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In response to Laura Perrins: Dear EU, please take all our money. Love, Theresa, Politically__Incorrect wrote:


Theresa (Dane-Geld) May is one of the worst appeasers of modern times I can think of. She, and her band of surrender monkeys, have betrayed this country, and its taxpayers in particular, big time. Instead of focusing on her ghastly ineptitude in negotiations, she makes a fuss about Donald Trump’s tweets. Right. It’s a pity we don’t still use the Tower of London. There’s a nice little gate leading to it from the river that’s just right for her.


  1. Appeaser May.

    The woman has no talent to lead whatsoever. Her record at the Home Office truly abysmal.

    Sometimes the defeatist in me wishes for Corbyn to win, this would give the Tories time to reform as a real Tory Party. They would be back in power in four years max.

    Actually I made a typo spelled Troy Party. Very apt.

    • “They would be back in power in four years max”.
      The situation is moving so quickly that in 4 years it could well be a choice of: the British Islamic party or the islamic Jihad party. Tories? Oh yeah, classed as some form of white racist fringe party, probably.

    • No chance of any more elections if Momentum-owned Cobyn gets in. No need for more than one party in their philosophy.

    • I think you made another mistake too. Having witnessed her as Home Secretary, I think that the words “to lead” were at best, superfluous.

  2. At the moment people only vote Conservative out of fear of a Corbyn Government, and/or a wish to see Brexit through. The latter looks more unlikely by the day.
    Theresa Mays Blue Labour party will be dead soon, and Nasty Labour will be in power again.
    Buy gold and have a happy winterval 😉

  3. Try looking at the situation from a different angle. One that supposes May is not a Conservative; is true to her EU principles; manufactures a far-right; clamps down on something called Islamophobia; criticises the president of our biggest ally; seemingly sides with our muslim London mayor (the one some refer to as the Caliph); rushes off to the Middle East (is she re-affirming her allegiance to her paymasters?).
    Then note that Gordon B’ruin and T. Bliar did much the same.
    This country has been bought for mid-east gold and we have been sold down the river.

    • Judas May is not, nor ever has been, a Tory. She is a european Social Democrat (as was Cameron and much of his Cabinet).

  4. Has any pollster carried out an approval survey on May recently? How far into minus territory is she? It will take the Tory party many years to recover from this, if ever. Next stop is a Corbyn government. Enjoy the winter – spend what you have before it is taken from you.

    • Why not try the excellent ukpolling site? Just don’t out any comments there as only Metropolitan left of centre views are acceptable it seems.

  5. At the time of the South Sea Bubble, the Chancellor of the Exchequer made a hash of things and lost the country a lot of money. He was subsequently thrown in the Tower by Parliament. So there is a precedent for such action and George Osborne is a suitable candidate.

  6. Not just her either. There is a generation of betrayers of the people who should make that journey down the Thames and through that gate. Specially made ready as necessary.

  7. I had the misfortune to watch Question Time last night where a panel of 4 Remainers and one Leaver interacted with an audience which appeared to be stuffed full of Remainers and Labour Momentum activists in Scarborough, where 62% of the 73% turnout for the referendum had voted to Leave (only 38% voted to Remain). Dimblebore was, as usual, more left wing inquisitor than chairman.

    And to cap this disgraceful propaganda charade the panel inluded an arrogant Greek communist (who now seems to be a permanent BBC fixture) telling us how our country should be run and criticising the economy. “I was a Remainer” he boasted, but without having a right to vote, and seems to have made a career out of meddling in other countries politics before fleeing for pastures green.

  8. What nasty vindictive comments below but oh so true we have been betrayed by St Theresa and the botlle blond Foreign Secretary Boris or should that be Betty Johnson?

  9. Aside from destroying the countries finances over he hopelessly inept negotiations to leave the EU she’s now totally blown the visit from the US President Trump, after insulting him and probably any trade deal as well.
    Could May be any more disastrous for this country?
    It would appear that the insane leftie believes its more virtuous to have an equal share of nothing than an less than equal share of prosperity.

    • The Tory Party elected Cameron as its leader, and then the MPs elected May

      Could it/ they be any more disastrous for the country?

  10. Don’t forget that May was Home Secretary for part of the period in which the “grooming” scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale and numerous other English towns was taking place and the authorities knew those scandals were going on and the issue had been publicly aired in one or two newspapers before they decided to go quite again to avoid seeming “racist.”

    What did Theresa May do about these scandals while she was in charge of the Home Office? Absolutely nothing. What has she done about them since becoming Prime Minister? Absolutely nothing? Does she, or anyone in the present government, intend to ensure that the enablers in the local councils, social services, the police etc. are subject to criminal proceedings or, at the very least, disciplinary action? Of course not.

    Trump probably would ensure that action was taken against the enablers in Rotherham etc if he were the British Prime Minster but most of the British media laugh at him and like to pretend that we are better off with our leaders which is true as far as our head of state – the Queen – is concerned but what other leaders do we have that are worthy of their positions?

  11. Michael Flynn is going to “work with” investigators and “testify against” his former employer, Donald Trump, in respect to said campaign’s collusion with Russia during Trump’s electoral campaign. On the bright side, as far as Trump is concerned, he appears to have won enough support to cut taxes to benefit rich Americans.

    I think the word that best describes this unfolding farce is “tragicomic”.

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