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In response to Kathy Gyngell: Safeguarding free speech, the LGBT censor-in-chief, Colonel Mustard wrote:

Well this is one person. I would have liked TCW to take a long hard look at the whole quango and investigate the backgrounds of all its members, analyse its remit and powers, the basis on which it has been created and at whose instigation. The fuss over Toby Young has not been matched by any fuss over this guy. There does not seem to have been much fuss made over the creation of this quango by all the usual suspects of the Left – which is suspicious in itself.

For example, Nicola Dandridge is the CEO of this new quango which amalgamates HEFCE and the Office for Fair Access. The latter’s role was to increase the proportion of learners from under-represented and disadvantaged groups, and to make faster progress in improving access to the most selective higher education institutions by students from under-represented and disadvantaged groups. Dandridge is a lawyer with a background in equality law who in 2015 was appointed chair of the taskforce to examine violence against women, harassment and hate crime affecting university students, with a focus on the issue of violence against women and sexual harassment. The taskforce was instigated by Jo Johnson to tackle violence against women on campus. In that capacity Dandridge supported optional gender segregation in universities.

Is this woman, who seems to be cast in the mould of so many other radical and revolutionary new ‘leaders’, from the RSPCA to the Girl Guides, likely to champion free speech on campus or de-construct the notion of safe spaces? That seems doubtful.

Michael Barber, who has a strong Labour, NUT and Left-wing background, was appointed ‘Chair’ of the new quango. By whom? How? Why? Presumably not without the approval of the ‘Conservative’ minister responsible? And that is Jo Johnson, whose wife is Amelia Gentleman, described as the Guardian’s ‘trenchantly Left-wing social affairs correspondent’. If that has no influence over him then I’m a Dutchman.

The whole thing is another example of how a supposedly ‘Conservative’ centre-Right government appears to be perpetuating and reinforcing New Labour-type Left-of-centre policies by sponsoring and hiring their unelected has-beens.

  • TheRightToArmBears

    Is there any difference between the Tory party and the Labour and LibDem parties?
    They all are now doing their best to change everything that this country once stood for.
    There is nothing that I would recognise as English about any of them, nor indeed any of the individuals running them.

    • Thomtids

      “Project collusion”.

    • martianonlooker

      I’m not English and those are my exact sentiments

  • John Shakespeare

    Actually, has-not-beens.

  • Malcolm Parkin

    For some time now, the Conservative Party is being slowly absorbed by the growing tumour of the liberal left , in the belief that it will extend its support, and appeal to today’s mad generation. Wrong. Oh so wrong.

    • Groan

      To be honest not even the Liberal ones but the Fabianite Cultural Marxists. Marching through the institutions.

    • Royinsouthwest

      I think ambitious left-of-centre careerists concluded quite some time ago that they would have more chance of power by joining the Conservatives than by joining the Labour or LibDem parties. Therefore all three parties offered much the same choice before Labour were taken over by the Corbynites.

  • Rosalind

    I’m a member of the Conservative Party, but I despair at the direction they have long been going. First, Cameron’s support of gay marriage. Not very conservative. And don’t get me started with this nonsense about being allowed to change your gender on your birth certificate. Give me strength. The Conservatives need to be the party of right-minded people, people with COMMON SENSE and stop with the virtue-signalling. The bigoted Left still call them the Nasty Party, despite all efforts to appear liberal with these ridiculous policies. It’s time we had a real Conservative party back.

    • Reborn

      The most powerful & trusted source for political news in the UK is the BBC.
      Everything follows from this horrible fact.

      • martianonlooker

        We true Conservatives shudder

    • martianonlooker

      100 upticks

    • David

      If you speak out what you write you must be very lonely in that, now, cultural Marxist Party.

    • JohnB

      It’s a left wing party now, give it up. They have almost no members for a reason, only hedge fund cash keeps them alive now.

    • Dorothy Webb Davies

      If you really are a conservative now, you are labelled “Far right”.

    • Barry Guevara

      Margaret Thatcher is dead and, just to be on the safe side, they burned her.

    • St Louis

      In that case I suggest you leave that party of belief-free chancers.

  • Alan Llandrindod Wells

    Central Office, under the control of Major, and Cameron, stuffed the constituencies with Blairite wasters.

  • Groan

    So not likely to be remotely interested in the “gender gap” in smaller numbers of young men entering University.

  • Ravenscar

    Collins dictionary:


    1. conserving or tending to conserve; preservative

    2. tending to preserve established traditions or institutions and to resist or oppose any changes in these

    conservative politics, conservative art

    3. of or characteristic of a conservative

    ‘conservative’ antonymic of: the UK toryboys.

    toryboys – synonymous with: cultural Marxism and of all things Socialism.

  • Harley Quin

    The planting of ideologically acceptable persons in quangos was deliberate New Labour policy. The aim was to ensure that left-liberal attitudes would persist in the governance of the country regardless of who was in power.

    How depressing that a Conservative Government is aiding and abetting this strategy.

    Really, there doesn’t seem much to choose between them, does there ?

    • Barry Guevara

      What do you think ‘cultural Marxism’ is?

      • Harley Quin

        Frankfurt School Marxism

        • Barry Guevara

          And everyone on the left subscribes to that?

          • Harley Quin

            We live in a country dominated by Cultural Marxist attitudes. Draw your own conclusions.

            And when I say ‘dominated’, I mean just that: it controls us in a domineering, intolerant fashion.

    • James60498 .

      Nothing at all