In response to Laura Perrins: How can Generation Rent possibly pay for the NHS?, Bonce wrote:

It’s only this perverted emotional attachment to a socialist golden egg dinosaur from 1948 that stops the current political class from using logic to solve this problem. The problem being the NHS doesn’t have enough money. The NHS will always be a bottomless pit in its present form.

Reform the NHS to an insurance-based scheme as the rest of Europe has, and suddenly your constant funding crisis ends.

None of the rest of the world copies the NHS – they all have insurance-based schemes. Before people say how wonderful it is, just ask yourself why none of the well-paid professionals around the world, that I work with, use the NHS? They always go home for treatment. They are highly critical of it and call it a complete joke. This envy of the world nonsense is complete delusion.


  1. One of the sleights of hand Governments have pulled is the building of new Hospitals, whilst closing down old ones, under PFI. This not only created the opportunity to create “super-hospitals” having little geographic relevance to those providing the demand, but shifted the expenditure from being “Capital” and met from that section of the Accounts to NHS “Current expense” and met from the day to day “top-line” figure that keeps being trotted out. We may be spending huge amounts on running the NHS but it ain’t all going to treating people. It makes the National Debt figure look marginally smaller. It seems that the same sleight is to be pulled in the “Extra £2,000 per year to keep NHS running” by shifting the post-hospital care costs onto the NHS budget rather than the Local Authorities. The Government may be very unpopular but it will make the Local Authorities a bit happier.
    So we can all feel that warm glow of paying vast amounts more into the NHS only to see it slide into subsidising LA expenditure.

  2. It’s obvious that having an essential service provided free of charge to all comers and being run by politicians, bureaucrats and state sector unions is a guaranteed recipe for massive waste and inefficiency. Taxpayers must be out of their mind to vote for it. But that also applies to socialism, and they vote for that, again and again.

  3. Time for some lateral thinking here.
    Why not sell the NHS to China for – say – £2 trillion. We have sold just about everything else to foreigners. The excellent Chinese would then no doubt invest and organise to improve it, and the money raised would wipe out the national debt and with it the associated £50 billion a year of interest payments, which money could then go to improving our decaying infrastructure.
    Just a thought. One of Lord Sugar’s apprentices could handle this as a test.

  4. Perhaps….

    Fund it up to average levels.
    Train/retain enough Drs/Nurses for safe staffing without agency staff.
    Reform GP funding so they will refer.
    Stop the creeping privatisation

    Avoiding the cost of brexit would be a good start.

    • Cobblers – Blair’s target system unmentioned by you and letting in millions of immigrants was never going to have any impact?

  5. Cf. G.K. Chesterton, to the effect of: “The business of Progressives is to keep on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to keep mistakes from being corrected.”

    I don’t see how GKC could have had the NHS specifically in mind, as he died in 1936, but if the shoe fits…

  6. It would be interesting to know how NHS costs compare with those in, say, France or Germany. What does the average taxpayer in these countries pay each year for their medical services?

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