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In response to Laura Perrins: The Conservative Party deserves to die, David wrote:

Theresa May has followed Cameron in turning the so-called Conservative Party into yet another soft-Left party. We the voters have no real choice now; it is either a soft-Left Conservative vote or a hard-Left Corbyn vote. How depressing. Having switched to Ukip, from the Conservatives under Cameron, to campaign for Brexit I shall remain with them, since although they are shrunken in size they still have values and integrity.


  1. I’d love to vote UKIP, as would millions of others.
    Sadly, under our grossly unfair & easily corrupted voting system it would be a wasted vote.
    I do not see the UK becoming a true democracy in the lifetime of anyone alive today.
    Our rulers are generally discreet & their bag carriers are often mistaken as being their
    own employers.
    It’s fair to say that Labour is now a Trotskyite party & is set for power because most voters
    don’t know what Trotskyite means & of the genocidal nature of communism.
    Being British, the idiots who voted Labour will resist what Labour now stands for,
    and if Corbyn’s gang push too hard we may face the need for intervention by the armed forces.
    I don’t think this is likely.
    The most probable outcome of a Labour victory will be a ruined economy, cap in hand to the IMF again, and massive industrial unrest.
    The Conservatives’ presentational skills & many of their policies are rubbish, & worse.
    For UKIP to get anywhere, I suggest it needs to concentrate on local government elections
    for the next 10 years & build up a respected base there.

  2. I thought Cameron was dire but May is just as bad, if not worse, because she has even more the instincts of the nanny. The constantly intrusive nagging and nudging from government, always resulting in ratched up, unnecessary and often bad law is getting really tedious now.

    We are not their employees or pupils. They are not their to control us or impose their metropolitan, bien pensant codes of conduct on us in the form of never ending freedom sapping regulation and legislation, much of which is based on superficial, agenda-driven, top down dogma which exaggerates trivial or non-existent “issues”. They are supposed to represent us. They can’t even do that over Brexit without shilly-shallying about and empowering anti-democratic trouble makers to successively thrust spanners into the works.

  3. The Conservatives have been hitting the soft left pedal ever since Cameron gained the top job. Under May, they have been drifting everywhere since she doesn’t appear to know which way their pendulum is swinging and, when she eventually steps down, the party will replace her with another moderate (probably Amber Rudd) who will continue their downward spiral.
    I switched to UKIP a few years ago based on their excellent education policies many of which were shamelessly pilfered by the Conservatives. The Conservatives have been using UKIP as a filter party for many years pinching the odd policy here and there. Now, they are looking at recapturing the youth vote and, in all their wisdom, have decided that the best way to do this is to touch on the ideals usually consigned to the Labour Party. In their thinking, Corbyn managed it – why can’t they?!
    As long as the Tories continue along this road, they will lose support to UKIP who, in my opinion, are the true conservatives. Though UKIP lost much support at the last election (due, in part, to the belief that the Tories would take us quickly and competently out of the EU – something which many kippers never thought for a second would happen), they will regain support from both Labour (who are too hard left for many of their voters) and the Conservatives.
    Henry Bolton (former police officer and soldier) has the tools to help UKIP gain voters across the political spectrum. As long as he doesn’t make the mistakes of past leaders and utilises UKIP as a broad church, we stand a good chance of being in with a shout come 2022.

  4. We are unfortunately in the late stages of democracy where people vote for the politicians offering the biggest bribes or at minimum the status quo of existing bribes. The Politicians know this and operate accordingly, defaulting to leftwing bribery politics.
    We can probably limp along like this for years with people getting more and more disenfranchised and poorer as the loose fiscal policies destroy the economy.
    An authoritarian government or war is the usual reset button, just depends which comes first.

  5. On today’s Daily Politics, the new Leader of UKIP, Henry Bolton, used “right-wing” as a pejorative term, as a way of saying good riddance to Anne Marie Waters and her supporters. The once mighty right wings of Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP have all been in the wilderness for some time. And now, this.

  6. I agree about integrity of UKIP. Farage was never in politics for a career and the money but for what he believed in.

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