Reader’s Comment: The Right must fight on in 2017

In response to Kathy Gyngell: The cultural counter-revolution of 2016 is only a beginning, North Angle wrote:

There's only one way 2017 is going to be as good, or better, than 2016 - and that's if we, as true conservatives:

1 - Ditch political correctness in all its forms and rail against the Left at every opportunity, to anyone and everyone, without fear

2 - Teach our children about conservative values and the dangers of cultural Marxism so that they understand that their teachers do not teach, they indoctrinate

3 - Protest against the mainstream media; do not buy their newspapers, do not pay their TV tax

There is no balance in this country. The Left hold sway. Until balance is restored, we must fight.

  • John Birch

    Spot on

  • Bob Marshall

    Very well said, NA. Thank you. and a Happy New Year to you.

    • North Angle

      Cheers, same to you ;o)

  • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol

    No – one should always to attack their political positions by dissecting their naive and adolescent idiocy.

    This is not hard but requires patience.

    Deride them from a position of irrefutable logic rather than slogans.

    However, I do like `you can’t make a poor man richer by making a rich man poorer’ and the socialist mantra:-

    1 You have money
    2 I do not have money
    3 Therefore you must give your money to me

  • Major Tom

    Agreed – however much they like to portray themselves as our intellectual superiors I don’t think the political left have ever been cleverer or more intelligent than the political right – it’s simply been a case of the right giving up without a fight – yet on occasions when the right does assert itself and has brilliantly exposed the left for the astounding hypocrisy it really is – the left have had nothing else in it political armory to hit back with except feet stamping and mud slinging – but as Margaret Thatcher once said …

    ‘I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left. ‘

  • David

    An excellent set plans for action !

  • weirdvisions

    I agree your every point. However the mainstream media is better titled the moan-scream media because that’s all they ever seem to do about things they don’t like. Such as the public thinking for themselves and voting the “wrong” way.

  • Very well said, North Angle. I would only add that one weapon that the Right has not used enough against the Left, is simple mockery and ridicule.

    And, at the risk of – literally – blowing my own trumpet, that’s what I try to do, both with my blog and on Twitter. A Tweet I wrote today was, I think, quite undermining of the Left, judging by its reception. Hope you good readers here enjoy it, too:

    • WFC

      I was triggered by your traumatic event.

      I assume that the hateful woman who looked at you in that manner was married … to a man!

      Take a puppy!