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Readers’ comment special: The ignorance and arrogance of St Greta


LAURA Perrins’s article yesterday about Nick Robinson’s fawning ‘interview’ on the Today programme with 16-year-old Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg, ‘Teenage activists like Greta will rule the world before you can say Nick Robinson’, drew a huge postbag.

Here are some extracts from our readers’ comments.

Tim NBD wrote:

You can’t interrogate kids aggressively. It makes you look bad.
She is a human shield.

cerberus wrote:

Why not really embrace youfism and decree that all future prime ministers must be no more than sixteen years old so that we all can really benefit from their unique brand of wisdom? Come to think of it, go the whole hog and limit them to a maximum of six years old. Can’t be any thicker than what we’ve got already.

Robin Horbury wrote:

Ms Thunberg is a minor and the BBC editorial guidelines governing appearances by young people stipulate that the Corporation should exercise ‘Due care . . . over the physical and emotional welfare and the dignity of people under eighteen who take part or are otherwise involved in programmes.’ She is being encouraged by the BBC to express what is clearly her strong emotional distress, which almost certainly has roots in factors in addition to her fears about climate change. In other contexts – such as court – what is being asked of her would be classed as a form of mental abuse.

Alice Williams wrote:

From Quillette a good article about Thunberg and her dysfunctional family.

Birdznbees wrote:

They are deliberately exhuming the ‘Joan of Arc’ myth – just like the ‘Maid of Orleans’ this pure and virginal young girl has been selected by the Great Sky God to convey his commandments – tear down Western Society, destroy all the planes, cars, coal mines, oil wells and power stations – close all the motorways, and go back to living a medieval lifestyle. Joan of Arc ended in a bad way. Ms Thunberg however is being groomed for a key Climate Ambassador role in the EU and then the UN . . . rather like Malala.

John Cameron wrote:

I understand that Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old daughter of a family of Swedish actors and luvvies, who has Asperger syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder and selective mutism, claims to be speaking on behalf of professional scientists like me on the controversial subject of man-made global warming.

She refuses to go to school to study science in general or to become a climate scientist in particular because as far as she is concerned ‘the science is done and only denial and inaction remain’. Her arrogance and ignorance are breathtaking.

If she studied science she’d see the problem with climate alarmism is that computer model predictions don’t fit the facts. This child needs to get out of the TV studios and into school.

DJM wrote:

Did Robinson happen to ask where the money was coming from to pay for Thunberg to make all these overseas visits?

Dr Evil wrote:

It needs pointing out that for most of geological time the poles of Earth were ice-free. They are not today because the last ice lingers on. Dynamic equilibrium of the climate goes in cycles. This one will not end until it is warm enough for the poles to once again be ice free. Then around 10,000-20,000 years later the cycle could begin again. Carbon dioxide levels tend to follow temperature change not vice versa.

cerberus replied:

I am not aware of any empirical data showing CO2 increasing with global temperature rising afterwards as a result. Or falling with global temperature following suit. I am waiting for the eco-fascists to provide such evidence if they can find it. But I have been waiting a very long time now. Alternatively perhaps they can provide evidence of any of their dire predictions bearing fruit. I’ve never seen that either. So what it ultimately boils down to is blind faith, a sick form of religion, one that has for years, no decades now, been forced on us by politicians.

charles marshall wrote:

So we have omniscient Swedish teenagers, spoilt English brats, jet-setting luvvies and a ‘scientist’ who encourages us to go out and ‘have a wonderful time’ messing up people’s everyday lives in the capital. One of their number opined seriously that the movement’s best way forward was ‘to ruin the economy’. And politicians of every hue dance attendance. Truly the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

Della Cate wrote:

Once you realise that this whole green / climate change panic is becoming an apocalyptic cult, it all makes sense. Greta and David Attenborough are like the high priest / high priestess, telling people that they have all sinned. The only way to avoid doom is to make amends for our sin, by sacrificing all that makes life comfortable. No dissent from ‘the truth’ is allowed. Those who do dissent will be cast into outer darkness!

Oldyfart wrote:

The worst thing is that idiot Gove doesn’t seem to understand that when the wind doesn’t blow we need to rely on traditional fossil fuel power plants. Also if you look at the Central England Temperature record, the longest in the world, there’s nothing unusual, it’s weather as normal.

Robert Jones 1 replied:

Well said! The world condemns Donald Trump for backing out of the Paris Agreement 2016 when he discovered that this meant the US forking out $100Bn to the deprived nations. Since that agreement some of the BRICS (+) countries are building 1,171 coal-fuelled power stations to add to the 2,363 coal-fuelled power stations they already operate, such that China now emits more emissions than the US and EU combined. Greta should really take her message to China first (good luck with that).

What is our blessed UK Government doing in the face of all this stupidity? Only blindly complying with the Climate Change Act (2008), running UK business into the ground while bumping up everyone’s energy bills and treating the flaky Climate Change Committee as if it knew what it was talking about.

Whitestones wrote:

The same people who tell us that people her age who travelled to Syria to join Jihadi groups didn’t know what they were doing are telling us that the very same age group are wise enough to be given the vote and that we should listen to the Gretas of this world.

Oh Gordonia Bennett wrote:

Piers Corbyn tweet: ‘Listening to an ignorant brainwashed child is ignorant. I am an actual scientist of physics, meteorology, astrophysics and climate and say Greta Thunberg suffers mental abuse from manipulative adults.
Does he get on with his brother?

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