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In response to Andrew Cadman: Hold fast over Brexit, Mrs May, Ravenscar wrote:

We should have walked on the morning of the 24th June 2016. If we had, it would have been all over and we would now be free of the shackles of the moribund-sclerotic empire and enemy of all sovereign nations.
♫I put my right hand in,
I put my right hand out,
In out, in out,
Shake it all about.♪
It is nigh on eighteen months since the executive was granted the people’s mandate to leave the EU and nothing, nowt, nada, zilch has happened.
Treeza the appeaser is doing a grand job, just as it was planned. The propaganda outlets have been banging the drum for Berlin for umpteen months, Clegg, Major, Tarzan, Mandelson, Bliar, Branson, gemima guyana, mutti, mircon says it will bring about Armageddon, the Russians have been blamed, Uncle Tom Cobbley is invoked and all.
Stay under the jurisdiction of the ECJ? That’s not what the British people wanted under the cosh of the ECJ: that’s not OUT.
Give them £40billion when Phil says we’re broke?
What planet is Mrs Maybe on, more to the point why hasn’t she been sent packing and back home? The answer is, the Tories are the hokey cokey party and the EU are playing their tune, just like they’ve done since the days of Ted.


    • If we really have agreed to pay 40 Billion plus, then the Conservative party are toast. God help us under the Corbynistas though.

      • If you’re daft enough to be suckered into the idea that only 2 parties exist, then you can’t whinge about anything.
        There is only one real pro Brexit party with a chance at electoral success. If you wanted Brexit, you should have voted UKIP. Neither Tories nor Labour ever wanted it.

        • I used to, but I voted Conservative at the last election to keep Labour out.
          (Though I never took to Farage. Too much of the door-to-door insurance salesman about him for my liking).

          • As did many. The whole point of the election was that there were only 2 parties involved. Vote Tory to keep out the Marxists or vote Labour to keep out ‘the evil Tories.’ As 80%+ of the country saw, to their chagrin, neither party is supporting the supposed ‘will of the people’ so the whole exercise was completely pointless.
            I said, pre election, vote with your heart and vote with your brain. Who do you think will deliver on their promises? Which party speaks to you and the things you want to see? That was largely ignored as many of us flooded to the polling stations to tactically vote.
            I can honestly say that I have never engaged in tactical voting ever since I first took to the polls and voted Major in ’97 (more the fool me). The 2 main parties have shown us that tactical voting should be ignored and we should always go for what we believe in regardless of the consequences. Until we do, Labour and the Conservatives will maintain this monopoly and we’ll continue, and deserve, to get screwed at every turn.

    • I believe we should erect a statue of Mrs May in Trafalgar Square. We could then highlight to generations of children the bint responsible for the final demise of Britain.

  1. 40bn reasons never to vote conservative again for many people

    how can any party talk about financial responsibility and imposing austerity then give away 40bn+

    corbyn must be laughing into his signed copy of DAS CAPITAL right now

    • There are many reasons not to vote Conservative. In the run up to the last election, I, as a kipper, urged people to continue with the party, sure in the knowledge that Theresa May would fold on everything Brexit – though it’s good to be right, it doesn’t make me feel any better that no party in the upper echelons of the House of Commons believes in Brexit and would rather stay in the EU. Yes, officially, we’re supposed to be leaving in 2019 but in all but name. By the time of the next election in 2022, we’ll still be subservient to Brussels in some form.
      I feel no pity for raging Tory Brexit voters. They fell for their lies and they’re getting what they deserve.

      • I believe you were right to continue urging people to back UKIP.

        I took the same course of action. I felt it was clear from very early on that Mrs May remained a Remainer and that a very drawn-out strategy was being developed to demoralise Leave voters to ensure that we remained in the EU.

        I still believe that.

        We have no option but to keep on fighting. I suspect that more and more people are realising that our stance was correct and that today’s political circumstances increasingly have the feel of 2013 when UKIP started its rise in the polls. Time will tell.

        • Let’s hope we can rally our fellow Brexiteers into joining the cause.

          Funnily enough, I didn’t join UKIP based on Brexit. I joined because of their excellent education policies many of which have been shamelessly pilfered by the Tories. I don’t know if you remember UKIP’s excellent 2015 manifesto but many of their policies have been nicked from both Tories and Labour.

          I’ve tried to point this out to many people, that UKIP are a multi-faceted party but many appear to believe the press’s scare stories. Shame really because UKIP could do so much for this country.

          • The 2015 manifesto was superb. I liked the policy to raise the tax threshold so that the low-paid would not pay income tax – meaning they wouldn’t need to claim benefits. That was very popular.

            The 2017 manifesto was also good. I was especially keen on the policy of ending the climate-change nonsense that adds so much to household fuel bills. Too many poor people can’t afford to keep warm – a reality caused by Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act.

            It will give me no pleasure if I am proved correct in saying that Mrs May will let the voters down on Brexit. And I won’t be crabbed if she succeeds in getting us out of the EU. But Kippers have to keep going. We may need to fight for Brexit all over again and, as you say, there are many other reasons to back the party.

          • I know. I’m not sure whether or not I’m looking forward to it. For one, he’ll be asked about the Britain First tweets from Trump and will fall into the trap like every other kipper has done in the past. Secondly, he’s leading UKIP down a very different road than I expected. Just so you know, I didn’t vote for AMW in the leadership election. I went to see her speak at a UKIP meeting in Norfolk and she didn’t really have much to say aside from her favourite pet subject. I voted for David Kurten as I believe that not only does UKIP need to be radical but it also needs to show that it is more than a one or two policy party.
            Their 2015 and 2017 manifesto’s were excellent and we had people then who were prepared to raise debates regarding all issues which many other parties/commentators were too afraid to discuss. UKIP need to continue to be radical but they also need to show they’re more than a one trick pony. Bolton appears too safe and seems to want to lead UKIP closer to the centre ground and his only concern is Brexit. That is a worry.
            I’ll continue to vote UKIP as I still believe in many of their policies but we have to see more of what they are not what Bolton is leading us towards.

