a truly harrowing programme on Radio 4 about grooming and paedophilia within British Pakistani communities. Girls with learning difficulties or with dysfunctional home lives were often targeted, drugged and raped in a similar way to their white counterparts.

The Pakistani woman who had revealed these crimes was risking her own life in highlighting them. I expected some reaction to this programme but have never heard the slightest mention of it or these activities since the broadcast. Perhaps Sarah Champion needs to ask the reason why we continue to allow these communities to keep their dirty secrets hidden, but I guess that won’t win her votes from her natural constituency at the next election.



  1. This is one of the reasons these so-called “communities” (hate that word) ensure their womenfolk don’t learn English. As an aside, when the families/associates know of a potential terrorist outrage about to be carried out and still keep tight-lipped;i fear you have no hope of any information about the crimes described in the article leaking out.

    • I taught a Muslim Bengali lady English, fully expecting that she would use this as a means of self-improvement. I usually ask why a student wants to learn a language before teaching them, so that I can gauge their commitment, goals and approach to learning. She spoke little English, so I was willing to be patient. I asked her whether she had any goals, and she had trouble articulating them. She wanted to speak English. But when I asked her whether she would like to work, her answer was a vehement no. Now, she had a baby, so perhaps that was the reason. But I did ask whether she would like to work in future and her answer was still no. I felt sorry for her, being cut off from society and unwilling to join the wider workforce or engage with British culture.

  2. Then Schoolgirls from muslim backgrounds vanish, there is no international investigation.
    Apparently, our social services, teachers & police are quite happy with the reason
    “she’s gone to live with her family in Pakistan.” or similar.
    Such girls are UK citizens & require full protection of the law.
    As ever, multiculturalism boils down to racism.

    • Which law, the one agreed by all who participate in the dubious British parliamentary system or the dubious law introduced by the man who really didn’t care much for women except for hos pleasure?

      • Until very recently there was only one legal system in England & Wales.
        Those who regard the sharia rubbish as law should be disabused
        & ideally deported or charged with treason if British.

    • I have always been puzzled by the Left’s efforts to destroy Apartheid while actively encouraging the same policy in the UK.

      Separate Development is a euphemism for Apartheid.
      Multiculturalism is a euphemism for Separate Development.

      I wonder if they even realise this.

      • Every time time a Labour canvasser has approached me for the last 20 years
        I’ve informed them.
        Interestingly, Apartheid South Africa, which I disliked for obvious reasons,
        seems to have been more successful than the current shambles.
        I have come to deeply regret my violent opposition to Ian Smith’s Rhodesia
        Maybe Africans just can’t run an uncorrupt state.
        That being said, the European Union is emerging as a thoroughly
        corrupt white state. Just less violent than Africa.

          • I was responding to a comment that specifically referenced Africa. Naturally, I don’t support any dictator. My parents are from Nigeria– they’ve suffered hugely from dictators, hence the point I was making. Whether ill-stated is for you to decide.

          • Maybe I should have understood you to have written “*even* African dictators can’t run an uncorrupt state” 🙂 You’re in conversation with @Reborn who thinks Ian Smith was justified because Mugabe is worse.

      • You make a good point and I chuckled. But I wonder if you might also consider this: The Right made so very little effort to destroy Apartheid. The effort was so feeble you must conclude they weren’t bothered by it much at all, and that perhaps they were in favour of it, many of them.

        The unintended consequence of multi-culturalism has not been good, but the naked racism from many on the Right is not excused by it.

    • @disqus_bH56Kx6gl4:disqus Sorry but my son is a primary school teacher in East London and they have to report any suspicious conversations regarding travel to home countries that might indicate FGM or arranged marriages in Asian or African families. But it seems to be children from eastern European or traveller families that disappear the most. They are here one day and gone the next and then reappear months later. However, once that information is passed to the relevant authorities is a different story.

      • Similar problems but different reasons.
        Immigrants who cannot or will not obey our laws should be deported to whence they came.
        No question that East Europeans & travellers are over endowed with criminals
        This is not racist, but a concomitant of mass uncontrolled immigration.
        The whites who ventured to South Africa & California in the 19th cen Goldrush were disproportionately crooks.
        I’m glad to hear that your son’s school has excellent policies

    • Sorry – I refuse to read what passes for reporting in The Guardian – but which ‘M’ word are you referring to…Misogynist perhaps…Mansplaining or manspreading maybe?? Could be Muslim I guess…ideas anyone!

  3. And now Champion has resigned
    Labour: the party of rape supporters and anti-semites.
    Imagine writing that when Barbara Castle was around.

    • Indeed it appears Ms Champion demonstrates just how impossible it is to address the reality before our eyes. A woman, MP for a famously ravaged town, impeccably “right on” and totally “modernising” but thrown under a bus for standing up for young people used and abused under the very noses of those charged with their protection. Someone should write the headline ” feminist resigns for attacking Patriarchy” . There really is nothing the left will not do to shore up “multiculturalism”.

      • Campion’s phraseology was crass to the point that a referral to the DPP in respect of incitement of racial hatred is in order

        • I’m afraid your sick joke falls flat with me.
          Systematic, state ignored, child abuse by unassimilable third
          world immigrants is in no way funny.
          Ditto the Holocaust.
          Now a Labour Party that actively harms & hates the proletariat,
          that’s what I call funny.
          I’d even go as far as mocking the afflicted in the case of Owen Jones.

