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In response to Michael St George: Why we need to fight the Brexit battle all over again, Roanoke wrote:

War footing is right. The Government needs to get real quickly. If the Conservatives want to last as a party, they need to start respecting the electorate.


  1. When did the Tories ever respect the electorate?
    Heath shoved us into the EU after saying he wouldn’t without asking us.
    CCHQ then signed everything Berlin/Brussels told them to.
    CCHQ told the local Tory associations who to adopt as candidates, and the started closing local associations when they protested.
    Yeah, the Tories respect the electorate all right, don’t they?
    Traitors, each and every one of them, even JRM because he keeps voting for everything May tells him to.
    All May needs do to get Brexit done and dusted is to stop sending money to Brussels.
    Job done. You know that. I know that, but if you’re a Tory it’s impossible.

    • I am surprised nobody has seconded your comments. I agree with you. In fact the local associations officers have to sign they will support all the party’s positions and opinions. This was under Cameron and I doubt it has changed. The Mao syndrome?

    • Yes lets walk away and strike out on our own with our own trade deals. I personally would like a return to the days when Made in England was a mark of unsurpassed quality respected the world over. Why fixate on Europe when we can open for business to the whole world?

  2. So Brexit has turned out to be complicated. And those nasty Europeans seem to be putting their own interests first. Who could have predicted it?

  3. Here in Manchester Labour councillor after councillor is being “de-selected” for the next election to make way for Corbynites. Just part of the process happening across the nation (see the likely leader of Labour in Scotland). Meanwhile the Tories flex their egos and ponce about in Parliament scoring own goal after own goal. By the time of the next election they will face a very disciplined opposition party indeed. On current showing the tories will look like a bunch of egotistical individuals dropping each other in the sh..t . I despair.

    • They’re not actually de-selected, they have to submit themselves for re-selection at the end of their term. As far as I can see on 3 of them have been replaced (and this is Manchester where there are over 80 of them). The Mr Gay uk mayor chap and 2 others.

  4. All the senior Conservative figures and grandees (Cameron, Major, May et al) didn’t want Brexit though. Whole rumps of England with Conservative MPs like East Anglia largely plumped to stay In.

    Of course there will be friction and a protracted disentanglement.

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