          • I voted for HB because UKIP needs a proven organiser to sort out the Party. His record shows that he has those abilities . We all in Britain now have huge pressure on us to conform and adopt the PC line . We must not
            even mention the fact that the barbarians that are killing us on our own streets belong to a certain “religion” . Unbelievable . HB will feel that pressure tonight when they get on to Trump’s tweets . I am frightened he will shilly shally and not describe the wicked reality that we are all forced to ignore . UKIP have a duty to speak out on this pernicious issue . NO DOUBT .

          • Every party has a duty to speak on that particular issue but the main ones won’t for fear of losing their cushy seats. Not that they would – many of their constituents would respect their courage and honour.
            I think Bolton will shilly shally. He might have the organisation skills to do something at the head of the party but he’s provided little to no direction to UKIP’s branches. I know our branch of North Norfolk has been and still is operating solo because nothing is travelling down the grapevine on where he plans to take UKIP, what his core messages are, nothing. There are many of us who signed up for different reasons and we are all selling our individual messages to anyone interested in signing up.
            Bolton appears only interested in Brexit and, for me, that is a problem.

          • Do not forget that UKIP is strapped for cash and that HB is unpaid .
            I believe head office is working on a new website and e mail system. That should improve things greatly .
            Please give the bloke a chance . He has a huge task.

          • I’m not going anywhere. With Brexit, UKIP have a huge opportunity to pick up Brexiteers dismayed by the current lack of progression from the Tories and the antipathy from Labour.
            Regarding education, which is why I joined UKIP in the first place, UKIP is the only party making the right noises and Dave Kurten is the perfect spokesman for it – a man with many years teaching experience who knows that the changes occurring in our schools and colleges are dumbing down the system and, in many cases, indoctrinating our youth into following the mainstream social conscience.
            I will continue to sell UKIP as long as I have breath.

          • I watched HB on Question time . I thought he did OK . He missed a glaring trick with the Trump Tweet question . He could have asked all the oh so caring luvvies in the audience where were they when the Chinese Leader was feted in London by the Queen and PM . China the country that is raping Tibet and using Falum Gong prisoners for organ harvesting as well as persecuting their own people . Why were they not shouting about keeping him out ? All Trump did was a few tweets about something we are not allowed to talk about .
            The lunatic hypocrisy in this country is truly frightening .

          • Bolton surprised me – he did much better than expected even with the predictable lefty virtue signalling coming from some in the audience and the panel.
            As far as Trump is concerned, I find it odd that Chukka Umuna finds Trump a misogynist based on comments he made well over a decade ago but thinks that his colleague, Jared O’Mara, only needs an education. It appears that all is forgiven if you make lewd comments but are left wing.
            He wasn’t the only hypocrite on the panel. Yanis Varoufakis has made claims that the EU are corrupt, undemocratic and are responsible for the ruin of many member states yet, last night, he claimed he was a remainer. I’d be interested to know why he thought it would be good for the UK to stay in a union such as he described.
            I’ve read today that the Trump visit may be cancelled. Regardless what anyone thinks of Trump, if this were true, the UK would be insulting America not Trump. The handwringing lefties don’t give a toss about that, just that they’re making the ‘right noises’ when it comes to virtue signalling condemnation.
            Conspiracy theory time – could the UK purposefully be trashing its relationship with the US in order to patch things up with the EU and remain after all? It’s something worth thinking about.

  2. The EU are in a massive hole here and our weak politicians cannot see it.
    If we ‘crash out’ and are a success, then Europe is finished. Italy will walk within 5 years and then possibly France. They desperately need us to agree to a poor, expensive, trade deal. That is the only good scenario for them.

    • Yep, and I quoted a report this morning that said this, “Although overall German support for the EU is still very strong, a poll conducted for the Bertelsmann foundation in the summer of 2017 found that 50 percent of those respondents who identified themselves as on the “right” (carefully distinguished from the “center-right”) would vote for Germany to leave the EU, if Germans were offered a Brexit-style in-or-out referendum. ”

      Don’t know if it’s true, but it was fairly well backed up, interestingly, much of the support comes from the old DDR, like the Poles, they know whereof they speak.

  3. You missed the bit where :- You do the Hokey Cokey AND YOU TURN AROUND. That’s what it’s all about.
    So that’s what it’s all about, turning around our decision.

  4. Agreed, though I am not sure that Mrs May has a right hand to put in. She certainly could put her left hand in though, she has definitely got at least one of those.

  5. We are being sold out. Who is pulling the strings here? We are remaining in the EU by other means- look at the language used. Where are the principled Brexiteers in parliament? They should be incandescent with fury at what is going on.

  6. The Backstabbers Party will be thrown out at the next GE. The snowflake generation will then get to experience a Labour government first hand – they will get the future they deserve!

  7. They’re not just doing the Hokey Cokey on Brexit but on everything else too. The Tories appear more and more like the Labour Party every day and the media has even got them playing the same identity politics.
    Look at the latest episode with the back and forth tweets with Trump. Trump posts certain videos (which have been called ‘fake’ – to be honest, I have no idea if they are or aren’t) and Theresa May is urged to condemn them. In no time at all, there she is stating how wrong and horrible it was. So it’s not just the EU saying ‘jump’ but other parties and the media. Theresa May doesn’t need a carrot to say ‘how high,’ she has no imagination to counter.

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