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In response to Campbell Campbell-Jack: Bigger isn’t better – the lesson from PC McPlod, JB wrote:

Police forces in general are too large and powerful and their leaders have become lazy and politicised. This is why they’re now holding taxpayers to ransom, saying they won’t investigate various crimes unless they get even more money. Our once-great police service has become an arm of government prepping for socialist oppression of free thought by cracking down on non-PC opinions.


  1. I agree. Total reform of police is needed particularly to include external monitoring and sanctions rather than the totally ineffectual IPCC.

    • The fact that the police have to be monitored so closely and rigorously tells you something. But then again, they are not alone.

      • Noone is asking for anything extraordinary. Merely proper monitoring and independent and impartial investigation.

    • “ineffectual IPCC”.
      The IPCC functions the way it is intended to. It, like police commissioner posts, provide jobs/pensions to the friends/families of the elites.
      You surely didn’t actually expect them to be an independent monitoring body? Next you will be saying the law is enforced without fear or favour.

      • The IPCC is a joke. In N. Ireland we got the Police Ombudsman, the first boss was openly anti police. They were trained by the FBI, who if that is the standard of American policing I really despair, but they have grown up and now do a very good, independent job rigorously investigating police complaints.

      • The Watch Committee who will ensure their streets are patrolled regularly no matter what. Do you want to go back to the 30’s when the divisional mobile brought the local Mayor home when he got drunk.

      • The last thing needed is smaller Police forces, many are too small already. Small forces gobble up money in senior ranks and the pensions of senior ranks and the car and driver for the Chief Constable and the glossy HQ buildings…. etc ….. etc

        After all that, many lack the critical mass to do anything very well.

      • Height restrictions were dropped to encourage races who aren’t as tall as Europeans to join. Now the only people who have any respect for them are their mates on the force, to Europeans they are mini cops and to their own they are sell outs.

    • I’ve seen wpcs tackle drunks twice their size. You should be proud of their courage and determination.

      • You have obviously had a vodka, or two. A woman’s place is not in tackling men but in keeping the home and hearths of England going.

      • I’ve seen it too and we must thank our lucky stars that the majority of men still hold a vestige of respect for women as they normally don’t lash out at women they way they would with men. Times are a changing, and they didn’t issue police with sprays and tasers for men to use, they issued them so women officers can defend themselves and do a job equal to men.

  2. JRM in a recent interview with the BBC had to keep bringing the interviewer back that the main issue is the policy of politicisation of the Police during the last Labour Government

    JRM is right and you could see that the interviewer had been told by the BBC to not let the interview go there……….

    • JRM is quite right. Look at the disgraceful behaviour of the Police, both serving and now retired officers, in the Green affair. But it spreads wider. How can it be right and proper for a former DPP to immediately be elected a Labour Party MP ? Starmer and all holders of such offices should be banned from being eligible for election to anything.

    • The great politicisation was the whole concept of Police and Crime Commissioners. A disgraceful concept and entirely down to the Tories.

  3. The very worrying aspect about this dire situation regarding the non-policing police is that people will start taking matters into their own hands.

    We will see the inevitable rise of vigilantes and this is not something that any of us would wish to see in a civilised society.

    It is imperative that our police do their jobs, i.e., investigate real crime and enforce the law and stop painting their fingernails and stop their virtue signalling and do the job they were hired to do.

    Legal and fair policing is the first firewall against anarchy – I fear they have forgotten this.

  4. Name me a Yorkshire force that is well led and not riddled with corruption.

    Cleveland is part of Yorkshire

    With not having an officer cadre the $h!t always rises to the top

  5. I don’t like the police and have plenty of stories I could use to illustrate why (our police, not the gangsters in uniform that are Third World forces); but they are only human and respond to incentives like everyone else. If the ones who paint their fingernails, wear heels to “emphasize” with women’s “suffering”, and arrest more men on trumped up sex crime charges are the ones who get promoted, then a politically correct force we will have. Anyone with a spine will either leave or remain a street level copper subject to the whims of their PC superiors. Alas, we get the force that modern Britain deserves/demands.

  6. There are more police officers than ever in the history of policing, and the number grows each year. It’s how they are deployed is the problem.

    For anyone who has not read it ‘The Abolition of Liberty’ by Peter Hitchens will sadden and perhaps anger you. It changed my demeanour towards the police completely (I sometimes wish I had not read it!).

  7. The police work hard, do a really difficult job, and in the main do it well. Police budgets and numbers are falling and they are stretched extremely thin. They hate not being able to respond to reported crimes, and I think that the comment above is shameful. Focus on the real problem, our useless government, and don’t talk down public servants who put their lives on the line to protect us.

    • The police as individual constables may well view things differently to the police as in police forces or as chief constables.

    • Peel’s Principles of Policing are simply not being upheld. And that failure is not coming under scrutiny from the NPCC, PCCs, the Home Office or Parliament. The Home Office still cites them as the basis of policing so cannot hide behind the deceit that “the world has moved on”.

      The comment is not shameful because the perception expressed demonstrates that failure. It is not “talking down” to level a valid criticism. Why should public servants be immune from scrutiny and criticism?

      • Because it’s unmerited criticism. They are genuinely short of resources. On CW you will find all kinds of excuses for why our police are struggling. One dear soul here even suggested it was down to reality TV. You have to admire the logic that year on year cuts to budgets have no effect, but it’s all down to Celebrity Big Brother.

        • ” genuinely short of resources”
          Is that why Lincs police were able to make a film about the joy of Islam, then threaten the resultant derision from the public as a ‘hate crime’ investigation?

        • Criticism of the failure to uphold Peel’s Principles of Policing is not “unmerited” and that failure runs from top to bottom.

          Funding has little to do with the way police choose to behave. It’s just the usual Labour whinge because they believe throwing money at every problem will solve it.

    • Perhaps you should re-read my post as I deliberately don’t blame rank and file officers. My beef is with the police leaders who are greedy for money and of course politicians for turning police work into a desk job. And the courts for being wet blankets.

      Police shouldn’t just respond to crime either they should be out there on the street deterring crime. They’ve forgotten Robert Peel’s principles.

    • There are too many Constabularies, gobbling up funding. Both main political parties have refused to address the issue. On top of the problem the Tories imposed the idiotic PCCs. An absolutely barmy idea .”Elect your local Sheriff”?

  8. The police are obsessed with Political Correctness and fear of being accused of the latest “ism” or “phobia”. Particularly at the working level, there is the constant worry that the tiniest suggestion that they have done something politically incorrect will totally block any chance of promotion.
    Fear of accusations of racism or Islamophobia are behind their total failure in Rotherham and the failure to crack down on hate preachers. We need police who act without fear or favour as in the past to enforce the law without having to consider whether they might be accused of homophobia, Islamophobia, racism, sexism and now the new transphobia.
    It seems that the only people likely to be accused of a crime these days are straight while males, even if they are dead.
    The new Police Commissioners have merely added another layer of political correctness.
    Oh for the old local police forces and the civilian Watch Committee to oversee their activities and ensure that they are meeting local needs.

    • Police commissioner is an elective role. Why don’t you stop whingeing and campaign if you believe all that?

      • The candidates are put forward by political parties, selected from the local political activists. An independent candidate has no funding and doesn’t stand a chance, so where I live, whoever the Tories pick is will be elected.

      • Elected or appointed from within or outside the ranks, what exactly have they accomplished, and while things have been slowly going downhill regarding policing for some time, the creation of the job has certainly, as far as I can see, sped the process up and diverted money that could be better spent into more political pockets.

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