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In response to Campbell Campbell-Jack: Trump tells the truth, and how the Lefties loathe it, Euman remains said:

More gospel truth from the Stirlingshire manse. I think if transgenderism, Communism and Islam are pushed much further, we’ll end up with a Trump figure ourselves. But could he/she win?


  1. To get into Number 10, a British Trump would need to be, one way or another, in command of a majority in Parliament, or a working minority, at least. Whereas Trump had no background in politics, a fact which probably worked to his advantage, no British figure is ever going to become PM without being a well-established political figure first.

    The PM is usually leader of his/her party (Churchill wasn’t, in May 1940, but those circumstances were unusual), implying a long stint of getting to the top. The US President is not a party leader; the presidential candidate emerges from a field of would-be Presidents. Since the American system does ensure that one of two party machines will be backing the winner, winning a party’s nomination is an essential step, but political activism, long-term party membership and even consistent support for the party aren’t requirements.

    That means that, with (Eisenhower) or without (Trump) the goodwill of the party hierarchy, an outsider can enter the White House. I don’t see anything truly analogous to that happening under the Westminster system.

  2. I think the British public are more conservative (with a small ‘c’) than the Americans and are in general less likely to be swayed by demagogue rhetoric. I also believe that most British people don’t get that worked up over transgenderism, getting your blood pressure up over it is for a minority in the population.

    What I liked about Nigel Farage is that he was able to talk maturely and sensibly about immigration, membership of the EU, the impact on our economy and infrastructure etc. in a calm and intelligent way.

    Thanks to his charisma and intelligence, he made it possible to be able to debate these contentious issues again, and removed some of the racist stigma attached to having a frank discussion about the effects on our infrastructure and culture. He is impossible to replace and will be very sorely missed.

    • Most of us don’t really care about transgenderism, either. What we care about in that argument is the intrusion on others rights, particularly women and girls. There is a documented history of such intrusions, often videotaping, but also physical attack. Real transgender people are vanishingly rare, something like less than 0.017% per cent of the population, and they are welcome to all the rights anybody else has, but not more.

  3. It is very unlikely that a Trump figure would succeed. Trump won because of two reasons –

    Freedom of Speech which is protected under the First Amendment. He could say it as he saw it. Freedom of speech as been severely curtailed in this country and anyone attempting to highlight inconvenient truths would in all probability, be charged under the hate speech laws.

    Trump was self funded. He did not have to appeal to benefactors and as a result, he did not have to toe the line regarding the Republican Party and therefore, could practise the First Amendment with great success.

  4. Some very good points made on here from Owen_Morgan, Shazza and Bik Byro and indeed, the UK cannot choose a presidential candiidate, our current electoral system precludes such.

    So, what would it take to declog, to wash away this ingrained blob, of the UK’s present political fatberg ‘our’ established political sclerosis, where everybody is more or less of the same opinion – left or far left.

    ‘A Donald J. Trump figure for the UK’?

    Only extraordinary circumstances would make that event at all possible.

    I did and vey naively think that, the recent EU referendum might commence to break up this fatberg and happy sclerosis “happy” I hear you gasp, well yes ‘happy’ because it butters the bread of so many, inclusive of the public sector and for the blob of corporate leeches dependent on Statist government and the patronage it liberally [in all senses] doles out and here think of the third sector and the myriad consultancy firms, auditors and legal spheres – it’s been a bonanza of easy, unaccounted £billions and the EU nexus guarantees it – whoopee.

    Thus I thought, a big majority NO vote would start to see the walls of statism shudder but not a bit of it, it only served to make the UK establishment and the corporate blob bankers auditors, legal claque et al only more determined to deny ‘we the people’ but we knocked them, we certainly made them all think again, to move them – this UK establishment but not in any sort of democratic direction.

    The EU referendum majority vote for NO made things worse, yes worse and not only that the Leave voters were told by the ‘great and the good’ that, “we didn’t, couldn’t, too uninformed to understand what we voted for” – the patronizing chatterati and all, the disdain for democracy shone like a BEACON. Oh but you know we did comprehend, very much we understood why we voted for out and it’s the establishment who are acting like the lumpen thickos and no surprise there really always the people of England have held their betters in a fine contempt, aye we know what it is all about – money, power, status and to that end in a mendacious fight back the muck spreaders are out and sowing division.

    ‘Sowing division’.

    I’ll illustrate just how desperate are the PTB, when Mrs May foolishly enforced a very unnecessay general election and was it part a feint of the overall ‘operation establishment kickback’ strategy?

    A seven week campaign, madness indeed. Where the media and establishment threw kitchen sinks and just about everything and anything, propagandizing and in unquestioning sycophancy in support of a bloke who needs to be in counselling, a bloke who openly supports terrorists, a bloke who openly wants hard left Socialism for Britain.

    But what did they do? God in heaven, they proclaimed Mr corbyn at Glasto where the druids of the left parade and wherever else, raised him up an Icon, as some sort of Methuselah, redeemer and whatever godlike Jupiter wrapped into one. Very inconveniently but in their desperation and oh btw he, Mr. Corbyn is the very antithesis of what the corporate blob requires, someone to keep the ship steady, a ‘middle of the road’ on the outside, ‘deep state Commie’ on the inside; Mrs May or Mutti type is what they really hanker for. Incredible it is but it happened, is happening.

    Some voters switched sides, UKIP went to the wall and the tories lost sight of what it is to be a tory and we are where we are. All told it wasn’t the great victory for corbyn that they so portray it. Furthermore if, McDonnell and Milne have their way Britain will withdraw from the single market anyway……All abouts was, is electoral bewilderment and the lies came in blizzards and though the UK PTB wanted a victory for jezza, confusion and prevarication ensues from Mrs May’s cabinet vote leave has been shunted into a siding until 2021 or the twelfth of never and that will do for the minute.

    But how desperate do you have to be, to big up, to invite in the Socialist madness of the corbyn movement? Undoubtedly [they plan for a run on the £ announced this very day] Mr
    corbyn and his accolytes would very quickly crash the economy but that wouldn’t stop them from imposing Socio-Economic calamity. All of which begs, ‘just to keep us in (the EU)’ the UK establishment wants corbyn and if they do, which clearly seems to be the case then does it not signal just how dangerously out of control these (unelected) control and dominate freaks are?

    Extraordinary it all is but, I would posit that compared to what is coming, these days of extraordinary circumstances are a picnic to what is arriving and coming hurtling down the track.

    Then, its not a Donald Trump like figure, we’ll be beseeching for the equivalents of; Wellington, Nelson and Churchill, and or Alfred.

  5. Miss

    There are two things that can happen: shortly.

    Either the country has a leader that restores common-sense (in accord with natural law) or the government’s doctrine of social cohesion is refuted by intra-communal violence.

    I’m all for the common-sense approach.

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