          • The real problem seems to be that Corbyn will not speak out himself on the issue, in anything but circuitous terms, that means the Great Leader’s Corbynista cult members, are unable to learn the approved language and be reeducated.

          • When that ethnic group colonises parts of our land, calls us infidels
            is in the forefront of many crimes from tax dodging to child rape & murder
            I think they’re well worth offending.
            Immigrants must live by our values or use one of our many airports to return to societies more to their liking.

  4. Both St Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle believed that immigrants should have to wait two or three generations before being being granted citizenship.

    This was to ensure that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen: to ensure that immigrants aren’t a threat to society, the common good, criminals or subversives.

    We have every right, indeed every duty to our children and grandchildren to deport these people. Whatever political or ideological dogma asserts that they have a right to continue to live here is pathological, it isn’t consistent or coherent with the principles and foundations of our society at all.

    If we allow these people to continue to live here, we are betraying future generations, and almost as importantly, we are undermining the many immigrants who do come here to assimilate and to contribute.

    • Yes, fair enough, but you are a little too vague when you say “these people”. Perhaps not you, but too many jump from some immigrants who happen to be criminals, and those whom I am happy for you to identify as”these people”, to making all the immigrants of that culture or ethnicity or nation or race into “these people”. Lots of people are saying Pakistanis are the problem, rather than rapists are the problem. Even if(*) it is the case that there is more child abuse from Pakistanis than from the general population that seems very unfair on the vast majority of Pakistanis who are not child abusers.

      (*) I’m not convinced that Pakistanis are more likely to be child abusers. Child abuse is so prevalent, and we direct so little resource to combating it, that wherever we do commit that resource we find child abuse. We know that children’s care homes in North Wales were found to be riddled with child abusers. Did we conclude that the Welsh are child abusers? No. But now, after ignoring Pakistanis because of political correctness, we focus intently on Pakistanis, and we find child abuse. Well, surprise, surprise! That’s what we found North Wales, BBC, MPs, barristers, everywhere we look. Of course every Pakistani child abuser must be prosecuted and, I’m with you, expelled, but the issue isn’t Pakistanis, it’s child abusers.

      • Christian, Hindu & secular Pakistannis are no more likely to be child
        abusers than Indigenous UK Citizens.
        The ones we are discussing have unwholesome, even downright evil,
        attitudes to females at the very core of their belief system.
        Incidentally, Christian, Hindu & secular Pakistanis are persecuted in their own
        lands by the type of person causing so much terrible damage to the UK.
        I so admire Bishop Michael Nazir Ali who has left a jammy non job in
        the UK Anglican Church to fight this evil.
        What a contrast to ridiculous bishops in the Lords with their pro EU posturing &
        demands that we adopt sharia law.

        • Despite appearing to be frank, you shy away from saying what I think you mean. You are saying (it seems) that child abuse from Muslim Pakistanis is more prevalent that it is from others, and even from non-Muslim Pakistanis. You are saying (it seems) that you know this because of features of Islam which you do not like, not from any statistical real world evidence. But even if your prejudice is correct, it seems again you include all (Muslim) Pakistanis in your broad brush when we know, and even you know, that the vast majority of (even Muslim) Pakistanis are not abusers of children.

          • The core beliefs of islam are utterly incompatible with Western values,
            or any other set of values that we deem humane.
            Polygamy, sex with children, “honour” killings, hatred of non muslims,
            I know several excellent people who are from muslim backgrounds
            They are, in fact, ex muslims, but so declaring themselves puts their lives at risk.
            I cannot think of any other ideology that is not merely tolerated, but
            taxpayer supported that states quite clearly that those who
            leave it will be murdered.
            We have sunk so low that Corbyn’s foul Labour Party sstates that those who criticise islam will be sacked, so perhaps it’s just a matter of time.

          • My previous, harmless, comment is being “moderated”
            Let’s try this.
            Within the law make muslims feel as welcome in the UK as Christians, Jews, Hindus & atheists are in muslim lands.
            Let’s face it, they hold vast tracts of planet Earth & they want it all.

          • I don’t hold you responsible for our own past or +current+ imperialism, why can’t you judge people on an individual basis too? I’m sure you ought to like Ali & Fatima, my observant Muslim neighbours, but I would hesitate to introduce you on the basis of what you’ve written. I’m not sure you’ve answered my question: Given that we have had too much immigration (I agree with this, by the way) what are you proposing for those already here, the vast vast majority nothing like you characterise them?

          • The core tenets of islam are simply unacceptable in the West, or
            in Japans & China.
            I have friends & Colleagues who the race relations Industry/would call muslims.
            They are, in fact secular, even ex muslims, & they form a small minority
            within an ideology that murders those who seek to leave it.

    • As written I like it. Too many here understand “these people” to be much more than those who behave criminally. Who do you mean by “these people”?

  5. Absolutely. Remember that women face immense persecution in Pakistan. I watched a news feature about this on France24 just the other day. And remember that these perpetrators are not overwhelmingly coming from Asian Hindu/Christian/Buddhist etc. backgrounds. The perpetrators are almost all Pakistani Muslims.

  6. Many a Sikh father has gone to jail for not remembering to be cowed by PC and allow his daughters to be culturally enriched!

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