Reader’s Comment: Stuffing a sock in the SNP will stifle independence illusion

In response to Tom Gallagher: Much of the UK media now endorses the break-up of Britain, Bonce wrote:

It’s really easy to stop Scottish independence from happening. Do not allow them to hold another legally binding referendum until after the next Scottish election in 2021.

By then support for the SNP and independence will inevitably decline, especially now it’s clear that the EU does not want them, and they will be poor and isolated without being part of the UK.

The reason why Wee Jimmie is so desperate to get another referendum between now and 2019 is because this will be her best chance of winning the vote.

  • Westminster will have to approve any referendum for it to be legal, and I would suggest that if they do, a clause should be included preventing a further referendum for, say, twenty years.

  • Lagopus scotica

    I rather like the suggestion, made elsewhere on this site or another, that a referendum for the Union results in the removal of the Scottish parliament and a return to Westminster rule only. Saves us all time, money and aggravation.

    • TJB

      Yes it’s rather a good idea. Make it a high stakes decision for Wee Nippy. We’re as heartily sick of the SNP constantly twattering on about independence up here as people south of the border are I can promise.

      Sturgeon’s haste to hold the next vote ASAP is driven purely by the need to get it in before everything falls apart up here, and with the massive problems in policing, schools and the NHS to name just three things it’s not a case of if the SNP are rejected but when.

      Look at any of the Scottish council recruitment websites and you’ll see page after page of adverts for teachers, they just cannot hire or retain them. John Swinney’s (SNP Deputy leader and School’s Minister) own local school’s head teacher sent out an e-mail recently asking if any parents can teach maths because they are so short they cannot function right now. The SNP are ignoring their main responsibilities of actually governing to carry out their anti-English driven referendum obsession and it’s destroying the country.

      • Andy

        Well ‘darn South’ we are getting very p*ssed off at the anti-English bile and hate that seems to be what passes for politics in Scotland. We want our own Parliament without arrogant people like Brown saying England should be dismembered into ‘regions’. And why does Scotland need a full time parliament with all these folk with sod all to do ? Scotland has a smaller population than London. You could easily run it by having parliament sit two weekends a month.

    • weirdvisions

      Instead we’ll get other appeasers like Cameron who’ll hand the Socialist Notional Party a huge helping of more devolved power and then scratch their heads in puzzlement when their largesse is politically weaponised and turned against them.

  • Forgive me for being low, as Abel Magwitch said, but I cannot resist observing that the SNP is a problem because it is stuffed with tartan socks.

    Mores seriously, why are people so concerned to preserve the so-called ‘union’? England would be much better off without it.

    • Bob Marshall

      I couldn’t agree more. The ‘union’ brings England nothing but expense; the sooner we get rid of the Scots, the Welsh and even the Cornish the better.

      • Andy

        Get rid of the nasty Scots who hate England and the English and there is a saving of over £10 billion a year. Get rid of the EU and we save more than £10 billion a year.

    • weirdvisions

      Actually I find that I like most Scots I have met. The SNP, on the other hand, are a bunch of self-serving, Marxist hatemongers. They can go to the hot place and roast eternally any time they like.