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In response to Andrew Cadman: Hold fast over Brexit, Mrs May, Ravenscar wrote:

We should have walked on the morning of the 24th June 2016. If we had, it would have been all over and we would now be free of the shackles of the moribund-sclerotic empire and enemy of all sovereign nations.
♫I put my right hand in,
I put my right hand out,
In out, in out,
Shake it all about.♪
It is nigh on eighteen months since the executive was granted the people’s mandate to leave the EU and nothing, nowt, nada, zilch has happened.
Treeza the appeaser is doing a grand job, just as it was planned. The propaganda outlets have been banging the drum for Berlin for umpteen months, Clegg, Major, Tarzan, Mandelson, Bliar, Branson, gemima guyana, mutti, mircon says it will bring about Armageddon, the Russians have been blamed, Uncle Tom Cobbley is invoked and all.
Stay under the jurisdiction of the ECJ? That’s not what the British people wanted under the cosh of the ECJ: that’s not OUT.
Give them £40billion when Phil says we’re broke?
What planet is Mrs Maybe on, more to the point why hasn’t she been sent packing and back home? The answer is, the Tories are the hokey cokey party and the EU are playing their tune, just like they’ve done since the days of Ted.