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In response to Laura Perrins: Cameron’s responsible for this Navy lark, Adam wrote:

Perhaps a solution to keep the PC brigade happy would be to have one of the four submarines totally crewed with females and the other three all male


  1. Or, as Corbyn would do, scrap the submarines and send all crew-members to “voluntary” gender-reassignment counselling, while, presumably, flogging the nukes to his mates in Hamas.

  2. That’s a ridiculous, sexist idea.
    Of course there should be just as many submarines for women as for men. I know so many young women who are desperate to serve their country by spending months locked away under the ocean, far from their family and friends.

  3. Perhaps we can solve the Royal Navy’s crew shortages thus…
    1. Reduce the number of nuclear subs to two with no R & R on turnaround meaning the subs are always on duty or resupply.
    2. Transfer all MPs irrespective of sex, gender preference or mental status to crew duties on the Subs.
    3. Transfer all Ex-sub crews to QE, PoW duties.

    In no time at all, the subs will have been lost at sea, sad waste of good technology but the wonderful resolution of the “MP problem”.

      • I’m sure if they asked nicely the women would leave the lads alone.

        It does beg the question, why do they have the time unsupervised to rape anyone.
        While I’m not a cruel man, and do believe that every prisoner should have their own personal space, I do believe that 23 hours a day in that space for quiet self reflection would be more beneficial to the prisoner the guards and later, the society they emerge drug and alcohol dependence free, from prison into.

  4. Really, really bad idea. You know their ‘cycles’ tend to come together when in close proximity? Do we really want a boat load of PMT females in charge of nukes while stroppy and unreasonable with no Prosecco or chocolate in sight?

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