In response to Patrick Benham-Crosswell: Airbus threat is pie in the sky, Dacorum wrote:

I’m really delighted that Patrick Benham-Crosswell has told Airbus (and others) some home truths when he wrote that ‘The reality is that, whether Airbus, the EU, the BBC, Michel Barnier, Mrs May or the remoaners like it or not, Airbus’s choice is either to find a way to make it work post Brexit or to market airliners with no wings.’

How can you take Airbus seriously when they know they have no alternative but to continue wing production in Bristol post Brexit? Making stupid threats to move production out of the UK is not only ridiculous because it is so impractical but customers would question whether Airbus could deliver orders on time, if at all, and they would look to the USA instead for their post Brexit aircraft requirements.