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In response to Campbell Campbell-Jack: Trump deserves praise not contempt for standing firm on Iran, Debs wrote:

Trump deserves praise on a range of things. He has appointed some very sound and proactive people. Nobody is really looking at the Trump doctrine. He has joined-up policies but people just want to bash him. I don’t see much praise on the BBC for the advances in Syria and the virtual defeat of the so-called Caliphate. Trump said he would not discuss his plans on the media and has stuck to it. But it’s much easier to refer to him as a madman/idiot.


  1. That would be the Trump doctrine that threatened jobs in NI then. Nice to know the author of the comment approves of that….ohh, I forgot, he’s a Scottish padre…..thus used to living off the largess provided by English taxpayers.

  2. To judge Trump, judge him by his own measures. He stated 10 things that would happen in the first 100 days. After 9 months, his score is still 0 out of 10.

  3. “Trump deserves praise on a range of things.”

    A list of the top ten… or top five… or even a couple… of praiseworthy things Donald has done would benefit me because I’m drawing a blank trying to think of anything Trump has done that I found admirable. Perhaps some Trump admirer could append A list of the top ten, or even a few, of the current President’s greatest hits – real accomplishments too please, not the usual confused and confabulated nonsense promulgated by the credulous.

    • Specifics: conservative supreme court justice; executive order promoting religious freedom; (same/related) doing away with the Obamacare requirement which obligated employers to provide contraception as part of health coverage.

      • Trump is the “executive order” president. But then what can you do when even your own side doesn’t agree with you? To me it smacks of crypto-dictatorship.

        Seriously though, the few things you mention: Do you really, honestly and truly consider them to be Trump’s greatest achievements thus far? Really? If so I thank you sincerely for helping me prove the point I was struggling to make.

    • He has brought Saudi Arabia and other Moslem countries around to become an ally of Israel. He has destroyed ISIS. He will replace Obamacare with a proper healthcare system. US business grows stronger each day, he is bringing new confidence to America especially among the working classes. He is fighting corruption in government and will bring corrupt politicians to book. He is fighting the Mexican gangs and deporting them to stop their killing. He is purging the GOP of corrupt politicians and renewing the party. Not bad for a few months in office.

      • “Only list real accomplishments please, if any actually exist, not the usual passionate although confused and confabulated nonsense promulgated by the credulous.”

        You obviously missed the sentence above which was included as a caution in my earlier comment but thank you for your efforts anyway.

  4. Considering that he has the entire US establishment working against him by hook or by crook, the fact that he is even still there is worthy of praise.
    I hardly think they are covering themselves in glory or doing anything praiseworthy themselves in the process.
    If anything he should be praised for exposing the US establishment for the vile bunch of bottom feeders and cronies that they are.

  5. As I have said before, he is the Emanuel Goldstein of our times (EG was the hate figure screened into peoples’ homes in the hate sessions staged by the State, in Orwell’s 1984)

  6. Trump is the figurehead of the Conservative revolution in the USA that is why he has attracted such hate from the Democrat supporting MSM. The GOP are already changing and swinging behind him, while those that drag their feet are being thrown out in the primaries along with the corrupt few who have resigned rather than face deselection. A new band of young Conservatives are about to enter the Senate and revitalise the government and the party. Trump has brought about a revolution and this will continue into the future. He has saved the Conservative Republican Party and probably the Democrats also as they dump their liabilities such as Maxine Waters, Clinton and similar. This guy really is the real deal.

  7. The Iran deal was one of Barack Obama’s keynote achievements. You can see Trump is consumed with jealousy and hatred for the former president. I suspect because Obama was popular and liked in a way he will never be. Therefore he has to tear the Iran deal down, to bolster his pathetically insecure ego, and to try to tarnish his predecessor’s reputation. That’s all he really cares about – his ‘ratings’.

    American foreign policy in the middle East has been a disaster going back to the appallingly ill considered invasion of Iraq. The American public since then has no appetite for an interventionist foreign policy. Obama disengaged in Iraq and Afghanistan and refused to engage in Syria. Trump, for all the hot air, is doing much the same. The net effect is to leave the field in the Middle East clear for the real winners: Russia, Iran and to a lesser extent China. I love the idea that Trump somehow plays four dimensional chess. From what I can see he would struggle to finish the puzzle on the back of the Pizza Hut children’s menu.

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